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hey guys thank you so much for joining me again today today we are going to be checking out Beetlejuice from 1988 and I have my sister Tara here with me again we had a Halloween poll on both of our patreons to choose a Halloween sister Halloween movie and this one Beetlejuice one on my channel and then a quiet place one over on Tara’s Channel yeah so we watched a quiet place over on my channel if you guys want to check out that video it is on Tara Tunes in and that one was really good we

really liked it we were like clutching each other jump scares very very good so go check that one out I’m also very excited to be watching Beetlejuice which I know has Michael Keaton in it and I just recently watched Batman which I loved so I’m excited to see I think it’ll be good for Tara and I to have a comedy after watching a quiet place so yeah you want to get to it yeah let’s do it all right so let’s get to it here we go Beetlejuice is this um yep oh it’s all slowed down

oh creepy version is this Tim Burton I actually maybe yes okay well that should be uh so weird that should be weird yeah weird all juice I

like this music this is gonna be fun and Michael Keaton has Beetlejuice he does Batman he does Beetlejuice nothing you can’t do this almost looks like a miniature they don’t look like the trees I love it I don’t know oh you guys I told you I hate spiders that’s a big cross holding in his hand yeah he’s so young oh yeah and thin thin very thin happy vacation just

like a ray of sunshine here to do the whole hero oh present they’re not gonna do the entire guest room I’m gonna get started right away yeah oh they’re cute oh my God so far this does not feel like a Halloween movie there’s two people having the best day I heard you’re on vacation that’s right Jane complete vacation honey 6 45 in the morning 6 45 and they’re both this Pepe this house is too big for you to be for a cup with a family this drink had a lot of coffee oh my God Jane

stop on the house I wonder what’s in that like Bell Tower Jane says we should sell to someone with a family we could try again on this vacation oh they’re so in love I know I love them Best Day Ever they’re so happy it’s just like loving life I don’t get out of the stream I mean stop to say hi to Ernie can you go say hi to Ernie I was a model company oh it’s great see you later poor Bell yeah what a good boy oh boy oh yikes at least they didn’t hit the

dog buddy oh no oh no oh no oh my God are they okay Fade Out oh no but the end you whoa Bridget we Trace our steps whoa boy four hours that’s how long you were gone two hours what look uh and there’s the recently deceased oh hey oh heck they’re dead handbook for the Recently diseased ceased I think we survived the crash I can’t believe they died I died in like the first he died and became ghosts functional perimeters vary from manifestations what the heck does that mean I don’t know what’s happening Reddit couple

look nice and stupid okay is he a swindler I guess a ghost swindler I wish I had a better view of the cemetery I really want to build a model now me too it looks really cool I can’t clean anything properly we can’t leave the house that’s not a bad way to spend eternity though yeah exactly dust on everything that’s a good point it’s James hey Jane up here hey Jay go after yourself she’s scoping out the place I can’t see you right the living usually won’t see you today I can’t understand anything and we’re

dead I don’t think we have very much to worry about anymore yeah they should just enjoy it although they can’t leave the house that is kind of like we all know what that’s like yeah true well she’s selling the house oh oh she just covering yeah what’s happening oh sorry man moving in I think so she looks awesome she does look awesome Charles Charles low torch no problem he hates it oh no one does a young gothy daughter like Winona Ryder yeah I hope so live here that’s my sculpture it’s like a watermelon with a

sticking I’m already perfectly at ease it’s perfect yeah who comes in a window but I’m going to have to do to this place is it decorator oh no why the hell wouldn’t you come in the front door that was so odd I’m here to relax and clip coupons I think oh she licked him why not completely helpless is a word for people in our situation ghosts yeah ghosties imagine realizing you’re a ghost a ghost story I was wondering how Halloweeny this would be but a ghost story perfect why Maury move I pray the other cough

is a big I’m gonna take a turn into our outhouse this is really funny I love it they’re being so gross let me get away with it this is not working out does she cut off his head though if you don’t let me make it my own I will go and stay there yeah I want to just leave this room I love her so much she’s absolutely nuts I love her I want to see more movies with her I just want to be friends with her yes I’m gonna get her this place might just be

livable what’s on the third floor I forgot to lock the attic door oh his body can move on its own whoa he felt like a shudder oh that would freak me out are you afraid of ghosts oh I’m so afraid of girl you are yes big time oh I’m not gonna tell you a ghost story about this house then I’ll tell you later oh my God it’s really trying hard to relax I know it’s like making a point of it okay we’re next I’m not putting up with this oh you don’t know what’s out there

here oh you can’t go outside oh no they’re lost the door’s behind you pizza sound worm oh punch him um yeah now they’re gonna live there amongst them just live in the Attic yeah plan to have a stroke from the amount of MSG don’t bait your mother yeah is that fashionable my whole life is a dark room that’s amazing okay most people in New York like don’t know what they’re missing trying too hard we could become the summer Art Center of New York you know I’m only truly happy when I’m sculpting that’s a very good

idea first the house that’ll keep you busy and out of my hair everything goes along with whatever’s in the Attic no not the miniature is there an index or something it’s the spatal guys oh yeah Beetle guys there’s no number or instructions why you exorcists like to get rid of the biological exercise the people exercise the people is that what it is why don’t you guys uh take a break let’s get a robe on now I’m relaxing you can tell them I wrote what the hell are you doing oh boy I think I want to

die like that oh oh she’s dark she might be able to see them oh she can’t nobody can say it did what happened to the people used to live here they Brown I was devastated here that key will open oh God are they wearing the exact same outfit I think maybe they are I hate that right oh God having trouble because on the outside I’ll possess myself if I gotta I know it’s spelled different positions oh he’s wacky he’s nuts I like him oh everything’s so backwards in this movie too I would be moving yeah

yeah in case of emergency draw a door draw a door maybe we should try that Beetle guy that would be cool if you could draw a door anywhere and it would open that would be something so cool knock three times oh let me there’s magical music building where to go to look at his sweater he’s really leaning into the whole country living thing ready I like that I went in like a waiting room was that the top and bottom half what up hey what’s in his neck oh he choked in a bowl oh well they

look pretty good all things considered yeah you’ll have to wait if you don’t have an appointment with who do you know your caseworker why is she so upset with them they literally have been given zero information they were supposed to read the whole handbook oh God and a girl oh magical oh she can see it that’s cool you want a cigarette oh no trying to cut down myself what is that he burned alive how do I look back I’ve been feeling a little flat I love when he worked there and they haven’t strung up like

that oh look at this one what is this it’s the lost souls room oh you don’t want to go in the exercise that’s death for the Dead all in the handbook they really should have read that handbook yeah I really wish they had read through the handbook a little bit more we’re home that’s how long to use their house three months are you Juno our caseworker yes are you available no we’re very unhappy you did Barbara and I worked very hard on this house these people oh the sculptures that looks terrible though looks so different

have you been studying the manual chapter on haunting says it all get them out yourselves how do I get it throw your faces right off it doesn’t do any good they can’t see you I love that she heard about that yeah what about that guy Beetle don’t even say his name he does not work well with others oh went out on his own freelance got into more trouble the only way he can be brought is by calling his name three times how do we contact you oh you don’t cool that was cool are we a

flat you hungry is he as small as a fly ew he ate it I mean why would I want to invest into an old building these people don’t know the value I can buy The Whole Town’s really blue eyes take it easy up there you can hear them are they haunting I think it’s a good sound I I would be scared of that if I heard it does Connecticut so boring your mother’s gonna kill you when she sees you cut holes in her 300 sheets this is so corny think of them as death shrouds oh

come on how can you stand that woman I feel so stupid do you want to spend the next 125 years with this woman worries I they’re trying to be scary she thinks it’s her parents having sex with those benches no feet she seems fine with it yeah I mean the guy’s hiding out in the Attic go I’m not scared of sheets are you Night of the Living Dead under there age I would have been scared you’re not gross how was the UCS and nobody else can I read through that handbook live people ignore the strange

and unusual I myself am you read our book yeah why were you guys creeping around trying to scare your mother stepmother she’s sleeping with Prince Valley and she parked all these little houses and things why do you want to scare everybody so you would move out you guys really are dead this is amazing she really is strange and unusual yeah I like her me too those are pictures of ghosts I was chopping so fast bye family just for tonight down with Delia Delia sucks and we’ve got to get some help this guy beetlemeier or something

why does Beetlejuice gonna be in this this movie’s like half over he just ate a fly that was it yeah in the model it’s Beetlejuice Beetlejuice I think we’re in the model interesting fatalities yeah every time it’s cool to see their miniature at this scale yeah oh boy no no no no you two kids pick me makes me want to kiss you guys we just want to get some people out of our house what are your qualifications well I didn’t literally are not to mention the fact that you’re talking to a dead guy you think

I’m qualified intense he’s a lot can you be scary oh no oh yeah I wonder why we died if he looks that gross fix something hey posture is so strange yeah very loud yeah no nice model I don’t like him you don’t like it I don’t like I don’t like him I’m not exposing that I like these guys yeah they’re so nice they scare them off ourselves I feel like whatever they’re gonna try to do is just gonna be ridiculous oh I was one of New York City’s leading paranormal researchers I saw some ghosts tell

us about that in designer sheets no less dangerous about your Ghosts no until you’re lighting up good Delia oh it’s cute the kid is just loving this what a fun party she’s terrified I would be terrified too it’s a scary thing but like also hilarious I’m gonna remember this scene when I’m watching The Exorcist and I’m actually scared I’m gonna imagine it this way I just want to do this at my next dinner that is scary oh my God you don’t want your dinner to come alive so much fun let’s watch them scatter are they

not afraid they’re so cute it’s me Lydia I want you to come downstairs it’s like being an amusement park people will pay big money for this fifty thousand dollars for proof of life after death that’s it Sarah loves the supernatural if you can produce ghosts for her lost money on her work for years it really sucks they don’t want to come down all right this was not hallucination this was real if you insist on frightening people do it with your sculpture could take us up there right now open this door we’ll drag you out by

the rope to hang yourself with such a cool model I know I love it I want to make one I haven’t got a good hat right Maybe oh that’s actually really funny yeah I like the dad a lot is that the thing the proof no ghost here we’re leaving now you can go about your business you guys are really a couple of Spooks let’s turn on the juice and see what shapes loose it’ll be something gross why aren’t you just leave them alone I didn’t do anything to a snake yeah oh no he’s a snake

that’s way worse the thing about that animation is really creepy yeah goodness we come for your daughter yeah this is a scary hunt yep yep don’t do anything gross to her maybe they’ll leave well it could have hurt somebody I didn’t get out of a deal with this guy I don’t know the only one I think I can deal with daughter you leave her alone could find a little action is there a woman in the model oh he must have put that there cup panties get in here both of you you allowed yourself to be

photographed you let Beatles how does she know everything that there is existence beyond death I love how much this is like the DMV like it’s just like yeah they have all these rules and regulations coach where’s the men’s room I’m not your coach he survived get downstairs I’ll be right back she’s miserable I love her what do you think in the end do they leave the house they must it’s a good question Get to Go to Heaven I guess or maybe they become friends with these people Maxine’s coming up here tonight sell these ghosts I

know just as much about the supernatural design not much yeah I am alone utterly oh my goodness I feel sad but it’s also a very teenage girl to be like writing exactly that yeah I thought she was just angsty jumped vomited River Bridge what are you going to do I want to know more about this world yeah oh no don’t be gross oh yeah oh no not good I liked it it was funny I liked it oh no oh I kind of like that one they’re the perfect couple yeah I love it you look great

don’t forget the photographs and the damned handbook this movie is so much fun yeah it’s super fun Mrs Maitland are you gone split afterlife kids are you a ghost babe you look like somebody I currently do camping is a mess with her I think he might don’t please oh I don’t want to get in I can’t do anything from over here you gotta say my name don’t do my name I can’t tell you you tell your friends your friends you’re calling me on the horse I’m gonna say that to you next time call me on

the horn yeah I don’t get the place charades two words you are good at games you good at trance beetle uh orange Beetle uh beetle beetle juice it was you wasn’t it the snake just say it I want to talk to Barbara I like that little girl we have to go through with this or something Barbara Barbara listen I want to be with Lydia I love that they’re having a heart to heart like that with these faces I let him out he would take me to the other side to find you but now that it’s

been said twice there’s only one more person I have to say it or did she upset right there in the same day all together I would think like how long she can just never say it now again never just in case I want to be dead too no it really doesn’t make things any easier this is something we know a lot about I have a feeling that things are going to be a little better around here is he stuck like that we’re going to invite you and your family to stay Lydia you finally decided to

join us and to invite our friends to meet your friends we’re here to see some ghosts they’re not here but we have these pictures oh they’re still here probably guilty about what they did to me does he really know her is he just saying that I wonder I think he’s just confident I think I can have oh yeah I’ll be needing something personal of theirs excuse me she had like a wild idea and then just let I like that they lingered on that scene though and it was just awkward afternoon the wedding Club um let

now the Dead Come Alive would you be just like seances are not my thing oh no this is night oh my God I could never even if it was Gina Davis lovely though but I’m still she wasn’t there before oh no no uh here it comes Beetlejuice really isn’t in the movie that much no you’re right oh poor Barbara and they were so wait long oh oh she’s crunchy they’re dying can you stop this it’s too late Charles he has no idea what he’s doing yeah he should have read ahead maybe we could have entirely

been avoided if everyone would just read the handbook help them please in order for me to do that I gotta get married is so gross okay just help them sure Beetlejuice Beetlejuice you’re right just start up Beetlejuice you’re really excited now you’ve done it attention I hope it does make that noise oh is he gonna bop them he’s gonna bop them yeah oh my God oh that’s so fast brown boy oh so now he’s hideous you’re welcome in our house are taken care of he’s not gonna help them at all oh no oh no oh

no but we’re gonna need Witnesses would you I don’t think anybody has a choice sculptures are coming on just when you thought our sculptures couldn’t get any scarier oh yeah I don’t know why I made this kind of a big decision yeah she could just say it three more times right I’m Lydia Dietz the man next to me is the one I want I love that man of mine oh Beetlejuice no just say real fast Beetlejuice oh one more one more somebody do something oh oh no so many symbols is that a finger it’s okay

he just had a finger in his pocket oh yeah yeah get him badass that was amazing oh yeah because they’re real now oh yeah she has friends she’s doing that science that’s all I gotta see the math test I got an A so can I I suppose sounds like what do you got the name he likes it all right shake it all the time it’s a lot of dancing in this movie more than I expect him oh god oh boy he’s gonna be there a long time there goes Elvis yo okay looks like I’m next

I gotta do a photo shoot for GQ he loves interesting the jokes to put him on the cover sometime oh yeah this might be a good look for me well that was pretty fun I loved it okay guys well that was Beetlejuice and we both loved it it was hilarious I thought it was so fun great cast obviously Michael Keaton was disgusting so gross and the total opposite of Batman basically oh yeah in this movie you couldn’t get a more different character so that was versatile right he must be very good because he can do

both he was totally gross in this his screen time in it is quite small I would have thought he would be the main character since it’s called Beetlejuice but no which was cool it was just enough I feel like if you had been in it a ton it might have been too much he was a lot he’s a lot he’s a big character very loud over the top so I think just the right amount like peppering him in was perfect yeah I really loved the main couple oh my God they’re so cute who’s your MVP

you had to choose I had to choose an MVP of Beetlejuice that’s tough I have a toss-up do you have a toss-up kind of okay who’s yours Lydia and Barbara I like them both a lot yeah yeah they are both awesome one of mine is Barbara okay I’m trying to save the day yeah well and I liked her and the husband together I just thought they were so sweet so I would probably give it to those two together just for me because they were a very sweet couple nothing against him but I just also really

liked Lydia yeah she was a cool girl she was cool I would probably give her my Loki MVP what do you think yeah let’s do that but I also really liked the Stepmom she was really funny so this is really tough so all right MVP will give it officially to a married couple they were very sweet and adorable even when they were trying to be scary yeah so I loved them super cute and then Loki MVP we will give to Lydia she was a funny Dark cutie yeah yeah that is exactly what she what yeah

and I liked her and the worst can mean anything that can literally mean like they’re the bad guy it could be they’re like the worst human they’re the worst at something I know who mine would probably be I think I have mine okay we can only say it once is it okay careful I know don’t say it one more time he was just nuts and when I say worst I mean he was a good like foil that’s a positive yeah he was an incredible character like I don’t think he would want to be the MVP

of this he would want to be the worst because he tries to be the one who tries to be the grossest and the worst so he he’ll be happy I earned it he would want it this way so congratulations beetle so we’re not gonna say his name but you are the worst I almost said it overall yeah this one was really fun make sure you check out a quiet place on Tara’s Channel I’ll have the link down below thank you guys so much for watching we really appreciate it it’s fun we had a great time

we hope you had a great time and we will see you next time bye guys

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