Best Ever Food Review Show & The Chui Show Cheap Street Food Tour sa Vietnam! (Eng Subs)

and I will show you some behind the scenes better than the Filipino version right oh no this is one more one more hello yeah oh wow my pups welcome to the best ever chewy shows anyway this will be just unlike great opportunity it’s a big blessing from Film Production Wise from the food blogging aspect actually diligent person and yes this is my last full lady and what a way to end the Saigon tripod as a first location for this episode Shoot actually Hindi episodes what no I’m really vlogging you got it there’s not another guy

vlogging that’s got to be a coincidence I just thought hey we have exclusive this is for us right what kids what kids bro in terms of filming as in his meticulous Food Shops want my mostly um and so just chilling around and observing uh Hey guys say hi to the Philippines hey don’t be shy come on this is just like hello one more one more one more hello so much Master indoors I mean install ation um definitely better Vietnam no no anyway nothing it’s a Vietnamese Curry it’s a chicken curry chicken curry okay wow yeah

oh wow that’s good it’s kind of sweet I mean I don’t know sweet yeah I don’t is there lemongrass I

don’t know I think so yeah I think so yeah it’s not too spicy I mean and the the best part of this soup is you eat this you already eat this so you know we are the different one okay goodbye foreign foreign for me I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out is this a salad is it healthy or is it unhealthy because there’s plans there’s a lot of plans this is not an accident

he’s walking away I better walk away okay for those who don’t know if you’re a full reviewer you have a Turf my turf is the entire city you don’t get to come on my turf and do your own food reviews or your Vlogs or or talk to your little camera he’s literally behind his son and looking at me is that him is he if I see him again I will start a confrontation that will likely become physical and incur legal ramifications is this good to eat man yeah this is good to eat yeah foreign foreign

mushrooms this is a very nice comfort in the soup um my kids are you following this round oh yes of course you’ve done the research so I’ll just follow you guys oh oh yeah that’s a good idea so you just you just go to all the places that we go oh yeah that’s golfing so okay it’s my camera oh is it okay wait hold on a nice country I don’t want to this is your home man oh okay can I sell this for five bucks all right seven bucks better than the first one let’s do

it 10 more times I have all day happy peace all right I gotta go find that is that guy still oh my God are you serious he’s right here bro hey what gives what gives are you following us around oh yes of course you’ve done the research so I’ll just follow you guys oh oh yeah that’s a good idea so you just you just go to all the places that we go oh yeah that’s copying so okay it’s my camera oh is it okay wait hold on to me why do I have to go back

to my country I don’t want to can I sell this for five bucks hey man that’s more than five bucks all right seven bucks okay people said hmm butter that’s in butter Arena Gomez Don’t Cry For Me it was my first time in Saigon and I eat a lot of cheap yet amazing street food met a lot of people and had so many meaningful conversations I want to thank Sunny for this amazing last day in Saigon he’s such an inspiring and helpful person to me thanks for the office and house tour thanks for the sushi

and thanks for being a huya to me since the day we met thank you so much honey for the wonderful day it’s been like a learning experience again for me shout out to the all the Filipino fans I love you guys for sure number one number number one yeah anyway my name is the best ever food reviews next time stay safe good night and good bye and a piece peace oh amazing yeah are you trying to give your camera away to somebody driving by oh yeah actually it’s a freebie I’ll work here don’t include me

tell them what you think of the food no I already did it’s amazing Why do Filipinos love sound effects so much I don’t know maybe not have a video without like just non-stop sound effects it’s like every group of speech for us

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