Barcelona were monsters vs Elche🔥 3-0 | Elche receives 2 red | Goals, highlights & extended | 4k HD

in la liga despite losing his place is the demand too fatty not getting the selection from lewis enrique but he did explain behind there’s one of the stronghold here we go gypsy kings gonna be a red card you accept a foul and a red cup mixty pipe that was clever moves through the gifts steps on the gaster right now the madrid derby lovely little flick over the top of the ball short on the blind side dead belly sees the gap oh just in line with the ball and therefore all the build up from espn i’ve

seen the studio oh bring it down fantastic my wrist was offside but the goal from memphis depicts we’re very much on the side look at the way that he dragged it back from john and they registered a third before the break onto it i don’t think it was three that was offside too much you

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