Bandicam Review | Best app to capture desktop, games or create tutorials

hi everyone my name is martin and today
we’re going to talk about bandicam
probably the most popular screen
recording software
we’ll look at the features it has and
how to use it interested smash like
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so the basics
the first thing you have to pay
attention to is the unregistered sign it
means you are using the trial version of
bandicam and will have a watermark on
your videos
check this before your first recording
because the watermark can just ruin your
video also you’ll get a maximum 10
minute video which is very inconvenient
especially when it comes to editing to
get a registered bandicam copy you have
to buy a 40
lifetime license
this allows you to record
up to 4k videos of any length without
any watermarks so it’s totally worth it
before starting recording you have to
choose the mode you are going to use
among three available the first one is
the basic rectangle record mode
you can record the whole screen or just
an area you can highlight the area with
your mouse or simply choose one of the

proposed by bandicam if you
choose the first one there’s a cool
feature that allows you to choose a
certain window and record only what’s on
it also there’s a mode that lets you
record just the area around the mouse
however i wouldn’t recommend you to do
it because it’s quite uncomfortable to
watch let’s try and select a recording
area here you can see a window on the
top left corner you can adjust the
recording area at full screen or set
some options in the menu on the right
you can start recording take a
screenshot or draw something you can
pick an arrow pencil line or other basic
tools and set the color for them quite
useful for guides presentations etc as
you see this mode is pretty simple the
next one is the game recording mode
which records games and video players
using direct ticks it works just like
the screen recording mode but you also
get an extra fps setting tab here you
can turn off the fps overlay choose its
position manage hotkeys and set the
frames per second limit however bandicam
is still very cpu intensive and may
affect your pc performance so it might
be better to use mirrorless action for
game recordings and finally let’s check
out our last mode device recording
this can be not only a webcam but also
an hdmi capture device which is quite
useful if you want to record let’s plays
from your ps4 for example you can record
from any other device connected through
hdmi the only thing is you’ll need a
capture device but don’t worry they’re
quite cheap some basic usb connected
models can be bought for 10 bucks just
plug your capture device into the
computer then plug in your hdmi you want
to record from and use this bandicam
mode so let’s click on it and see what
we have here you can see some basic
settings like choosing a device you want
to record from format and video audio
output also down here you can see that
the interlacing options which are useful
if your camera or device produce
interlaced signal okay now let’s get to
the settings on the right here you can
see icons for camera sound mouse and
text if you click on any of them a
window will appear and you’ll see that
each icon just mimics the tabs we have
here let’s take a quick look on them in
the sound tab you can choose input and
output sound devices like microphone and
speakers or headphones also you can turn
off sound recording if you don’t need it
or choose to save your audio tracks as
warf files next we have the webcam tab
in case you want a webcam overlay on
your video some pretty basic settings
like choosing the device and format also
you can use chroma key to have
transparent background behind you on the
video if you want to use your mouse as a
pointer here we have the mouse tab
you can add animation for your clicks
choose the color size
and the same for mouse highlight effect
also you can turn on the mouse click
sound it’s all quite useful when
recording guys or presentation but make
sure you have these turned off when
recording games for example it’s very
simple just add an image set the opacity
position margins
and take the add overlay to video
checkbox i suggest you to use png files
with transparent backgrounds they look
much better mostly the same can be done
with text you can choose here any font
from your computer align it as you want
add outline edc and last but not least
the options tab nothing special but i’d
recommend you to pick the highest
quality unless you have a weak pc
because the default quality apparently
isn’t the best but if video quality
really matters to you let me show you
how to achieve the best possible we have
to click video from the panel on the
left and click on the format settings if
you want the best quality pick avi then
put the quality to 100 and open the
codec list pick rgb24 it’s lossless but
will take a lot of space in your
computer it’s good for games or movies
but believe me you absolutely don’t need
this for a guide of presentation meta
pick the
h264 codec the quality will be a bit
worse but it’s going to take way less
space same with the fps settings but do
you need 60 frames per second for a
windows setup guide
i don’t think so i’d rather save some
space and yeah and don’t forget you can
choose any output folder and general
option from the panel on the left by
default records are saved to the
bandicam folder but if you have an ssd
it’s smarter to have bandicam on it but
the records on your hdd and that’s it as
you can see
bandicam isn’t hard to use at all the
default settings will be just fine for
most of you but who knows maybe one of
these features was exactly what you were
looking for that’s all for today hope
you found this helpful
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questions feel free to ask me the
comments and i’ll do my best to answer
all of them
that’s all see you next time bye

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