Defender is the best class in close range fight.
How many times did you die under the flashlight?
With the flashlight mod, you can be just as annoying as the defender in close range fight.
Let’s see how’s the flashlight mod perform against the defender class.
In a close range fight, it’s the matter of 1 second that determines you live or die.
The new Season 9 update reduced a lot of weapon recoils.
The stabilizer mod works really well to reduce weapon recoil,
Which gives you better control of your weapon
However, the stabilizer has no effect on hip fire
It also maintains your stability when you get hit
Which makes your aiming more stable
Dense fire mod, on the other hand reduce spread of bullets
It makes hip fire more accurate
In battle royale, exposure of your location is very dangerous
The muffled mod helps you to hide your location on enemies mini map
Which is really helpful especially for snipers
Shotgun is powerful in the new battle royale
Slider mod helps you to reload your shotgun while dodging bullets
It is fun to turn your quick sniper into an assult rifle
You can keep firing your sniper rather than single fire
Not very useful though
QRF mod works as aim assistant
Once you damage the enemy, aiming becomes much easier
Many people recommend this mod, as it helps you aiming and bring down your enemy
Personally, I prefer to aim by myself, so I normally use other mods instead of this one
However, QRF works on all kinds of weapons and can be used under most circumstances
Another commonly used mod is the extend mod
It gives you extra ammo capacity and redruces reload time
Which is really useful for all weapons
The weapon damage reduces along with the distance
The further you fire your weapon the less damage your weapon deals
With longshot mod, the weapon damage remains in longer distance
Hence, your weapon deals more damage in longer range
The mod ranking is based on personal preference
Different mods are suitable for different weapons
There is not really a best one in general
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