Billings School District 2 will review library book on Monday

The Laurel School board d six books in its high sch The title of one of those issue in school district is going through a review has asked to teach these that they try to assassin has read the entire 21 vo classroom, a book now in not just here but across reads the book in its ent whole series, there are v in it and anyone who read that it’s not really abou all. Kelly points to what themes in the story. He s off cliffs any time you w abandoning you is not an would love to hear

that f lives. Assassination clas comic type book that foll of an alien being that wo students are considered m with assassinating their the earth from being dest have concerns. This is a from assassination classr Hudson is among a group o a board review of the boo book in the Assassination was one of six books remo shelves in the Laurel sch the right age appropriate And really, we’re just sh now. So we’re looking at looking at processes of o argue it’s not for the sc which content the student Jack Hansen also is conce now before board

members that responsibility falls absolutely should exercis with the ideas that their exposed to. And it’s a ch between the First Amendme students. I don’t think t or dangerous

ideas in thi to put them in the public that that’s a very approp types of books. These boo Amazon and other booksell

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