Biden admin did not contact out to us regarding assaults on our pro-life facility| FOX MEDIA

In light of a series of assaults on pro-life organisations, the FBI is now offering a $25,000 prize for information. prenatal clinics in the U.S. I’m joined today by Chrissy Brown, whose North Carolina facility was attacked during the summer. Since my mother became pregnant with me at the age of 16, you know I’m enthusiastic about this programme. It’s fantastic to be with you Lawrence, but these Sinners are required right now. Are you hoping that the FBI’s reward will help find these assailants and bring them to justice? Yes, we have high hopes because, despite the sad fact

that over 80 facilities were targeted last year, not a single suspect has been apprehended. We therefore hope and pray that the reward money will encourage people to come forward and assist in the capture and prosecution of some of these offenders. Christy I’m optimistic and grateful that the FBI made this decision, but I have to wonder why it is taking so long to offer rewards to catch these offenders. It seems like if politics are on your side, you can’t prosecute those responsible for these violent attacks, which are hate crimes that target women and volunteers and political

points of view that they disagree with, and we just recently received a reward, despite the fact that this has been going on

for a long time. Chrissy I was just wondering if there was a pro-life centre offered those same services from the administration and we were not we did not receive calls from them now we do fall under the face act which means if our individuals are found they can be prosecuted so I’m just curious have you gotten a call from the Department of Justice the White House anybody because Planned Parenthood there’s coordination between the

White House Press office Department of Justice all the time so I’m just wondering was there a pro-life Center Sean Hannity here. If you want to see the newest

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