Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) Movie Review

what’s up youtubers
it’s me again and today i’m back with my
14th movie review
and today in this video i’m going to be
talking about burn says excellent
um i think some people don’t really like
this my parents have watched this before
and they sadly didn’t really like it as
much a lot of people didn’t really like
it but when i initially watched it on tv
over a week ago back in january 23rd in
the morning
i actually found this movie to be pretty
i didn’t really grow up with it but i
actually found it to be
such an excellent treat for the whole
family this movie was hilarious and the
plot was really really good
plus if you don’t know what this movie
is about it’s about two
seemingly dumb teenagers bill and ted
we basically set off on the quest to
prepare the ultimate
historical presentation with the help of
the time machine it was a bit of a silly
but really really fun to watch
i heard that they were played by alex
winter and
keanu reeves and they however have put
really good

effort in shouting excellent
and bogus
and it went on grounds and it was really
really funny
but some parts of the if it got a bit
for instance uh when napoleon threw the
bowling ball
he fell over and he said a swear word
like nine times
that kind of made me angry but it turned
out very funny
it was very interesting how the vortex
was created using
cgi software it looked like it was in a
disney pixel movie or something
the vortex looks like a bunch of dna
waves and the time machine looked quite
similar to a telephone cabinet
but when you type in the nine person the
previously to future date it transports
you back in
time and it seemed like it was in the
backseat of future movies from the 1980s
and i found it to be very clever of the
people who went behind this movie
all the main characters were very funny
plus it was really funny to see all the
people that came from history playing in
the mall
and it was awesome but at the very
beginning however i realized
one thing they had a band called wild
and i was like are you kidding me that’s
but overall i was so lucky to get this
on dvd so i
watch it and this movie is really really
and i’d like to give this movie 10 out
of 10 for excellent sequences of
fast-paced humor
plus a whole ton of hilarious moments i
highly recommend you pick this up on dvd
or blu-ray and watch this one if you
haven’t seen it yet
and that’s pretty much everything i can
tell you i will be doing a dvd mini
walkthrough of this soon
since i know that no one has ever seen
it before so stay tuned for that
upcoming dvd menu walkthrough of it
coming soon
and that’s pretty much everything i can
tell you
hope you guys enjoyed this video and if
you did please leave a like comment and
subscribe and i will see you guys next
but until then take care

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