Batman Begins (2005) Movie Reaction! FIRST TIME WATCHING! Movie Review & Commentary

hey guys today we’re going to be checking out Batman Begins from 2005. I am super excited to get started on this Trilogy so let’s get right into it here we go Batman Begins okay if you missed my Batman 1989 reaction make sure you check that out although I don’t think this is related in any way I think it’s like a hard reboot Batman Begins I’m thinking origin story are there gonna be actual bats in this oh it’s kind of eerie Rachel let me see Finders Keepers and I found it find your scraper this is our

Batman as a child no no no no whoa that house come Batman by like getting encircled by a bunch of bats whoa you seem like an Asian person I only know Christian Bale from the Newsies musical when he was a child and he sang and danced and he was awesome foreign the bets told him how Ever Getting toothless fight I do hope it’s in the mud for protection protection for them all right so he’s a badass I have to end up here in jail desperate to fight you lock himself in who is this this way

they speak foreign that sounds cool devote yourself to an ideal then you become something else building music which is a bat Legend ah he’s into it there

is a rare blue flower if you can carry it to the top of the mountain you may find what you were looking for cool he has to go pick up blue flower and climb the mountain I love that okay do it do it do it pick the flower climb the mountain become the bat music system it’s not obtrusive but it feels like we’re building to a theme look at

these mountains how did you climb those foreign the elements are no joke that stuff will kill you whoa I’m Mountain mansion all right I don’t know what he’s gonna find in here it would appear so oh let’s see yeah one of the things to find Injustice against those who pray on the fearful manipulate the fears you must first master your own I’m ready to be true I can barely stand oh my God screws this is not a dance isn’t it that you are afraid what is he afraid of bats what do you yeah and why

do we follow her so we can learn to pick ourselves up you know what happens all the new cheap transportation and at the center Wayne Tower ah so what is a philanthropist but we know that they die well that’s what happened in the last one I’m hoping it’s not what happens now but I assume it is yeah it is I don’t want a bit he really got traumatized in that well go oh they’re good parents I just needed some fresh air oh it’s covering for him and now they’re gonna die crap crap crap crap here

you go I said your word hey um don’t be afraid that poor kid and the other Batman wasn’t it insinuated that it was the Joker that killed him that killed the parents that’s okay no wonder he becomes a vigilante Alfred at least he has Alfred it was my fault if I hadn’t gotten scared it was him alone boys mind your surroundings Ninjutsu employs explosive powder theatricality the deception are powerful yeah yeah that’s cool oh I would like that your parents death was not your fault I don’t know if he definitely still thinks it’s his fault

it was your father’s ah I’m trying to provoke him how is it his father’s fault your father failed to work the man had a gun I don’t know never sacrifice sure footage gonna fall through oh it’s a good fighter I think that gives you great power but if you love it destroy you yes I think so why could you not avenge your parents your house no Alfred it’s a good man once made me responsible for what was most precious yeah and he’s been there for you don’t sass him I haven’t given up on me never

I love our prude everybody needs an Alfred in their life oh it’s Katie Holmes well she’s adorable I don’t suppose there’s any way to convince you not to come we all loved you is it the guy that killed them shared a cell with Carmine Falcone he will testify in exchange I cannot let that pass I hope they don’t let him out we strongly endorse his petitions is he sorry what does he have to say yeah the day goes by then I wish I could take back it wasn’t much of an apology he just wants to

kill him Revenge consumes you you know if you let it but he doesn’t do it does he helped somebody else did that I think he might have done it though I think he would have done it Falconi paid him off to get chill out in the open okay revenge is about you making yourself feel better oh your system is broken yes the system is broken this is true things are worse than ever down here no falconia may not have killed your parents he’s destroying everything that they stood for you’re good people don’t want it to

kill him I think he was going to your father would be ashamed that might be true but that’s harsh to say that’s that’s that’s too harsh his father wouldn’t be ashamed he’d be disappointed and if his father was still here he wouldn’t do that just the Falcon okay I’ll show you that not everyone I got him to freedom I wouldn’t have a seconds hesitation of blowing your head off and we would get away with it do you think you got nothing to lose you hadn’t thought about your lady friend you’re old Butler bang oh no

no no no no oh I don’t like this guy you’ve never tasted Spirit you never understand you always fear but you don’t understand we’re gonna have to kill this guy later in the joint chill told me Father beg for mercy oh like a dog when they just boarded a boat wherever he ended up lost many assumptions about right or wrong but I never became one of them what was your friend you would tell that to the guy who owned these okay what is this flower is it magical it must journey in much oh is it

like a hallucinogen about to go on a journey I can’t give here you must become here oh he’s he’s oh I wouldn’t want to fight if I was tripping no no no no no you have to become a terrible thought to become an idea he’s everywhere become one with the darkness if that is filled with bats it’s just that’s Focus like tiny little flying rats oh none of them are even flinching ah outsmarted no you are ready we have touched if you’re ready to become a member of the League of Shadows cool cool cool cool

cool cool cool cool cool I’ve never heard of League of Shadows I’m gonna kill this guy not sure why it’s so important it separates us from them you cannot lead this man no keep your compassion where would I be leading these men about to strike up the heart of a criminality must be allowed to die no one got them to die he’s not going to do that oh is he gonna do it don’t do it oh crap is he gonna end up fighting against this guy to save Gotham oh this whole Mountain thing’s gonna flow

I didn’t really expect to be Batman little sword like it’s not Batman yet dead yeah I like this guy I don’t want him to die I don’t really want any of these guys to die it’s gonna blow it’s gonna blow it’s gonna blow jump out the window oh dang oh dang oh he’s just out cold oh good thing he had those spiky arm things Well everybody’s dead now oh whoa he’s strong I’m impressed by that strength I will tell you you said he’s alive tell him so that maybe later he won’t kill him because that’s

not the last we’ve seen him very fashionable as do you and he doesn’t belong your father believed that his example could Inspire the wealthy people need dramatic examples and I can’t do that as Bruce Wayne but it’s a symbol like I’m being corruptible something terrible is a Persona to protect those who care about Rachel I’ll speak to myself have you told anyone I’m coming bringing you back for him today everyone thinks he’s dead it was Mr Earl he wanted to liquidate your majority good thing I left everything to you though right you can borrow the

rose if you like just group oh my God I love Alfred so much thank God for Alfred this movie would be very dark without Alfred probably in my opinion prison is probably not the best it’s the third of Carmine balconies Thugs and moved into your Asylum I must have an attraction to the insane what are you doing Rachel what are you doing Carl Yeah Carl Jesus balcony is half the city I was just thinking is she gonna get herself into trouble here is Falconi going to come after her right right right for a second I

thought those were a bunch of pizza boxes is it a bet it’s perfect when does he build his lair I assume he had solar like where he keeps his Batmobile is there a Batmobile on this ah I have so many questions sorry I’m just excited he’s facing his fear he’s going right into the hole spelunking wow he’s facing his fear look how calm I’m one with the bats you are the bad you know who I’m working for eign I thought this was the bad guy okay okay there’s a girl at the DA’s Hazel well there’s

an answer to that too don’t you dare Bruce won’t let that happen good morning Mr Earl’s office name uh Bruce Wayne D Bruce Wayne she does playing golf supposed to be dead sorry to disappoint and looking sharp I am looking for a job applied sciences welcome home consumer products not in production is this his Gadget guy oh my God show me some gadgets oh gas powered magnetic grapple gun yeah Kevlar by weave what’s your interest you need just for uh spelunking is actually kind of spelunking cool oh this’ll do just fine for a lair that

is one of the coolest parts of Batman I’m in the bed must be black like that night here we go here we go here we go here we go don’t turn around you’re a good cop yeah we need you guys to team up Carmine Falcon what will it take leverage on Judge faden and a D.A we’re having a Rachel dog that’s dangerous you’re just one man now we’re two and he’s gone but does he have wings can you fly not graceful not yet how’d it go lightweight Fabrics this is his guy I love it yeah

yeah show me a gadget put a current through it oh you’re definitely not an idiot you’re the coolest guy ever oh you wouldn’t be interested in that oh it’s good but it needs to be black oh I like it I like the wheels does it come in Black you got a beef with somebody in the DA’s office your point does she have protection like she have a gun she knows she’s being hunted oh he’s just souping up these gadgets Paint It Black is it gonna tell Alfred I can’t remember Alfred knows this time my enemies

shared my dreads oh I like it the bathroom oh oh it’s nice yeah that was badass get him he’s gonna kill us yeah get your weapon out you’re a lawyer can’t you afford a car now you know someone who rattled I have chills did she ever figure out it’s him I’m Coney’s men whenever turned to it anyway I wouldn’t be too sure oh we just tied him yeah love it love it Coast Guard picked up one of our cargo ships All crew missing that ship was carrying a prototype it looks like somebody turned it once

two uh vaporize the enemy’s water supply the weapon itself is um missing who is the villain who is the villain oh here we go all right this is just for show girls on top of girls the pool is for decoration give him a stack of cash I’m buying this hotel all right so it’s acting like a nut Bruce oh she can get to him though the real him inside I am more it’s what you do that defines you um touche Rachel does he love her always has I suspect I want to know how are you

gonna convince me to keep my mouth shut whenever he’s planning I want it would you like to see my mask I’m probably not very frightening well he’s not faking see if I can get him here we see the bad guy cause that was pretty freaking creepy He’s the bad guy I think he’s the bad guy Beth’s gonna pay him a little visit ruined his Falafel where were the other drugs will he talk there was something else in the drugs I never went to the drop-off point and he’s gone it’s you isn’t it the other kids

won’t believe me give him a gadget oh it’s the bad guy push the whole place all right is he gonna do something oh but Batman doesn’t know what this guy can do his voice is so scary holy crap dude oh he’s missed do you like blow powder on his face or something and like made him all nutty yeah get out of there free group huh well it’s your birthday and I felt these effects before I loose energy weaponized I analyzed your blood isolating the receptor so we can reverse engineer it I’m gonna understand I just

wanted you to know how hard it was I synthesized an antidote I’ll bring what I have Lucius Lucius and Alfred buddies I was just dropping off your present I’m worried about happy birthday can these two crazy kids Work It Out Finders Keepers oh the little Arrowhead thing oh I love those sentimental gifts is that how you get into the lair that’s freaking awesome oh my God yes a piano entrance someone’s not gonna mess with him are they what are you 47b the vaporizing enemy’s water supply I want all the information did you lose one and

I’m fine I’m fine why didn’t you get the memo Who the hell’s this guy first of all of that happened scarecrow huh that’s the perfect name for him actually he is scary what’s scarecrow often Focus their paranoia on Tormentor in this case a scarecrow I want my own psychiatric consultants you wish I’m worried about her this way please oh don’t follow him into the basement uh-oh if he’s showing her this she’s not safe perhaps you should have something yeah girl run run I hate that scarecrow thing can’t stop us what about her she hasn’t gone

off but he’s got the antidote he’s got the underdog he’s got the antidote fear of the bed let’s go get him give her the antidote she’s got that bag on his face doctor yeah what happens to him what have you been doing that’s how great isn’t here right now holy crap to make an appointment that’s terrifying trippy Batman is no joke what are you waiting for backup I know it’s the bed it’s fine what’s happened to her give her the antidote did he give it to her he must have Crane’s been smuggling his dogs how

do you do that cool awesome well I don’t remember the cartoon Bat doing that maybe he did she’s fading I’ll get my car and he’s gone even better even better even better foreign this is all very trippy but it’s gonna be fine stay cool you’re tripping balls we’re on it is he gonna trust me what are we doing what is this oh pretty good bet oh those faster faster faster stealth mode cool cool cool cool cool good entrance to the lair good entrance and don’t antidote it’s not too late right what is it they put

it all in Captain’s entire Water Supplies this must be a compound that has to be absorbed okay she’s alive Gordon has cream Gordon your friend I don’t have the luxury of friends they’re friends get these to Gordon the hell of a day oh yeah it’s his birthday party it’s Rachel she was dying I need you to take her home we need to send these people away you have a name too much I care it’s your father’s name it’s all that’s left of you oh poor Alfred somebody’s planning to disperse the toxin once the black wanna

help with this person inhale unless you have a microwave and metal vaporize all the water like when it was stolen I like the one-way Enterprise is just misplaced they’re all just fine we’re fast I’m gonna start making more of that antidote there’s somebody here Mr Raz al Ghul no you watched him die this is methods Supernatural is he actually the real Raza school I saved your life yeah I warned you about compassion he did warn him about compassion I fell for it too well thank you all for coming here tonight never short of a few

freeloaders enough for us well all you phonies you sycophantic suck UPS the party’s over get out I’m using yeah I was amused by that you weren’t gonna release Crane’s poison watch Gotham tear itself apart but I like that guy dang it letting them all go the League of Shadows has been a check against corruption to restore the balance Gotham isn’t Beyond shaming time to play no it’s scary son of a bee stoppable this time you were so Gotham before we underestimated certain such as your parents did you don’t have anything to do one of the

very people that were trying to help this time no Miss good idealists will get in the way oh he’s gonna have to kill him turning down Wayne Manor so left me for death that poor house I mean it’s just a house but it’s beautiful how many from Maximum Security every one of them we raise the bridges we don’t want to keep getting off the island where’s Alfred oh okay hello hi he’s so old to be doing this what is your point of all those push yeah yeah into the layer interpolar that beautiful house whoa Alfred

is not a good driver on the lift why do we vote so to pick ourselves up giving up on me never never nothing better happened to Alfred ever mutual friend sent me this I better get me off the island before they raise the bridges time to spread the word panic is everybody going to start going nuts okay good good good good damn that’s a cool way to get into the lair there’s nobody left to send him except the bat if they hit the whole city with toxic how are they gonna do that they’ll be using

the train all this water mates the central hook cause a chain reaction little vaporize the entire City’s water supply it’s eager to drive the bat thing Batmobile doesn’t she have a house password will save us okay good oh I do want to see him drive this oh yeah yeah at least tell me your name oh tell her tell her tell her it’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me Bruce yeah I got the chills excuse me I have a city to destroy okay punch punch punch oh that’s so creepy I’m

just being swallowed by the mob go back go his face Showdown that’s right that guy’s not afraid of him take that take it down you’re just an ordinary man you can’t stop this training yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I won’t kill you he won’t I do think that’s a mistake the bat Knows Best peace collects it well he’s definitely probably dead definitely definitely yeah yeah all right he’s dead oh that was close that was very close I seem to remember fire here I got another job yours yo what makes you think you

can decide well the fact that I’m the owner company went public and I bought most of the shares didn’t you get the memo want one yay a moment sorry I didn’t tell you I never stopped thinking about you oh because yeah okay this is your mask he never came back at all oh that’s probably true Gotham no longer needs Batman I’ll see him again that’s pretty harsh girl but yeah father would be very proud of you good you needed to hear that I thought this might be a good opportunity for improving the foundations I’m gonna

go ahead and assume that it was a lair that we’re talking about that’s another nice we can bring all them back take this guy Joker buddies what I like that one okay guys well that was Batman Begins and that was awesome I really really liked it I have heard that some people don’t like like this dark style of Batman but I do I do I do I do I do I really liked Christian Bale I love the music I like the chemistry with Alfred and Batman and with Batman and Gordon that was great really good

villain super scary I actually didn’t really see that coming like it got really weird and trippy and really kind of freaked me out um it got like darker than I thought it was gonna get I just really really liked it really excited to keep going with these Batman movies MVP I’m just gonna give it to Batman he was awesome he was badass I really felt for him he was like vulnerable but also like hard and tough I thought Christian Bale did a really good job and I know that people have like memed that I’m Batman

to death but I I thought he sold it I liked it I liked it I liked the voice I liked everything Christian Bale Batman you are the MVP Loki MB P I’m gonna give to Alfred now this is a tough call because I wanted to give it to the music I wanted to give it to the Batmobile I wanted to give it to Gordon I wanted to give it to the layer behind the waterfall but above all I really think even if Batman has love interests I really think that the love and family that Alfred

and Batman have Alfred and Bruce Wayne I just really think that’s like the core relationship there and it’s really special Alfred is definitely the low-key MVP and the worst award I am gonna give to the bad guy I was gonna give it to the Scarecrow obviously he’s like his mask was gross and scary and trippy and all that but Raz as ghoul or whatever your name is you freaking trickster you are the worst overall this one was awesome I really really really liked it I am into it and I can’t wait to watch the next

one and then the third one so really looking forward to that and thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it I had a great time I hope you had a great time too and I will see you next time bye guys

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