Barbecue – G.I. Joe Classified Unboxing & Review

in this episode we throw another shrimp on 
the barbie so what in this episode we look  
at a character that has a license to grill 
what am i doing he’s a fireman not a chef  
anyway in this episode we’ll be 
looking at barbecue so stick around
hello fellow dorks and dorkets and welcome to it 
came from my side of the laundry room my name is  
rob and in this episode we will be unboxing 
playing with and reviewing barbecue from gi  
joe classified line now of course this is a target 
exclusive from the cobra island subset if you will  
and to be specific he is named gabriel barbecue 
kelly that’s his real name gabriel kelly and it’s  
been that way since his very first file card 
so that’s awesome but i just find it weird  
that hasbro with their joes and transformers 
they’ve had to do odd things with pretty  
typical names and i don’t mean typical 
names but very i mean just normal words  
did someone copyright the word barbecue i mean 
that would be really weird it’s just a word not  
a special word at that but anyway yeah just always 
found that odd but i got this dude for christmas  
and super excited to take a look at them always 

/> been one of my favorites i mean when he came out  
a very unique style for a joe i mean he has more 
akin to cobra with his awesome helmet and very  
colorful outfit if you will and yeah he just 
really stood apart from a lot of the other joes  
at the time he kind of went hand in hand with 
blowtorch with the color schemes of the oranges  
and all so it kind of fits you got blowtorch 
making the flames and barbecue putting them out  
so yeah really excited about that and like 
i said santa brought this for me and while  
we’re talking about christmas gifts 
let me also show you this awesome shirt  
look at this a megaforce shirt has all the cool 
vehicles has ace hunter says the slogan deeds not  
words and speaking of awesome deeds this was 
sent in by homeboy gaz the dude i mean he has  
generosity just beaming off of him i’m sure i mean 
he’s graced me and us in the laundry room with  
some awesome gifts this past year and yeah i mean 
he just sent these over as a christmas gift so  
i can’t thank him enough for sending me this 
awesome shirt and there’s another one that you  
know of course i’ll wear in a future episode and 
we’ll talk about it then when i wear it anyway  
without further ado let’s jump in and take a look 
at barbecue okay folks here we go barbecue and i  
am super excited to jump in and take a look at 
this dude and let me before i get started let  
me just say i’m using a new camera setup so i hope 
it looks good hope it sounds good if it doesn’t i  
apologize and we will go back to the old way but i 
thought it’s a new year so let’s try something new  
anyway here’s the part where we open it up 
and it could get a little loud so i apologize  
but we want the full experience of cracking 
this dude open and enjoying it so here we go
let’s move the camera a little bit here
oh like i said i’m still trying to 
learn this a little bit so i apologize
but i’m hoping this setup will be 
better for smaller items when we  
have to do close-ups and they won’t 
be as blurry and things like that
oh before we get started what am i doing we always 
take a look at the package art here and that is an  
awesome picture like i was saying he almost 
looks like a cobra agent i mean he looks so  
tough and i mean almost robotic to a degree i love 
this like blurry effect here like maybe it’s the  
haze from the heat of the fire he’s putting out 
and okay like last time remember i said i was  
wearing gloves because my hands are nasty well i 
forgot to wear the gloves so i’m sorry if my hands  
offend anybody so don’t look at those look at the 
toy anyway here is the side artwork let me pull  
this camera back a little bit and again we got 
this awesome picture of him got the axe there oh  
the axe is actually wrapped around from this photo 
or painting sorry it’s not a photo of course you  
have the back which is the cobra island art which 
is awesome and we have his specialties here so
it does look a little bit 
blurry i apologize there we go
so i’m not sure what these represent 
as usual i need to look it up  
this almost looks like a katana so 
maybe hand to hand first aid chemistry  
protection it’s a shield we’ll go with that 
sounds good to me so let’s throw that to the side
and take a look at him so let’s take 
a look at his gear first we have his  
fire suppressant pistol which i mean that looks 
just like an awesome pistol with a silencer so  
anyone could actually use that that’s pretty cool 
actually has a hole here i don’t know if you can  
tell so that’s kind of cool extra detail 
to it so we will put that to the side
we have his awesome fire extinguisher backpack
and this is a cool added feature actually 
has some stickers on it kind of like a  
real fire extinguisher so that’s really 
cool put that over here we have a big axe
very cool for chopping down doors and cobra  
and let me just say one of my earliest memories of 
barbecue was actually from the gi joe comic book  
came with a hose i think maybe he’s 
the first one that comes with a hose  
just like the old days very cool it’s ribbed 
so it’s not just a normal plastic hose  
there’s a little bit of detail here on the 
ends very cool but anyway his gi joe comic  
book appearance where he was going after 
a hiss tank and used this to smash in the  
cockpit to get to the dude on the inside now 
they never showed what he did to the dude on  
the inside but i think it was implied since 
it was a do or die situation that this just
just kept going to town on the poor cobra dude 
inside so let’s put that to the side as well  
and take a look at gabriel himself wow
so much detail here on this 
oxygen tank in different
pouches here
that’s an interesting symbol
kind of like a gear i wonder what that  
unless that’s like a gauge maybe that’s 
like his oxygen gauge hmm interesting
got like a pouch here
good mobility with the head always extra
bonus wow and as usual a little stiff 
there with gi joe classified great  
pose-ability great flexibility and very 
chunky and responsive i love that about them  
the only thing i’m not a fan of is the 
hips how they pop out of place sometimes  
but that’s great for posing so he looks kind 
of off kilter at the moment because of that
so let’s bring the camera down to his level
sorry again still trying to get used to this
get it in focus here very cool i like this little 
green gauge here as well that’s kind of neat
okay cleared it up a little bit
very cool
so okay again playing with the camera sorry about 
that i will learn the ropes if it works and it’ll  
be better anyway here we go do the standing 
test here oh he is very top-heavy with all this  
extra accoutrement and a heavy helmet but 
i mean this chunkiness looks great on him  
i saw an awesome custom someone made a 
custom head for him and handed one and  
he was like holding the helmet so that 
was a neat little custom that they did
he’s going to look very striking with the rest 
of the joes up on the shelf because he looks  
so different he’s bright and vibrant and yeah 
he’s just going to stand out and that’s going  
to be awesome so let’s give him some of his 
gear get that all set up so first his backpack
and it’s great that he doesn’t have any extra 
bandoliers and stuff it’s always such a pain  
to get it all lined up for the 
backpacks so just like the good old days  
put the hose here and i’m assuming 
the other end of the hose goes here
and what an awesome episode he was 
in the viper is coming great episode
and it goes in there now the hose seems 
a little too much when you’re doing this
might look better with him holding it
so let’s oh goes in snug that’s always good 
backpack wants to come out come on here we go
this stupid hip
so let’s put the
extinguisher blaster in his hand
okay come on now oh that’s not good i already 
has some like stress whitening here trying to  
get it in his hand i don’t like that very much so 
let’s try to open his hand up a little bit more  
and just slide it in because the 
pommel of this as you can see has some  
girth to it which is causing it to 
be a pain to slide it in from the top
so there we go
and that hose man
here let’s see if we can 
do something with the hose
fish it around this way 
maybe try to take some of the
yeah that’s much better i like that
so looks pretty cool kind of bummed 
about the stress marks on it already  
but we’ll just leave it in that hand 
and we won’t have any problems hopefully  
so now to his axes now his big axe goes back here
before we put it away let’s see 
what it looks like in his hands
and this would be an awesome axe for like snake 
eyes i mean to chop down some fools or anyone  
really it’d be cool if i ever get a hold of 
spirit give him this axe that would be cool  
because i always liked that the sigma 6 
spirit came with like an axe like a tomahawk
i always have so much trouble with 
these hands i apologize everybody
maybe i should do these unboxing and reviews like 
the real guys and just edit all that flubbing out  
but i want it to be realistic you know what 
you will have to expect when you get them  
so that looks pretty awesome
i like that
that looks pretty tough kicking the door 
of a house on fire i’m here to save you
very nice let’s take what it looks 
like with his smaller hatchet
let’s take this off  
put it here but i think i might display him 
with the blade out don’t want him to cut himself
looks very cool so now the small 
hatchet which i always loved  
i love the finger guards on it the spiked
punch some fools with it
very nice but i think like i said i like the 
bigger axe in his hands for display purposes  
keep it on his side because it’s a very 
good place to display it it’s right there
so i am going to
yeah we’ll go with this one anyway i am 
very super happy with this i mean i don’t  
think there’s ever been well there’s 
one that i wish they did better but  
i am a fan of every classified figure 
that i have had the privilege of owning
yeah i think that looks pretty tough
let me move the axe down a little bit here yeah 
there we go this is will be his display pose  
very nice and you can see the ah the hole in the 
barrel very well that was talking about earlier
so yeah there we go that is gi joe classified 
barbecue cobra island target exclusive  
yeah getting real tired of those exclusives but 
anyway yeah super happy with it great figure great  
look i mean it’s pretty much a great recreation 
of the original so you can’t go wrong with that  
anyway not much more to say even though i’ve 
talked an awful lot so anyway back to me back  
to me yes again hasbro has knocked it out of 
the park with a great and faithful reproduction  
of an original gi joe figure from the 80s 
and dude i love that character then and i  
love this character now they did a great 
job i mean they kept the essence of the  
original character and just built upon it i mean 
they’ve done a great job with that with a lot of  
the classified figures there is a couple of them 
that they did some wonky things with but i think  
now they’re hitting their stride and yeah i mean i 
think there’s nowhere to go but up with this line  
and with some of the newer ones that are 
being released i am super excited to get my  
hands on them because again they are great 
reproductions of original figures and what  
more do you want just a scaled-up version of the 
joes that we played with as kids and collect now  
so anyway again thanks to gaz for this awesome 
shirt and thanks for all of you for watching  
so i hope you liked this episode if you did please 
give me a thumbs up if you got something to say  
please leave a comment i love reading them and 
i love getting back to everybody and if you’re  
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for watching keep being rad and stay dorky

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