Best Whirlpool 215 L 5 Star Inverter Direct Cool | Review and Unboxing | 2021 | Undrer 21000 INR

whirlpool presents ice magic pro range
of direct cool single door refrigerators
this range is available across
capacities of 200 and 215 liters in
multiple energy ratings and color
this whirlpool refrigerator ensures up
to seven days of garden freshness for
your fruits and vegetables through
optimum moisture retention with
honeycomb locking technology it also
promises up to 12 hours of milk
preservation during power cuts with
insulated capillary technology thus you
don’t have to worry about milk spoilage
this range comes with a whirlpool
patented micro block technology that
prevents up to 99
bacterial growth
the auto connect to home inverter
feature helps to connect your
refrigerator to the home inverter
automatically every time the power goes
the 4 star and 5 star energy rated
products are powered by intellisense
inverter technology and come with 25
years of reliability on compressors
certified by vde germany
the energy efficient refrigerators
operate on a wide voltage range of 95
volt to 300 volt without a stabilizer
this refrigerator comes with the all-new
crescent door design crafted like the

of a moon this design philosophy
gives the product a modern and
contemporary look
the breathe arc handle and fluidic end
cap with a sturdy build and ease of
usage add to your refrigerator’s beauty
designed with utmost precision and
craftsmanship the elegance of the new
icemagic pro makes it the centerpiece of
every home
our products also come with a base stand
variant which can be used for the
storage of dry food items such as onions
potatoes etc
this range of refrigerators come with
one year comprehensive warranty and 10
years warranty on compressor for emi
options refer to the product page pay
online using debit or credit card and
net banking
for further information visit the
product page

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