BEST 720p CAPTURE CARD | 10$ Capture Card Review

So you are looking for a cheap budget capture card.
You probably come across this HDMI video capture.
That’s a USB capture card and by the time
I uploaded this review.
there are now two versions of it.
The version that we are reviewing is the black one
which it support 1080p/30fps
While the new “coffee” version support 1080p/60fps
There shouldn’t be much difference between the two
so if you are buying this now, get the coffee version.
Okay, let’s start with the unboxing.
Inside the package,
There are the capture card and a manual.
First, Let’s take a look at the capture card.
This is the front of the capture card.
The back.
The side.
Another side.
The bottom.
And the top.
Then, let’s take a look at the manual.
Pause the video if you want to read it.
Let’s move on to the installation.
First, plug in the capture card.
Then, plug in the HDMI cable.
Before we continue, I notice a problem right away
The capture card is really loose on my USB port.
I tried changing to notebook USB port and
it still a bit loose.
Alright, to use this capture card,
you can use it with any software

that supports webcam
I will be teaching how to use it with OBS
First, you need to add source by clicking
the + button.
Then click on Video Capture Device.
Click OK.
Then choose the USB Video as the device.
Click OK again.
The video should appear right away.
As you can see there is a video but there
is no audio.
There are two ways we can fix this.
The first way is to scroll down to the bottom
and tick the Use custom audio device.
Make sure it’s Digital audio interface (USB
Digital Audio)
Now there is audio, awesome.
But what if I don’t want to use this way?
Well, you can choose to add another source.
Which is Audio Input Capture.
Click OK.
Then choose the USB digital audio.
Click OK.
Now there is audio input capture.
And you can hear the music that is now fading away.
Enough for how to.
Let’s move on to the quality of this capture
We are going to compare between OBS footage
which is 1080p/60fps
and USB Capture card footage which are 1080p/30fps
and 720p/60fps
As you can see, there is difference in color.
And the sharpness isn’t as sharp as the OBS
game capture
But it got really close.
Remember this capture card cost like 10$.
By the way, the desync is difference between
30fps and 60fps.
Not the capture card delay.
Going to lower resolution the sharpness drop
a bit.
But you get 60fps.
To wrap it up,
With 1080p you get slightly blurred image
from original.
and with 720p you get 60fps.
If you go with the coffee version,
I expect the image of 1080p to be the same.
But with 60fps.
Now, I also have Davinci Resolve color correction
to show you guys how close the color can get
to the original.
Just copy the values that I show here.
Check out the difference.
The color is pretty much the same now right?
Let’s move on to the delay then.
This capture card only has 48ms delay.
Which is pretty darn good.
The glitch that appears on OBS screen
was because I didn’t plug the capture card
tight enough.
And finally, the audio is MONO.
so keep that in mind
if you are going to stream FPS game.
Let’s conclude with Pros and Cons.
This capture card is a value for money.
There’s nothing cheaper than this.
It captures nice, sharp 720/60fps footage.
It barely has any delay.
And it’s small so it’s portable.
Now for the cons,
The USB port is loose.
so you have to be careful.
1080p is more like 900p so it is blurry.
And it has mono audio.
So with all these pros and cons.
Who do I recommend this capture card for?
Well I highly recommend this capture card
anyone who needs to turn their DSLR camera
into a webcam.
Since you don’t need high detail for small
Then for secondary usage, you can use it as
game capture.
Since it can only capture sharp 720p/60fps.
I would use it with game that doesn’t need
much detail.
like a mobile game or a Nintendo switch.
Other than these two,
I highly recommend this to anyone who just
needs a capture card for pretty much anything.
It’s a capture card and it pretty much does
it job.
Is there really anything else to say about
Well yes, that brings us to the end of this
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That’s so trippy.

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