Bilmola Veloce 2021 Unboxing and Review – AWESOME FEELING

what’s up youtube
see you bangkok riders another unboxing
i just received this big box this
morning and uh
i know what it is because i see the
brand you know
so keep it as a surprise and um
let’s take a look so before we take a
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let’s see what what’s in the box
i knew it
it’s an ailment so
let me put this there
so a few days ago
i made a post on the bkk oyb website
about helmet because
every time that i see on facebook people
fake atv fake choi um
i’m pissed i’m pissed because they sell
fake helmets with
no no insurance at all that this helmet
will protect you those helmet i made in
it’s super cheap super cheap material
um and it’s dangerous there is no
certification from
any any association related
to those helmets it’s just plastic shell
with a nice

shape and nice color so please guys
every time that you see a fake helmet
on facebook just report it please
thanks so i’m surprised
that bill mull has sent me an uh an
but um i suppose that they saw the
they saw the post and um
i think it’s super cool that they send
it remember
bill mola velos zombie red
size l let’s have a look
so as usual
you have a nice bag
certificate user manual
and hotline in case of any issue so
let’s see this new design
i didn’t see it yet i didn’t
so watch it together
wow excellent
so this side have a mummy
like skulls mommy
on the back oh nice
nice eyes crazy eyes
and the zombie on the other side
the actual shape i kind of like the
small spoiler
so the advents get vents here
nice folder i really like the
the painting quality the graphics are
really cool
so on the back
ece r2205 so
certification this one
pass the test eca tests sorry
at least even if it’s a an entry level
it’s certified so
if you don’t have a lot of budget for
your helmet
just go for something like that instead
of a fake one
it’s better to have something that it’s
certified than a
a triple a copy from china so
just be careful when you buy an helmet
oh i think they redid the padding
like i don’t know if you see
it’s kind like a carbon fiber
uh textile padding are really good
padding are really a good
density form yeah really good
not the d-ring but uh
yeah i would have preferred d-ring
but for a daily use it’s way enough
so you have wind deflector here
i guess like all the yeah you can remove
the pads inside so
just have to unclip it
put it into machine
that wizard don’t look clear
let me see
oh no it’s not a clear one it’s like
green yellow iridium one
i like it
oh i like that also
so you have a big nice seal
on the top on the bottom and you have a
visa lock here
so you have a small small pin here
that it’s going to lock your vision
nice really nice
let’s try it
i’m curious to see
yeah i like the wizard
pretty light 1450 gram
i dig it
i dig it
so one more thing to do is
take it for a spin and uh see what’s the
what’s the feeling on the bike if if
it’s noisy or
or anything i don’t know but uh
thanks a lot for this and uh
come on let’s go
okay let’s go guys um
first impression is i really like it’s
super light
it’s super comfy the padding like i said
i think they redid the padding because
the foam is really really dense and
uh wow i really like that vision
that river is awesome you can’t see
from the outside but you have a perfect
view from the inside it’s super clear
yeah uh the noise cancellation is really
good too
it’s definitely
definitely something really nice i
didn’t expect to be
so great and uh and i’m really thankful
uh to build mona because i think that
will be my
street helmet because i don’t like to
my uh my carbon one all the time
so this one can be a good solution for
the streets
so thanks a lot to watch the video guys
time for me to go and uh don’t forget
subscribe the video bye

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