Benelli TNT600i 2020-2021. Review of the newest design. The best 4 cylinders bike from China!? CN-EN

Today we’ve got a new bike.
This is Benelli TNT600i, let’s go!
Let’s start from the front
The head light on the bike is pretty good
The breaks are nice, these are not Brembo, these are Benelli breaks
And then this bike has a TFT dash
Because this is 4 cylinders engine
So it has pretty smooth feeling
For girls with small butt
Then now let’s have a look at the exhaust
It sounds awesome, I don’t think that you should change it
The price of the bike is 50k Chinese RMB
I think the price isn’t very high and it’s not cheap. It’s just fine
Have you ever try this bike? How do you feel about it?
You can share your feelings in the comment section
As a foreigner in China
The 1st impression of the bike is good.
The bike has 80Hp
Hey! Do you give me your money!

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