BARBIE (2023) MOVIE REACTION!! Margot Robbie | Ryan Gosling | I'm Just Ken | Full Movie Review

hiya Johnny hi Craig no I didn’t just buy these clothes for this video I don’t know what you’re talking about does you look amazing this is what I’m used to seeing all the way around the office can you pass me the scissors yeah absolutely sorry I just I’ve had this on my clothes for years yeah years I’ve had it on always having to remind you to take the tags off of clothes that you’ve had for years and years it’s a habit but this is what I always wear hey speaking of oh clothes what citizens of

the reject Nation we are finally gonna watch the Barbie movie the movie everyone else has seen but we had our Comic-Con panel as time went on we’re like I guess we’re not watching this in the theaters I think we’re just gonna react to it I’m streaming and here we are I’m so excited to see this really quick I want to share this it’s been our background for a while my sister got me this uh Ken Barbie doll Ryan Gosling version it was my birthday recently so happy birthday to amwa I’m so excited to see this

I have had this muted on all social media for the longest time the only slither of a spoiler that I got

was that there’s an hen song in here but I haven’t heard a single second of it not be nothing I am ready for this so please go ahead leave a like on this video that’d be very much appreciated I’m not used to armrest ah subscribe click the notification Bell so you get notified when our next reaction is up here in the channel because we’re covering so much right now and also thank you to prepper

for helping us out down these highlights lastly as always massive thank you to all who have joined our patreon page becoming super sexy rejects over there you can catch the full-length Reaction watch along re-sync up with your own copy of Barbie we cover several things exclusive over there with reaction highlights and watch along as included thank you again to all joined let’s finally see with all the hype is about cannot wait are we starting off with these since the beginning of time we are since the first little girl ever existed there have been yes I

love that this is actually part of it the girls who played with them could only ever play it being mother wow gorgeous she’s an Amazon other dolls mattered I’m very happy they committed to this I was afraid it was just gonna be a teaser bit create transition Bobby changed every swim in a Barbie and Barbie is all of these women diversity what about Tori she has her own money her own house her own career because Barbie can be anything these are all Easter eggs and references to real life jobs all problems are feminism thank you

well done Babs and here is one of those Barbies now living her best day every day now she’s just one of those Barbies it’s a fun song is this completely unproblematic lizzo come on we got important things to do it’s her even garbage day is glamorous in Barbie land goes with everything beautiful from man this production design is gorgeous the shot the Tarantino shot you just look so good on us love it I like the symmetry of these shots a lot yeah very Wes Anderson like man this set is insane I just want to examine

every detail they’re so good at personifying like the imaginary play Vibe like the right amount of things are real and fake yeah great choreography it’s nice to get a song too that is like a theme song of the main character pink just looks get your vitamin C Barbie or your vitamin A and D it’s doing a good job of capturing the appeal of an artifice life nobody bothers to walk from down the stairs and out the door Etc you just pick them up and put them where you want them to go Marilyn hi Barbie hi

Skipper Skipper yes her sister she was discontinued by Mattel because a pregnant doll is just too weird oh guess so little pregnant girls deserve to see themselves in a toy as well everybody turn to the party The Pink House you can ask me any question you want so how come you’re so amazing female friendship I have no difficulty holding both logic and feeling at the same time I can tell it’s going to be very much a ride hey awesome Bobby has a great day every day but Ben only has a great day yes if Barbie

looks at him oh ken hi Barbie hi Ken hi Barbie hi Barbie hi Barbie get out of here oh hi Alan there are no multiples of Alan he’s just Alan he’s just Alan we all are check me out oh what are you gonna do buddy catch that wave boy again oh kid physics are the best oh looks like this beach was a little too much Beach for you Ken what’s Beach off anyone who wants to beat him up has to beat me off first I will beat both of you up you can beat each other

off let’s go jeez Ken is extremely codependent no he’s so cool stay with me Barbie great not even broken you’ll be fine oh jeffer’s not even my job I know and it is not lifeguard which is a common misconception I didn’t know that can I come to your house tonight sure sure I don’t have anything they planned just a giant blowout party with all the Barbies and planned choreography oh my goodness God this must have been fun to shoot God got the star power in this movie oh is this um is this like Some Like

It Hot is this a Marilyn Monroe like tribute I bet they’re gonna be a lot of like classic movie tribute shots and sequences looking good Barbie thanks guys such faces he makes what’s up cats wow you can move yeah perfectly perfect and you look so beautiful Barbie thanks Barbie I feel so beautiful so supportive Best Day Ever and so is yesterday and so is tomorrow and always will be but life is not perfect whoa what a question I’m just dying to dance those intrusive thoughts will get you a way to cover it up existential dread

is always creeping I thought I might stay over tonight why because we’re girlfriend boyfriend she did what I’m actually not sure hurry up the president’s here I am you’re welcome giant brush I can’t I gotta go saddy plays him keep telling yourself that button Barbies I’m thinking about death anymore that’s how I go to sleep wow so it’s also gonna be a story about acceptance and realizing what lies beyond your bubble now wake up in my own world and wait for my home girl Fleet Pariah people are going to start noticing that you’re not being

Peppy I love that gag so much I love how it’s how it’s her mind creating all this yeah it’s all just the perception oh no oh girl you okay Come on Barbie let’s run towards the water okay what happens when we get there oh what just happened she’s a paraplegic now fake vomit I know I’m stereotypical Barbie and therefore don’t form conjectures concerning the causality of adjacent unfolding events but something jeez so they’re five times fast you’re malfunctioning what you’re gonna have to visit weird Barbie I have never had to visit weird Barbie that’s because

you’ve never malfunctioned who is weird Barbie beautiful Barbie of all but then someone played with her too hard in the real world Sid oh no okay I’m here to understand this world uh oh my gosh she’s like Sid damn what great sets oh I would never wear heels picking them on themes of not conforming to how your societal Norms of how you should be yeah but being true to who you who you really are hey what’s cooking good looking was that Kate McKinnon I think so to come see you about my feet there um you’ve

opened a portal and now there is a rift in the Continuum that is the membrane between Barbie land and the real world oh no baby girl you gotta go fix it you’re gonna keep going funny look at your upper thigh gotta go fix it into the Barbie version cellular that’s gonna spread everywhere and then you’re gonna start getting sad and mushy and complicated no I know you have to go to the real world and you have to find the girl who’s playing with you oh there’s the girl and the doll and never the twain shall

cross interesting oh wow why would she be sad we fixed everything so that all women in the real world can be happy and Powerful yes I can’t have I’ve only ever wanted for everything to stay exactly as it is well the two of you are becoming inextricably intertwined what interesting she’s Tethered to the human like that is her Barbie like the only person in her life you can go back to your regular life or you can know the truth about the universe the first one the high heel damn it Neo you have to want to

know okay do it again I’m not Adventure Barbie I’m stereotypical Barbie I’m like the Barbie you think of when someone says think of a Barbie it worked I did that is why she was cast here I just gave you a choice so you could feel some sense of control so there is no option one giving you a choice so you could feel some sense of control wow holy crap that’s a base oh manipulating a choice is crazy I’m trying to find reason s not to leave they’re gonna miss you guys so much I just wish

someone could come with me but you can’t now’s your time what bird am I thinking of parrot dolphin I mean no a bird you’ll get to see all the good work we’ve done to fix the world you’ll be such a hero to them I’ll bet every woman will say thank you and give you a really big hug boiling the movie it’s like so vibrant and uplifting but there’s such a melancholic undertone here at all too it’s like a sugary pop song with sad lyrics introspection hey Roger Rabbit I can’t I made a double bet with

Ken you can’t make me look uncool in front of Ken appears to me ouch there’s so much about his appearance so insecure I love it did you bring your roller blades I literally go nowhere without them please okay where were you hiding those wow what an adventure I love a good montage no okay don’t fly off the space laughs and we’re here the set photos nice this is 30 minutes away from us I actually think in the real world no one would bat an eye yeah I feel kind of abilities like I don’t know the

word for it but I’m conscious but it’s myself that I’m conscious of oh I feel what could only be described as admire appreciate it I’m such a narcissist I would just like to inform you I do not have a vagina wow whoa oh my goodness we don’t have genitals that’s okay yeah I have all the janitors I have all the genitals one of each everything’s almost like reversed here I always got a little smile on his face yeah I get a taste of power that’s what I’m talking about Barbie well done and again on it

that’s a little tiny little and it’s great I love Fringe those are fresh strips where’d they get the money hey man she looks even better than real clothes big pack in jail who is playing with me what am I supposed to do by myself really where it reminds me of Michael Scott it’s just so like unbelievably needy he’s got Michael Scott and some of that Nicholas Cage like wildness like subdued but what’s up man we got a man up on this one great workout man oh yeah you found the Ken Den smartest at the center

the center piece of image and security yeah totally and status you could have done New York also but I like it but we sell dreams and Illusions here yeah good stuff so I’m not worried about it not now Margaret let’s Jake on this learn my son welcome to the Ken triarchy this is what being a man’s all about yeah get your creatine boy that’s what I imagine when I meditate a little girl don’t be a creep John you know just like nice childhood memory and she dies in a violent yeah that’s why I’ve been thinking

about that bones burning wreck okay Goodwill product placement the mark of a good actor training my ducts it’s interesting she steps into the real world and she’s getting a dose of the hardship of being a woman yeah Ken’s getting what it’s like when men are put on a pedestal and behind the power they get yeah yeah when men are the form in control yeah there’s an array of emotions out there and everyone is experiencing them you’re old Barbie oh I know it oh is she the Creator yeah it’s great at girl work this is critical

wig inventor of Barbie okay welcome oh and the reality that men are controlling Barbie yeah yeah somewhere in a boardroom even if a woman invented it this happened before a woman named Skipper turned up at some family’s home in Key West asked to babysit the kids whoa is that a reference to a skipper movie you may never come back I know I love the way they’re portraying the Mattel Corporation right now wow this feels like we’re stepping into a Black Mirror episode now oh it’s her yeah she’s grown up just started drawing these weird designs

these are different it’s irrepressible thoughts of death Barbie full body cellulite Barbie no one wants this reality Barbie is my internal monologue Barbie they’re in a big corporate idea session no one is to be admitted oh my God are we going to get the purest Taste of capitalism where they’d actually put these toys out eating disorder bar really you can buy them now and when you take a sparkle what do you think after that female agency yes one comes right after the other let’s get all these Kens oh Jesus Warner Brothers Discovery logos in the

back geez everything has this like Center frame yeah if this got out that our dolls were coming to Los Angeles from Barbie land Barbie in the real world that’s impossible you created this awesome anymore is Barbie land like an alternate reality or is it like a place where uh your imagination is yes whatever you think it is you’re right I’ve started to get all these weirdo feelings like I have fear with no specific object what do anxiety you need to find her soon I’m just gonna pop into the library and see if I can find

any books on trucks okay just don’t get in trouble I won’t they’re like brother and sister too like they bicker like kids who are you I’m only your favorite woman of all time Barbie hated dolls with hair I mean I played with Barbie but it was like the last resort I loved Barbie no you didn’t you’ve been making women feel bad about themselves since you were invented you’ve represent everything wrong with her culture sexualized capitalism unrealistic physical life no no go for it describing something stereotypical Barbie is so much more than that it was the

stereotype you destroy girls innate sense of worth and you are killing the planet with your glorification of rampant consumerism and until you showed up here and declared yourself Barbie I hadn’t thought about you in years you fascist wow fascist Barbie get a taste of that gen Z oh I’m gonna stop yelling at my Barbie dolls you know what I yeah we should all treat our Barbies nicer be more compassionate to them why man rule sir do you have the time you respect me sorry no do you know what time it is why didn’t Barbie tell

me about patriarchy which to my understanding is where men and horses run everything sure oh my I’ll take a high level high paying job with influence please okay you’ll need at least an NBA isn’t being a man enough actually right now it’s kind of the opposite you guys are clearly not doing patriarchy very well yeah we’re doing it well yeah we just uh hide it better now yeah oh you want to be a lifeguard I’m trained to stand confidently right here there’s nobody in danger here and even if there were I’m not trained to save

them can still have to work hard Ken I need to find somewhere where I can start patriarchy fresh oh my poor Mattel everything is backwards here men look at me like I’m an object girls hate me everyone thinks I’m crazy and I keep getting arrested I’ll go back to Barbie land and I’ll tell the Ken’s what I’ve learned oh it’s going to be beautiful oh oh my God is Ken gonna become a villain is Ken gonna become like a dictator reality challenged woman she thinks she’s Barbie what did you say she thinks she’s Barbie what

are you doing that’s her Barbie you worked there yeah just catch up you’re so happy to see you would you like some mineral one yes thank you if you could just get into that giant box you know what we should probably get Ken first you know Ken Barbie and Ken Ken get the guy yeah the guy Ken isn’t something we’re worried about ever could I just meet the woman in charge oh that would be me oh you’re CFO me your c-o-o here president of the Barbie division I’m a man with no power does that make

me a woman nope we have gender neutral bathrooms up the Wazoo every single one of these men love women I’m the son of a mother I’m the mother of a son I’m I’m the nephew of a woman aunt true facts Progressive get in the Box you Jezebel yes jeez you filthy oh and I’ve been real priesty and flashback get in the Box damn that is Icky oh no oh the restrainment the twist ties not the twist ties could I just run to the restroom and make sure my hair is perfect here’s an underlying horror to

this film oh definitely these guys are so creepy I guess you really had to go to the bathroom yep that was a really unsettling thing but with the box and the rest I feel like there’s a lot something much deeper there well yeah it feels like poisoned nice guy Femme feminism like foreign daring Escape Plan Barbie actually is like a a tinge of a Sci-Fi touch to it so I think the 2001 opening is pretty pretty emblematic of the experience here because it’s a reflection on a reality don’t worry you’re safe here whoa what is

this place it is a Black Mirror quality learning to drink she’s just learning how to be real world isn’t what I thought it was that happens a lot and isn’t that marvelous Discovery is she the Creator I’m just gonna ask that every time an older woman shows up on screen I think probably Ruth thank you Ruth Ruth there you go yeah I forget what her last name is but yeah I think the Creator’s name is Ruth we got her there she is a minute ago come on come with me if you want to live these

guys are so petty little lonely lately be joyful was it no it wasn’t the power of imagination and then the drawings got sad and weird and maybe because I couldn’t be like you I ended up making you like me I came for you those were your memories it’s like a Westworld Flair to this man so weird many colliding movies a sci-fi movie it is it’s a sci-fi film hello are you two like Shining this is weird weird commentary about creation yeah creation play bonding and the power of imagination as well boring mom with a boring

job and a daughter who hates me can you blame me for wanting to have a little fun I gotta lose these chuckleheads when you need somebody to project onto just as much as to inspire you especially when you’re feeling alone and cut off from a loved one I do like how they they wrote Barbie to be like she’s very she has a strong vocabulary her vernacular is very wide-ranging yeah yeah she’s intelligent yeah whoa Barbie when Imaginary Land yeah because I never get to do anything I didn’t even go on that cruise I wanted your

school raffle because I didn’t have enough vacation days and your dad’s allergic to sign what graphos killing it killing it Ken to it a little set make your own choices Woman as a man I give you permission I urge you to do all the things I can even though I’ve set it up at a skew it’s like the Barbie world is a fantasy idea yeah for for girls to hold on to and it just leads to them being depressed because it’s not the reality yeah yeah they can never get back there I totally understand it

I feel it I grew up with it my inner little girl’s satiated by that totally get it that’s strange oh no Ken what have you done incoming brewsky beer president what happened to you Ken has introduced the male patriarchy he’s introduced the male gays whoa have a brewsky beer my big guy is thirsty a brewsky bear wait until you see my dream house everything I’ve bought and owned will totally inspire you and we can change clothes again that’s the capital oh this is Turtle no cat is a villain oh my God Mount Rush horse there

was a minute where I thought it was run by horses but then I realized that horses are just men extenders yes compensate for whatever you need oh my God everything exists to expand and Elevate the presence of men it’s beautiful this is beautiful wow this is my dream house it is my dream house it’s mine no this is no longer Barbie be known as Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa house try it Mojo Dojo Casa house Mojo Dojo Casa house houses are literally flying off the shelf the kids are clambering for them they’re still pink are boys

buying it I guess which is already a black buster hit yes oh this movie’s brilliant yeah it’s brilliant it stopped provoking as hell but also very accessible yeah really fun yeah but still not leaving like no punch bowl no stone unturned for my long-term low commitment distance girlfriend I love that we just pick up the embodiment of masculine toxicity the ultimate Chad yes I know isn’t it great and Alan likes to help me give all the Ken’s foot massages no I don’t I don’t like that we love it uh and it’s going to be just

like Century City in Los Angeles because they had it all figured out Century City no no no they don’t have it figured out in Century City because we failed them no you failed me wow out there I was somebody people respected me just for who I am you just wanted approval ouch and if it weren’t for these technicalities like NBAs I could have ruled that world but I don’t need any of those things here I’m just a dude I’m just a dude living in kentivity I love that it became a villain yeah I love that

choice I love it and now you’re making it permanent with a special election to change the Constitution awesome with all the council ahead to the polls and vote to change the Constitution to a government for the Kens of the cans and by the cans oh my God this is so many layers deep I can’t believe it oh my God how’s that feeling it is not fun is it I don’t recall her ever being this cruel yeah I mean the patriarchy has existed long before Barbie got he’s like bullying yeah Brown beating oh she’s crying in

Barbie land take your lady Fashions with you why did you wish me to your messed up world using your Barbie’s land was perfect before I was perfect before I’ve never wanted anything to change that’s life it’s constant only thing in life that’s constant that’s terrifying yeah really understand this feeling it’s basically like being a human person all the time very much okay you know I almost feel bad moving like he only got four joints it’s much more repulsive R rated to pray version of this movie out there the endless possibilities time to run out yes

no they’re doing it yes and in time until she falls asleep they’re doing the thing I thought they were gonna do Bond we interrupt this broadcast to bring you our new radio station only playing Ken’s favorite song this Matchbox 20. tomorrow I cannot sit on one more leather couch it’s gonna break my spirit as soon as they figure out how to build that wall sideways and not just up no one is going to be able to get in or out one person would care if Ellen was in the real world in fact it’s happened before

all of NSYNC Allen all offense beautiful I’m Ken’s buddy yeah all his clothes fit me you’ve been hanging out with Kung Fu bar give me Scott Pilgrim back yeah Alan earned the power of self-respect even if you can’t make it perfect you can mimic anything better I’m the one who ruined Barbie land with my stupid drawings in the first time I’m not stupid they’re amazing you’re amazing Mom they’re weird and dark and crazy everything you pretend not to be hmm being authentic to your true self let’s go get my dog the hair whip he did

all that ass kicking for none just run to the real world yourself Alan you’re in Magic again this is sugar and I’m her daddy oh it’s and I have an earring a magic carrier uh they’re cameos no he’s the guy from the trip I know his name Rob Ryden I’m not an idiot anymore oh I’m not stereotypical Barbie pretty note to the filmmakers Margot Robbie is the wrong person to cast if you want to make this point it’s about the feeling I’m brilliant I’m not the president no one on the Supreme Court is me I’m

not good enough for anything he’s such a great actress yeah it is literally impossible to be a woman we have to always be extraordinary but somehow we’re always doing it wrong yeah what’s up with that guys get this together come on fix this and you can never say you want to be thin you have to say you want to be healthy but also you have to be thin so you you do understand yeah it was a program Chop Chop ladies you have to lead but you can’t squash other people’s ideas you’re supposed to love being

a mother but don’t talk about your kids all the damn time you have to be a career woman but also always be looking out for other people answer for men’s bad behavior which is insane but if you point that out you’re accused of complaining I know it bothers me yeah should you guys please keep it down other women because you’re supposed to be a part of The Sisterhood but always stand out and always be grateful woof this is really a great speech this is bars you have to never get old never be rude never show

off never get out of line it’s too hard it’s too contradictory and nobody gives you thank you are you doing everything wrong but also everything is your fault wow a man must have written this no Obama yo here he goes directed the movie and if all of them it’s like they want to put women into a box I did write a book like I’ve been in a dream where I was somehow really invested in the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League who’s wrong with that what did this move this River just lost you need to

say all of those things to the other Barbies that’s the key okay here’s the deal it’s not just about how they see us it’s about how they see themselves exactly distract them by appearing helpless and Confused pens cannot resist a damseling distress no we cannot we can’t anything to prop ourselves up to look like a savior shop is so hard I just don’t understand how to use the select tool honey you can only use the select tool if Polaris highlighted you have to be their mommies but not remind them of their mommy any power you

have must be masked under a giggle oh my God yes amen sister you can tell him that you’ve never seen The Godfather and that you’d love them to explain it to you can you start the movie over and just talk through the whole thing video essay can talk to you oh my god I’d be mad if this movie wasn’t so accurate it’s fascinating that this corporate product is like the least corporate infusion of feminist ideas I love it it’s based AF I am so awkward and don’t feel pretty at all and will anyone ever like

me distract them until wearing glasses glasses cover that you’re pretty no like the way they Riff on the genres of this aesthetic it uses older Cinema genres to Riff on the aesthetic of the way we romanticize and idealize stuff yeah yeah and the yeah interplay between the Sexes over the years against each other you make them question whether they have enough power over each other it’s like I’m a woman already welcome it’s what it’s like you’re coming of age hi oh Jesus tidied up oh hey you’ve caught me reading my man I’m ready to be

here long-term distance low commitment casual girlfriend if you’ll still have me oh nice I could tell you okay come on in I’ll play the guitar at you play the guitar at you as it was meant to be played oh is this one I’m a little bit of rustier and I don’t know four hours of Rob Thomas boys hilarious Jesus who are you texting no one let me just John dang it’s a beautiful song that you’re playing you play on their egos and their Petty jealousies and you turn them against each other they’re gonna stop I

gotta work so well Petty jealousies would keep the country moving yes the fragile glue that holds us all together in the machine doesn’t seem to matter always number two no one knows how hard I tried those pecks into it boy all my life been so polite but I’ll sleep alone tonight I’m just kidding you’re in the Ken Zone storm the beach at Burgundy gonna be a Mexican I like how this stays adherent to the rules of the world yeah and like the shopping cart formations pink a post-apocalyptic kick his ass yeah can Foo yeah the

other side were there real weapons here no no whoever is like in an 80s musical action yeah yes this is awesome and two that the big evil plan like culminates in this musical number like so childish this is the best Yo he’s buried in this my name’s Kane so am I doubt all those in favor of letting Barbie land be Barbie land I now go change the real world yes can we get a reproduction of this outside I’m so happy in a world full of Ken’s being Allen these Mojo Dojo Casa houses just get dreamier

weird ADR okay that’s because their dream houses mother with the Mattel logo don’t look at me oh are you okay yeah I cried too it’s actually kind of amazing I’m a liberated man I know crying’s not weak true buddy when I found out that patriarchy wasn’t about horses I lost interest anyway oh you just love horses I always thought this would be our house poor guy I’m really sorry I took you for granted oh I just don’t know who I am without you it’s time to find out that’s a good thing I only exist within

the warmth of your gays whoa without it blood God I can’t do flips oh same man maybe it’s Barbie and it’s Ken Ken yes me yes can is me if you’re like an ape me am Ken Ken fojo Mojo mink we were only fighting because we didn’t know who we were wow strong maybe psychological political emotional thanks to the Barbies I too can now relieve myself of this heavy existential burden while holding on to the very real title of CEO and the pay package that comes with it please may the Kens have one Supreme Court

Justice oh I can’t do that ouch but maybe a lower circuit court judge the Kens will have as much power and influence in Barbie land as women have in the real world okay what about ordinary Barbie that’s it it’s a terrible idea yeah that’s going to be money oh oh ordinary Barbie I love it she’s in love with Ken that is not her ending what do you want I don’t know I’m make her own choices I want to figure it out I don’t think I have an ending that was always the point I created you

so you wouldn’t have an ending I really feel like come walk with me we’re going to the Stream thank you I am good enough you am Kenneth humans make things up like patriarchy and Barbie just to deal with how uncomfortable it is then you die fun comfortable I I want to do the imagining I don’t want to be the idea I always knew that Barbie would surprise me but I never expected this AI bar movie don’t you control me you’re a Barbie dog control you any more than I could control my own daughter I named

you after her Barbara is she really the Creator she’s a good actress I know I was just like she used to make an appearances huh I used to flow now take your first breath like Pinocchio samachus Pinocchio and so much experience they grab home movies from other different casts or did people send these in from all over the world yes yes she made the choice yeah and the answer or was it an illusion the soft part of the Matrix you got this I’m really proud of you that’s a political statement that’s appropriation the sandals name

oh um Handler comma Barbara Barbara Handler I’m here to see my gynecologist one woman’s anatomical completion wow oh and they even got the aqua remix nice credits oh Emerald fennel is Midge okay yeah yeah are these real uh yeah at the real Allen Allen he’s Ken’s buddy Helen Mirren was the narrator did not pick up on that oh yeah yeah Ruth Handler yeah I don’t know uh Barbie history guys so wow that pooping dog was there were some very peculiar toys out there sugars daddy God I remember mermaid Barbie and your Barbie world in there

that’s great can’t wait to talk about it no yeah that was next level all right kick us off John well uh and during the the little break there I looked it up and uh the real Ruth Handler died in 2002 so that was not Ruth okay um but that was that was quite an experience that like it’s been you know making these waves in the world and you come into a movie like this and you’re like okay you know I don’t know really what to expect exactly aside from the trailer in terms of specifics but

you know how is this going to deliver what kind of conversation is it going to have after all this buzz and this was a really wonderfully kind of mad cap but also yeah emotional and thought-provoking experience in a way that you know really pulled me up in its own ride I think from the outside you know you see and you go like oh there’s stuff that looks like The Lego Movie and things that are gonna comment on you know like purpose and existentiality if that’s a word um but it does so in a very different

way coming from what feels like a very different place and maybe a bit of a more challenging place than simply innocence like it deals with that but I feel like yeah there’s so many layers from you know just the personal to the political to the existential the philosophical all that stuff um so yeah this was another kind of recent movie experience I can think of that’s like oh yeah this is kind of like so many of the things that Cinema can be and also it’s having a very interesting and I think well uh conceived conversation

through all these you know Fantastical silly and humorous elements and whatnot um so I mean yeah I was I was quite gripped and disconcerted all at the same time I guess I would say yeah uh the the movie has brilliant I think it’s a genius film uh I’m surprised by it because it’s like yeah any although the conversation about like it made a billion dollars and it’s the biggest movie of the year you know and overtaken Mario it’s overtaken everything and and I I did I definitely I avoided a reviews I avoided everything on it

because I just didn’t want to get any opinions kind of influencing my own I wanted this to be fresh I had no idea about this Descent of Ken I thought was great because the movie’s very accessible and it’s like while I I bet there’s a lot of deeper I mean yeah there’s a lot of things in here that are are deeper and more subtle and I’m sure there’s things that probably flew over my head this first time watching it I’m sure there’s probably a lot of things just a guy that I’ve I probably just can’t

truly comprehend or understand right yet there’s yet there’s so much in here with this messaging that is very direct like you could you could weirdly see how this is a very mature adult film yet you could also see how it’s one that a family can also at the same time weirdly watch even though like a PG-13 it’s like a PG-13 kind of family film yeah because there there’s some subjects that are like okay yeah that’s way too young um but you know I like I don’t want to speak for like the right attainable ages for

like a little girl the right age that is a parent’s decision of when to show this for a child right I can see how it is very educational and informative at the same time because there there’s a lot of things that are very overt there’s a lot of things that like a lot of this is very direct they’re just flat out saying it and while I know there’s been parts of the internet that have been very much up in arms about it and then like you know I’ve seen like certain titles of like it hates

men or whatever um I I didn’t get that impression uh at all I I really did it I think that this movie has a very brilliant commentary and I think the reason why it still clicks so much with with a worldwide audience why even though it is like the woke us of the woke the kind of film it is you know of what we say is woke now you know yeah of what we Define as that is is because that’s the movie the movie’s about that it’s not trying to be subtle in that it is

it’s like front and center with this film in all aspects that’s dialogue it’s every every bit of this film is all about that and I I think it’s when a movie is trying to like mask it in a way or or try to be like they’re in subtle hints or whatever nah this movie is is embracing it from beginning to end and I feel like that’s why it clicks so well because it has this rewatch capability and so much Nuance that you could pick up on because it’s dealing with all kinds of things you know

uh obviously self-acceptance The Power of Choice uh the patriarchy of How It’s been harmful to woman how it’s also been harmful to men uh self-reflection gender stereotypes it’s so many different things that it’s just like it interweaving throughout uh through the reflection like through the Brilliance of doing this for like a Barbie adaptation because the first like half hour you know because of the hype surrounding it I was here going like I’m enjoying this this is fun uh why is this the billion dollar phenomenon that it is yeah and then it then I I want

to say it was around the pudding in the Box moment that really started to to do a massive change in my Noggin on it and then also the hint at what they were doing with Ken that he’s getting exposed to the patriarchy and the the juxtaposition of seeing the the reality of how the Barbie land is this is the is the upside down world of the real world of you know like women here are are the dominance that they have they have the power went on and then her watching how the mirroring effect is happening

I thought was just so genius and so unexpected because even not knowing at all what they were gonna do with the Barbie and Ken relationship not having any clue prior I was definitely under the impression that it was still going to be a romantic comedy yeah I thought that’s what we were getting into I still thought it was gonna be a romance so I thought the direction that it took was so surprising and I I love how it prayed on the um of how the insecurity of men can often form into something that is violent

and dangerous totally you know 100 and it’s it’s true though it’s very very true yeah but they also make fun of like the modern day man like he has a line in there I’m like what does he say like I’m a liberal man I’m a liberated man I’m okay with crying you know yeah yeah that’s not a sign of weakness yeah they make fun of that and that is it that is a modern part of our progression too and um I I thought that the because because at the end of the day it’s that while

this movie has so much messaging throughout as just a film it’s a very entertaining one it’s like that’s the that’s the thing is like there’s some movies out there where I can walk away and be like no I I get it I just didn’t like the experience sure you know because some films are all about its meaning and not really about what about the enjoyment Factor like was I invested in the characters did I enjoy the plot you know and and this is one of those movies where I thought they did it all I thought

that it had all its deeper meanings it had its great messaging it had it’s it’s genius infused commentary but at the same time it still had characters I was very much endeared to I loved every second Barbie and Ken were on screen you know Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie specifically obviously uh when they were on screen I liked America ferreira’s character a lot um I I thought the plot was very engaging the visuals were extremely Dynamic the music was exceptional uh the the direction in cinematography was awesome so as it’s just a film it’s a

it’s a very engaging one and then it’s got stuff where it’s like the messaging is very on the nose but it’s kind of the point and then it’s it’s got stuff where it’s it’s deeper than you might expect and then these like little nuggets of lines and I’m like wow that line is a bar right there that line hits home so yeah man I loved it I thought it was I thought it was great my only real things that I didn’t quite care for um there was something about the Will Ferrell stuff that I didn’t

love I don’t know what it was it seemed like that maybe could have used maybe an extra beat button or some kind of I I don’t know it there’s something about them that feels almost tangential and what really matters is what’s going on in Barbie land between the Barbies and the cans and that’s essentially the reality that we’re mostly subject to and by the end they’re like I thought they were gonna try and I don’t know I thought they would be perturbed that things were going back to normal and that they would try and push

the kingdom you know uh agendum further or something like that and I mean like I thought they had a sharp you know a sharp bit at the end with her pitching normal person Barbie and then him going like that’s a terrible idea oh wait it’s gonna sell fine which is a nice commentary on corporate wokeness but um but yeah I don’t know there was something about those characters that seemed like they were the most cartoony and the most like it’s a bit out of everything in the movie and all the fake neon characters were the

most alive and engaging and yeah I mean it does feel just kind of like a different Riff on Lord Business in a way I felt uh I guess I felt the least I was like I know the ideas did not be inventive about them um I think it lacked at a movie filled with creativity and cleverness it was the one part that was lacking in it for me it went about is the execution of them was about as what I expected when I saw the trailer yeah where everything else yeah everything else kind of surprised

me yeah where they were I’m like I feel like I’ve seen this portrayal of CEO dumb guys before who um you’re just like dumb yes men yeah yeah yeah so that was the only part of it that that was that didn’t exactly quite uh click for me and it is a bit of like a a cameo Galore Fest where they didn’t really utilize some people like there’s like there’s no real point in using John Cena I mean I think it’s one of those things where you’re at a point where so many people are are it’s

got such a stacked Ensemble that it’s like ah why not you know this person wants to come by throw them in but yeah I mean you know you expect maybe some kind of additional bits with them maybe they’re a lot of I would expect like maybe there are a lot of deleted scenes and things like that too just with like fun stuff that we couldn’t include for pacing or whatever yeah um but yeah no like this this to me had that quintessential movie Magic quality where it is talking to you and it does have a

perspective and it’s also the culmination of so much physical and intellectual Artistry and thought and Poise and it used everything I know as an outsider as a person who never played with Barbie it used everything I know about that uh and then multiplied it by and I think took it uh interesting cues from just the idea again of playing as a kid and what that means and why and kind of likening that to what adults are experiencing because you know in in ways you’re still looking to this thing for Comfort you’re still projecting onto it

you’re still in some ways taking inspiration from it and it’s one of the earliest ways we learn some of these interactions in some of the earliest ways that as kids we can you know unlock what’s really going on inside yeah and then you know passing those things off and giving them away Through The Eyes of the daughter you know is as you come of age and then having Barbie come of age uh I don’t know yeah it made for like a fascinating blame even though you do spend so much time in this fantasy world it

made for a fascinating blend of human themed like it’s obviously overt in terms of like the socio-political conversation that it’s having but it’s also really encompassing of just the again stress and chaos and confusion of being alive and the ways in which we expand and contract just our vulnerability and who we are truly as people as we navigate this world that is set up in a way that feels so shiny and official and you know regimented and yet truly at the end of the day is not and never will be and so I think it

it encompassed just that all around chaos and and existential uh you know angst of being alive and trying to figure out why you’re feeling all the things that you’re feeling and I love the alley-oop expecting like oh it’s gonna be Amer America Ferreira it was it’s her doll or something like that and then you know she’s a little girl grown up I thought having the mother-daughter story and having those two perspectives uh represented as well and you see kind of the start of you know the difficulty that coming of age can be through that daughter

that also is going on through Barbie but also the wistful memory of what has been and what could have been through the mom and things like that and the things that you know maybe you down so that you could appear more together or with it and two then just commenting on like well what’s Barbie’s role in our actual world and you know what is the importance maybe or the detriment maybe of a toy that is pitched one or another way and uh and that matches really well with the subject of the movie itself so it’s

I think this is one of those really nice kind of Nexus point films where what it’s doing makes a lot of sense but it also matches the subject in the narrative as well as the subject outside of the narrative and it’s all gleefully mad cap and it has just the right right amount of like creeping Terror at certain points or just this sense that like things are off or Sinister and yeah that whole thing with getting the box and let us tie you down you know and pose you the exact way we want to and

the back and forth between you know a problematic figure like a Barbie where so much of the history is like men making money but also pretending or at least being behooved because it makes money to encourage you know women and girls too blah blah blah yeah I like the Barbie Arc a lot because what she’s learning to be human uh in a way that’s about embracing imperfection and embracing the the the pain and the Sorrows that come with being human and embracing the anxieties but also what the power and the reward and catharsis is of

overcoming and the the true development of strength that comes from fighting for something and then coming out on on top but also just dealing with any kind of really it just comes down to just the Embrace of experience you know like that’s why I loved how nothing really seemed like her learning to be human came down to anything that was about materialistic you know like there was a good amount of emphasis on the the relief of of crying and how the expression of Tears is actually something that can be very rewarding and and feel very

good yeah everything about it was just about human experience and embracing that uh even for Ken you know like it was cool how they had two very different Journeys one that was very reflective of males and the other reflective of women and yet they still landed on the same spot which is we have to just know who we are yeah you know and and that should be the thing that comes first and and foremost and understanding individualism as well is so important because so much of this is about being influenced by what Society Norms are

like you see that with Ken you know because he’s just a lost boy you know yeah and I I loved that they they managed to tell two very different stories with them but also like it’s stemming from how it stems from perfect Barbie as we all know the perfect doll and then yeah and then there’s cats yeah yeah Ken who was just created for party you know yeah and it turns a compassionate eye toward that stuff and I think that’s where I can yeah you hear all these people being like Oh the movie hates men

and Ken is they made him such a you know lame character or a character that we’re supposed to laugh at who isn’t really cool but like history of Barbie and Ken actually not being that cool aside I think they did it nicely to yeah portray him as this very insecure and very sort of petty guy but look at what is beneath that and what a and the fact and the fact that I think like people get offended by that like Get over yourself yeah exactly right and there are people like this and oftentimes especially like

alpha males who are you know preaching the the word of men’s rights and things like that are often fixated on women even still and they’re often just Pawns in a greater again machine that is yeah is kind of giving you various benefits kind of off the bat but at the same time is not actually necessarily empowering you or giving you you know the things you need to just yet live your most fulfilled life for real and there’s so many distractions I feel like yeah like in the way Society works right now there are so many

ways men can fall into these toxic traps and become you know the kingdom that we see here because yeah there’s a lot of pent-up emotion and this feeling of yeah I mean even though it’s very different in the ways men and women experience it and and what power that allots in society there’s still this sense of I’m supposed to be extraordinary and unique and yet I’m just one of like a bunch of their millions of me there are millions of people everywhere what is my purpose what do I do and yeah it was obviously changed

a good amount and continues to in terms of what we’re able to acknowledge and express but for so long it has been that thing of you know you just have it together and you keep that stiff upper lift and you and you and you you lead with your strong masculine qualities and you’re fine and that’s what life is for and it’s not you know it’s it’s another box you know it’s another pose that they’re trying to make and two I mean even though uh it’s that same kind of thing it’s like you’re not just defined

by your job and even though there’s a bunch of different Kens with a bunch of different jobs you’re just you at the end of the day and yeah it’s only one part I guess it’s just all kind of Testament to how like life is so many things and you cannot just be one and it will never just always be the same and there is no kind of blissful uh you know Plato’s perfect heaven where things just continue on in you know Perfection and you’re always sated and content and happy um and yeah like it’s very

different the way men experience life in society but I think a lot of that on both sides is encompassed here and it’s also very of the now while being kind of Timeless within those themes well and I think too uh Mattel is genius for green lighting this for now yeah because uh it’s also a fantastic advertisement for Barbie on the darkest level it is as much as this is about like it’s it’s not it it is it is a com one of the many commentaries is about is of course How uh of the many things

is also talking about corporations and all that and at the same time and like how corporations have negatively affected us is with with like the image of the standards of Barbie and whatever it is still a brilliant advertisement to get more Barbie and Ken and get the Margot Robbie stereotypical barf and like the movie goes down that path with like oh we’re selling the the damaged woman Barbie brand right now you know yeah and I’m like but I feel like if they sold it in real life people would buy it especially the heels of this

movie especially deals of a billion dollar hit like I have a I have a Ken Barbie doll right now yes you do like I’m jealous the thing is it’s also like wow what a what a what a kind of a a sinistered plan of like hey it’s still it’s a little great attitude we can still sell this you know yeah yeah one that’s the thing it’s even kind of encompassed in the film because it’s one of those things where it’s like if we didn’t know that so many of the boxes that we’re checking are already

gonna net us a profit you know then we probably wouldn’t be on board for all the things you want to say but because it’s probably gonna make maybe we don’t know it’s gonna make a billion so it’s probably going to make a good amount of money given all of our resources yeah say whatever you want yeah we’ll only get involved when we think it’s gonna hurt the bottom line and it’s yeah it’s a bit of a unicorn because we live in a time where there is so much kind of trite stiff or awkward uh incorporation

of hate what the conversations turn the word woke into so I’m just going to say like enlightened principles are often pitched in these movies and Blockbusters that is the wokest thing you could have ever said John just trying to be basic just trying to be as based as I can be but you know we get a lot of really trite and kind of eye roll worthy uh uh you know lip service to equality and various things in our media and this is not doing that this is bothering to go the full depth and so while

this is literally a giant commercial product uh at the same time yeah it is kind of allowed to be all that it can be and that’s a special thing and I you know am ever fascinated by how these things slip through in the form that they do and then it often does just come down to it will make money so it’s fine say whatever you want yeah um but it really does you know speak wider than you would expect and and as you know I expected something good something with some intelligence something with some subtext

but you know this was kind of always exploring that stuff it never took a break really just to be fun past a certain point once you’re established with everything and so yeah it’s like you can just enjoy it on that level if you want to but you can enjoy it for so many others as well and I think too the reason it has made as much as as it has is because it is speaking universally even though definitely the Battle of the Sexes is so embraced by the plot and well ingrained in the imagery and

the happenings of the movie and all that stuff you know it does appeal like Barbie’s journey is universal as well in some ways maybe not as much but Ken’s is two and especially it’s like Barbie having the crisis of like I can be kind of anything and this is still not solving everything and can coming into our world and being like this is kind of the one thing that we’re supposed to do you know it all kind of leads to a mess at the end and uh yeah it’s wonderfully Lifey and also like yeah it

seems like they really pulled nope punches with this script at all or didn’t think franchise which is fascinating too when you think Mattel was wise enough to approve all this and now they want to make 16 movies based on all their other toys so like what did they understand this to begin with you know there are various kind of capitalist hellscape questions to ask yourself but in this moment this is yeah no I doubt that the any any future Mattel movie is going to be as good as this no no no no no this is

this is way too like Greta Gerwig and and Noah bombach’s voice Greta go rig especially though like her voice is is one of the main stars of this movie oh yeah totally um so yeah congratulations to everyone involved I’m Barbie uh like I think all the success and praise as well well deserved oh this is a very unique experience and for of finally getting a live action adaptation of Barbie being brought to life uh this is the last thing I think anyone really expected because it is weird it is strange it’s odd it’s Fantastical it’s

a little bit horror it’s a little bit sci-fi but it’s great I thought it was a fantastic film and meta without being obnoxious references without being obnoxious yeah yeah yeah alrighty guys well what did you think of Barbie did you love it leave your thoughts down below and hey before we go let’s end this with a patron of the day shout out I’m on Saturday Nisa Oliva John if she was a Barbie doll what would you do ah I wanna push you around well how will well how will Anisa come over to come come back

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