Best Overhead Stand For Phone Unboxing & Review | How To Shoot Overhead Videos

hello Guys Welcome Back to New video So today I have brought a very amazing video for you because
I will tell you if you have to take over head shots and shoot unboxing videos like this from Zinc Way channel
, then you will be cooking whatever you are making in the middle. To give or you are your channel in which you
are making these sketches or some paintings are made, then you have those things along with it you can do one other
good thing which is wheat intensive camp then you will get this all in one chirai or else Guide The best thing is that you have
to read it yourself by putting tinder on someone but you want to read the letter but you do not want to do
that in your hand, then bring a good universe stand for you which comes from Sunday, this universal you can do this
You can also say a stand inside which your creative things can do anything, this is all in one standard
size, in today’s video, I am going to tell you boxing plus review inside it, how to do this thing
over and have the best value-for If you have money or not, then without wasting time today

you start
Swiss, its box which gives you something like this. It is going to be seen from Rike and the
packaging that came with it was very good quality, that means it has two or two talking features,
maximum possible packaging, so now we just open it here to open Since you have
to open something in this way , then I just open it once, then after opening it, the points inside
it, see the convenience, so much content can be seen inside the bus together.
The card which is there, you can take any help etc from here, if you face any problem
on WhatsApp number, then it is here, you can contact, then after watching this video you will not face any problem
because I have done all Explaining all the things to you, first of all I will tell you this tablet
holder with which you can put your tablet, it comes separately in the inside and companion, the mobile holder means
it is available separately for the mobile i.e. for the tablet. If it is found separately, then
both of them work in this way as well as its Sanjeev Gais that is also made of metal. So and
its build quality is definitely going to be good because you will not face any problem,
you get to see it well and this pen drive which is also light weight and also
it is also made of medal only. I like it very much about it, which means that it is
very smooth, which means its motion with its spring in a very smooth way,
I like it very much if you want to tighten it from any angle, then fix it. If you
have to tighten it in some way then it is on it will be SST then it works in this way along with this one other good
thing I found it means that inside it you get this boiler Whatever your
mobile holder has become, then where is the tablet, you have to put something inside it in this way and
see that it will be fixed in such a way that means you can bend it at any angle, how you have to
do it like In this way you can use it and let me tell you in wide companion, there is a risk of this,
inside we have to use it in this way. You will get it in this way, so
you have to tighten it here, so after it is tight, whatever the table is, wherever
you have to demand it, it should be ready. Will go there to demand and you lost whatever overhead you have, whatever
creativity you have to show, you can see the size with it, now let’s talk about its review
that you take more hits along with it in this way I am boxing inside and
send you a message on the ad girl so that you will not even know from which angle I am taking the shot and
I can also speak to you together in the ad above If you have to show things etc. or show anything,
then I can show it in this way as well, then if
you have to do this creative thing, then you have to buy
dandruff, then in whose link I will put the BSP link in the description
inside the crisis. Whatever you get for the metal, except for the mobile holder,
you are getting the tablet for the disc , both things you only really need. Wick is found, everything else is what
you used to get mid-day which along with a quality you got to see, with which you can do something very comfortably in this way
, if it looks very good, then below it In order that if you feel it on the tempered glass, then the mark also looks very good, so this is something you get to see a lot of this thing,
then you have to subscribe, so that you can extend something like this till so much. If yes,
then you do not have any problem with it because
you can make the book great by mixing the one that you
have inside it and you will have that tablet, there is no need to hold it in hand.
You have to put it inside it, it has been decided to appoint any other robber subscriber, then I like this personal
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