Barbie – No School Today! | Ep.435

…and I want you to read chapter three of your book so we can discuss it in class Owww! Always homework… I don’t want to ruin your day off tomorrow… What?! …so, as long as you’ve read the chapter by Friday Day off? What day off? Tomorrow is a student

free day at school You’re joking, right? Is this some sort of trick? He, he… No Chelsea No trick Enjoy your day off Woohoo! (Beep! Beep! Beep!…) Chelsea! How was school? Ummm… Oooh! That was a close one! Chelsea It… it was fine Anything interesting happen Ah… No Ok… But

I did… Oooh! Nearly fell off! I did have something to tell you… Which is…? Ummm… Oh! I forgot I’ll try and remember after I finish this game Good chat, Chelsea… Chelsea, up for school! Chelsea… Chelsea! Huh?! What?! It’s time to get up Oh… It’s morning already? Were you

up all night playing that new game of yours? Not all night Chelsea…? Yes… I’m sorry… Well you’re the one that’s going to be tired at school today Now hurry up, you’re going to be late Hmmmph! I wish I didn’t have to go to school today… Thanks for dropping

me off You’re welcome I’ll see you after school Bye Auntie Chelsea! Bye! See you later… I am so tired! I wont be playing games during the night ever again! Why is it

so quiet around here? Where is everyone? Did I get to school super-early today?! I’m normally the

last one here Hmmm… What to do, what to do…? Miss Myers should be here by now Hello? Anybody else here yet? Miss Myers? Very strange… Someone should be here by now Well I suppose I could shut my eyes for a bit Just a quick two minute nap… Huh!

Woah! I needed that sleep Hey! Where is everyone?! Why is nobody here? School should have started by now… What?! Oh no! Today’s Wednesday! I’m not supposed to be here! How could I forget about a day off school?! (Ringing) Come on, come on… Pick up… You’ve called Barbie Leave

a message after the beep! (Beep!) Owww! (Ringing) Come on Ken, pick up.. Hello? Oh Ken! Thank goodness! I… Chelsea, I can’t talk But I… I’m in a meeting right now Don’t hang up! I just… …need to get home… Owww! I need to get home so I can enjoy

my day off school! Huh! Skipper! (Dialling) Skipper will help me (Ringing) (Ding!) Skipper…! Looks like I’m walking home… It’s taking forever to walk home… I could be playing with my friends and… Huh! That’s it! I’ll just walk to Tamika’s house! She’s close by and we can hang out

together! Chelsea, you’re a genius! (Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!) Tamika, you home? (Knock! Knock! Knock!) Where is she? (Dialling) (Ringing) Hello? Tamika, it’s Chelsea Are you home? No I’m at a playcentre with some of the girls What?! I told you about it yesterday Oh… I’ve got to go

See you tomorrow! Ok… Well at least some people are having fun… I am not walking anymore! I should have got the bus in the first place Doesn’t matter The bus will be here any second now and I’ll be home having fun in no time! Where are all the

buses! Finally! Where have you guys been?! Sorry Miss, we’ve had some engine troubles with some of the buses Hmmm… Alright, I’ve only lost a few hours I’ll be home soon and then… Why are we stopping? Engine troubles Sorry about this, but you’re going to have to walk I

cannot believe this! What a waste of a day! Oooh! Ice cream! That’ll brighten up my day Two scoops of strawberry ice cream please! Sorry Miss, but we’re all sold out of ice cream What?! How can you be sold out of ice cream already?! The children from Riverside Elementary

were all here this morning You know they had a day off school today? Yes… I know… Could this day get any worse?! Chelsea! What are you doing here?! I… You’re supposed to be in school! I know, but… You skipped school?! No! You see… In the car now! But

Barbie… Not another word Barbie… I said not another word You’re making a mistake I… No you made a mistake when you decided to skip school That’s the thing I… If you don’t want to be in any more trouble, I’d keep quiet Hmmm… Now off to class We’ll have

a little chat after school But Barbie, I… …I don’t have school today… Well, looks like I’m walking home again… Go wash your hands Yes Mummy (Slam!) And we’ll have to go pick up Chelsea in fifteen minutes Ok (Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!) Who could that be? Chelsea? What

are you doing here? There was no school today! It was a student free day What?! Why didn’t you tell me?! I tried to! Oh… What a waste of a day!

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