Big Sports App Review – REAL Cash by Playing Free Games? (Yes, BUT…)

Is the Big Sports app really a great way to earn real cash by playing free games or is it a waste of time? My name’s Mikael and recently quite a few viewers have asked me about this app. So I decided to test it myself. And in this Big Sports app review, I’ll give you an inside look and show exactly how it works.Aand let me just reveal right away that it looks like you can potentially earn but there are some very important details you need to consider before you start downloading and playing this app here. So

before logging in, let’s go over who can join. And Big Sports is an app from what I can see you can join from more or less all countries. But also you can only use it for Android devices. So if you have an iOS device you cannot use this. Then I do have a video about the best ways to earn from iOS devices. I’ll leave a link in the top corner here. But if you’ve heard of this it can look appealing. If you look at the app page, you can see you can win real cash by

playing playing free games. It looks like fun. And let me just reveal right away the games are actually quite fun but there are just so

many important details you need to know. So let me log in and then we’ll go over everything so you can see and judge for yourself. So I have now logged into the Big Sports app and as you can see, there are some different games here and also some more down here. And they can actually be quite fun. And the first time you click one it will take you through a tutorial

that kind of shows exactly how to use it. So that’s quite nice. And up here you can then see the next prize I would win here would be like 10 cents. The first time I I did something I actually won like one dollar quite easily. I would need to collect five diamonds to earn these 10 cents. We’ll go over the value of this and how it changes a little bit from time to time. So we’ll go over that in just a bit. Let’s first focus on these games. As you can see there are different ones.

This one for example if I play that and actually complete the level I would get 15. This one I would get one diamond, two, this one twenty. But you know, some of them are easier than others. But let me just show you this basketball that’s the one where I won one dollar quite easily. But now I have already played it so I need to then score 750. The first time I played it was quite a lot lower. And then I would get like these 15 diamonds if I actually complete this and I need to pay

25 coins. So this is a little bit confusing. So the diamonds are coins and there’s uh you know money you can earn. So to play the games you need to use coins. You can see in this case 25 coins I need to pay to play the game. The coins you can get for example by logging in daily. You can also convert some of the diamonds to coins. But if you would then actually score the points required in the different games, then you will get the mission reward which is diamonds which can be converted into cash.

It’s a little bit confusing and overwhelming. But for now, let’s just focus on this game. Then we’ll talk about this conversion method, payout options, and all that a little bit later. So in this particular game I played it before. So I know how it works. And then I just need to click it you can see here I need to click the screen when I think like I can hit this here and then if I miss it, you see I I like usually I will lose one here. And then, I need to do it within a

certain time there. Okay I’m, you know, maybe I should focus a little bit more. You can see then I get points and the points, then it add it up here. And you can see I need to target these 750. But I also only have a limited time. So I’ll just try to play this here and then I will just be right back. No need for you to sit here and and watch me play here for a few minutes. So no need to do that. I’ll be right back. And I just want to show a little

bit here now because now then also it moves a little bit. The more you do the better you do the the it then starts moving around. And I’ve actually also tried when it’s actually moving like continuously not just moving a little bit like this. So I just want to show that so you’re aware that it also becomes more and more difficult the better you do. So that’s just one thing you need to be aware of. But I’ll just continue playing and then just be right back. And you can see now, for example, it’s just moving

around continuously. So then it’s even harder. I just again wanted to show you that it just becomes harder and harder to actually reach the target score. I’ll still continue trying and give you an update in just a bit. So you can see I’m game over now, I managed to score 670. So I didn’t get anything. I just lost the coins. And then I can try again and spend like four minutes doing this getting nothing out of it and it just became harder and harder. And that’s the problem about these games. It just becomes harder and

harder. The first time I played it, it was easy to reach the target score. Then now the next level it just becomes, you know, not impossible. I was close but it just keeps moving it around then the most closer I got to the target score. And that’s how it is with most of the games. That’s one thing you need to be aware of. But before then deciding if you still think it’s worth it to try to actually master these games. Let’s talk about the conversion ratio and how you can get paid and all that. Oh

and one thing you see there’s ads popping up now. I just tried to close down the game. This is how they make money. There’s a lot of pop-up ads. So you need to also consider that that takes extra time. So not only did I just spend five minutes playing a game without getting anything out of it, I also have to watch 30 seconds of an ad. So I’ll just be back when this is gone. So I’m now back, finally got rid of the ad there. And then you can see again here this is what I

need to do. I need to collect five of these diamonds. But it’s just so hard with these games. It becomes harder and harder. And what is also weird is that when we’re talking about the conversion ratio then you see this is now collect five but last time I logged in like a few days ago when I tested it also, I needed to earn 10. And I had played a little bit. So it kind of changes. It kind of resets. It becomes just harder and harder and then when you look at it if I just look

up here you can see I have earned one dollar. Because when I first joined, it was super easy. I thought like oh I earned a dollar, you know. I played one easy game you know. But then, since then, it just been struggling to just try to earn 10 cents. And if we look at the payout options, you see I can then get paid via Paypal. But I need to earn $15. And from what I also hear, I’ll show you a little bit more about that then they also sometimes changes this. I could see, you know

this with the, for example not just a payout threshold, that hasn’t changed since I started testing it but these diamonds. How many you need to get a dollar or 10 cents or so. It kind of changes continuously. The first time I needed 10 diamonds or something like that to get one dollar. Now I’ll get 10 cents for one. I’m just considering like if I even manage to get that you know how low will it then be how many games would I need to win to earn $15. I can just imagine how many hours I would

have to spend to ever reach that level. Because there’s no guarantee every time you play, you have to be very lucky or very good to actually win. And the rewards just keep going down. So it would be very very hard to ever reach a level where you can get paid. And I’m not the only one saying this. Let’s just look at what other people are saying also. So I now jump to the Google Play page where you can see other reviews. And you can see, it’s fun but then suddenly the minimum withdrawal would change like

now it’s kind of like how it is there for me also that hasn’t changed. But you know, it also says it’s difficult to reach there, you know uh they raise their minimum there, you know. If there was a half a star I would because you know we basically you can’t really reach the payout threshold. And if you go through there there are a lot of people like that right. It just became very difficult right. And here also hard to reach the payout threshold because it just gets harder and harder to to get paid there. And

that’s basically the majority of the reviews here are one stars saying that the withdrawal, they will change once you reach it. Gere it has been changed there uh you know very hard to earn. So as you can see exactly how I said that yeah maybe you can earn, but it’s extremely hard to ever reach the payout threshold. In my personal opinion, complete waste of time because there are apps where you can play games where you know you will earn when you play five minutes. For example here, I just played five minutes and I didn’t get

anything. Even if I had managed to do it I would only have gotten 10 cents for those five minutes and then I had to watch an ad and then I would probably get even less for the next reward. And it would be even harder to reach. So overall this system is just so confusing, how they made it that you don’t notice how much time you actually end up chasing the payout threshold. And it will just be extremely hard in my opinion. It’s way better to just use apps where you can earn by playing where it’s

completely transparent. You know, when you play, you will earn. That’s just way better use of time. And I do have a list of the best ways to end by playing games realistically where you know exactly how much you earn. I have a list of that on my website. I’ll leave a link to that below so you can go and check that out if you’re interested in that. Personally I will definitely be deleting the Big Sports app now because I think it’s a waste of time. The system is just confusing. It’s just really an annoying app.

I’m not saying that you cannot get paid. Some people say they have been paid. I’m just saying the amount of time you would need to spend to ever get paid, you know, it means that most people will give up before they ever reach that payout threshold. And that’s something you need to be aware of. And I hope this video helped you, because many of you have asked about it. And if it did, make sure to hit the like button, and also don’t forget to subscribe from YouTube channel, and hit the notification bell, so you won’t

miss out next time I release a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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