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hi larry keene here
with a review of
beast funnels this
is a never-before-seen profit funnel
that creates free traffic instantly
and generates you a 100 percent
hands-free business then that sounds
okay so this is another uh
brandon mace uh
project that’s come out to you for
um today
launch yes i’m stuck in my throat there
for a minute
the launch is only going to be going on
sunday so you need to
make a decision uh right away
before the price goes up you need to
purchase with one of these yellow bars
it says click here to secure your copy
and your bonuses
to get the bonuses that i’m offering
you need to just hit one of these yellow
and the beast funnels
is a concept of providing you
with some done for you
material that will help you generate
a series of
clients and
making some earnings what i have for you
if you will use one of these yellow bars
is a series of bonuses that will be very
for you in your business the
first bonus is it’s time to change
affiliate tactics
stop using the old affiliate methods
were going back in the hot years
in the teen years we’re now in the 2020s
so we put together
some information that will help you come
up with some new tricks and tactics
to earn in your new business
bonus number two no matter what anybody
the concept of list building
is one of your biggest assets
develops over time provides an income
over time
and you got to get started if you
haven’t already
i have the bonus number two to help you
with a plan a fast action list building
bonus number three when customers always
win simple concept a lot of people
miss they think about i gotta get money
gotta make money gotta make money
no you gotta keep customers happy so you
can make money
so we wanna help you understand
how to make the customer feel like
they’re always winning okay and bonus
number four
effective content marketing everything
that you’re doing
with this and many other things is
marketing and we want you to learn
proper techniques and modern methods
to get that job done and bonus number
blog posting power profits make more
practically overnight with powerful
blog posting tips we want to give you
every piece of artillery that we can
to help you get the job done so
right below this video
you click the bonus great it’ll bring
here to my bonus page
you can read all about the beast funnels
give you a good look of what it does
and how it was developed and what it can
do for you
and then you hit one of these yellow
bars any of them along the way
and you will get these bonuses and
they’ll be delivered to you
as soon as you get to the end of the
thank you page where your materials are
you click that button and you’ll get an
email back that looks like this
and that is the access to your
bonuses just that simple
okay so now the reason we’re here
is for a review of
the beast funnels
so without further explanation
here is the
review demo of the beast funnels we’ve
already had the bonus
so here’s the beast funnel now
this opens right up and gets right to it
there’s no
beating around the bush these are your
um you can
go in you have uh here’s
like the view of
the squeeze page
and let’s go back and here’s the thank
you page
now what you can do with this we’ll just
close all those up
you’ll have these they’ll be blank you
and so you got to do some work and the
initial set
you can pick whichever one of these you
you go through you customize give it a
give it all the information
that it’s asking for if you don’t have
an autoresponder
you can tell it to keep
your leads until you do or
you can sign up with aweber get response
you just have to put your codes in you
can use your own picture
or you can use one of these three people
so you don’t even have to be you okay
then you can save that and
go back and we do the same thing
well i think we did with the thank you
page that was the landing page
landing page squeeze page everybody’s
got a different concept
same thing and then the thank you page
uh there’s that the picture again
okay so that’s what it looks like it’s
just that simple
uh and the power of this
is that the framework is set up for you
you basically fill in the blank copy the
and start using it
okay now that’s basically how it works
now what i want to do now
is i’m going to go over here and i’m
going to let
brandon tell you this is a four-minute
deal it’s not that long
let’s hear him now he’s going to put in
more sales pitch i just did the down and
dirty that’s what it is
now let’s let him tell us all about it
welcome to the demo video for beast
now we’re super pumped about this
product and i have to ask you right now
have you
ever in your life seeing a funnel
that generated you traffic with email
generated with
manychat generated traffic with push
and even had a built-in
referral system which means that this
funnel not only generates you free
traffic from three different traffic
but it also multiplies all the traffic
that you generate building more and more
and making more and more money come out
of your
funnels now we have never seen another
ever in the marketplace do all four of
these things
but here’s where it gets even better
guys not only are we generating you
and then multiplying that traffic we are
also setting you up with done few pages
that are proven to convert so that you
don’t have to create
anything from scratch now let me ask you
those other funnel solutions on the
marketplace that are 97
per month do they give you high
converting done few pages
that you don’t even need to change they
work out of the gate
do they give you integration with
traffic sources out of the box ready to
right when you log into your members
area and do those other expensive funnel
have a referral based system that not
only generates traffic
but then multiplies your traffic the
answer that question guys
we have not seen it none of those other
funnel solutions
do what beast funnel does and here’s
the best part not only do we have the
best functionality
and not only are we the best funnel
solution out there
we also have no monthly fees that means
that if you pick this up during the
launch right now
you can pick it up for a one-time
and never have to pay another expense
again for example click funnels click
funnels costs 97
per month if you multiply that out in a
you would spend 1200 and that’s the
basic plan that’s not even when you
to their more expensive and platinum
in this case you are getting in for
around 20
one time no monthly fees ever again
and in many ways our funnel solution
is actually better we have functionality
that those other guys do not have
and we’re doing it for you for a
one-time investment
now bear in mind guys this is the launch
special so if you wait until later
first of all we are increasing the price
every 30 minutes on this page
so if you want to get the best price for
this make sure you pick it up before
that timer goes up
and causes the price to increase on this
but also in addition to that once the
ends this is going to be going to a
monthly subscription fee just like
all those other funnel softwares so if
you want the one-time payment
you want the cheapest price possible and
you want a funnel solution
that finally generates you the traffic
multiplies your traffic and sets you up
with the done few pages
that’s why we’re super pumped about
beast funnels i don’t know if you know
who i am but my name is brenda mace and
i make millions of dollars on the
so when we created this funnel we
created it for ourselves
so this is not just a scratched together
funnel that someone just threw out there
to make some sales
this is a funnel solution built by a
multi-millionaire marketer
for other people to be able to use the
same funnels that we use
so it’s actually built by marketers for
and once you have this powerful software
in your disposal
we have no doubt in our minds that you
can make the most out of this app now if
you have any questions guys we do have
customer chat
on this page and you don’t even have to
be a customer first
on the bottom right of your page you’re
going to see a chat box down there
you’re welcome to ask any questions that
you want will reply to you within the
next 24 hours
the only thing that i would keep in mind
here is that the price is increasing
so definitely if you want to secure the
best price we have a full money back
anyways make sure you get in here before
that price does
go up and hopefully once you get inside
here you’re going to be as excited as we
to have all of this powerful technology
working for you and that’s why we
created this thank you so much for
watching this demo video guys
we really hope to see you inside that
members area for beast funnel
let us know if you have any questions
and we will talk to you soon
bye for now so
that’s brandon’s take on the beast
and there’s one thing that there is a
five dollar discount
if you get to that sales page when you
hit that yellow bar
if you get there in time you’ll get this
pop-up if you faint to leave
to get a five dollar discount on the
front end
and that’s getting at an amazing price
okay you
see it’s uh 17 at this point
and this is the sales page is a lengthy
story there
let’s go over and get back to my bonus
page you click that link right below
this video
you come over here and
what i got for you is a recap of the
beast funnel
and what everybody wants to know about
is the funnel
uh like you said it starts out at the
and there is that five dollar break that
you can get if you get there in time
and that includes step-by-step training
in the case study
and there’s uh five upsells the
max commissions that’s more done for you
recurring campaigns
uh and that’s 67
the offer number two
is a done-for-you superfunnel
and that includes manychat
sequences email sequences you get
everything squeeze pages
all done fixed ready to go for 197
and then number three is unlimited
you get to put your pixel on brandon’s
and get traffic that’s uh
and bonus number four is a complete
uh 1k a day
uh system for 197.
and then there’s the resale rights and
one-time offer number five for 97.
so there you have the review
of the beast funnels
and if you have any questions
right below this video you can go to the
comments section
put them in there and i’ll chase it down
and get you whatever information you
might be looking for
just remember i have these five bonuses
to help you out
just by clicking this yellow bar to make
your purchase
okay that’s it for the beast funnels
we’ll see you next time

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