Black Adam Review – Justice League and The Future of DC Movies

The battle you’re meant to fight is upon us there’s no one on this planet that can stop me Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this is my Black Adam review they’re finally letting us talk about the movie if you’re brand new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos there’s a lot we have to talk about a lot that just happened with DC movies in general going forward because of what they did in this movie and because I’m posting this a couple days before the movie comes out everywhere I’ll try to keep

this as non-spoilery as possible but like there’s a bunch of big stuff that they set up in this movie so it’s really good news if you’re a fan of DC movies my full post credit scene video full breakdown Easter eggs for the entire movie all that stuff we’ll start posting later this week after it does come out in theaters so if you do have a chance to see the movie early please don’t post spoilers on this video but the movie is basically an origin story for The Rock’s Black Adam and the DCEU all the trailers

are fairly accurate to the actual Vibe of the movie Sometimes you get trailers that are very misleading most of the trailers for this movie have been pretty

accurate is probably one of the most hardcore DC movies that you’ll see in a while while since the James Gunn Suicide Squad movie which was rated our Black Adam was rated R for most of its life until they edited it down to PG-13 like they just crossed the line over PG-13 probably mostly for violence and swearing and if there was a question this movie is inside the dceu with

all the things going on lately all the drama behind the scenes you could even say the movie kind of saved the dceu and that is because of the rock so even if you’re not a huge fan of the Rocks movies just in general give credit where credit is due he deserves all the props he gets after this movie comes out even people who aren’t really huge fans of his will appreciate what he did behind the scenes to make some really big DCEU things happen behind the scenes for this overall the plot of the movie is

a pretty simple setup it’s an anti-hero movie with a rock doing his usual thing like one of the big things with him is that you kind of know what you’re getting when you go to see a movie with The Rock in it it is a rock movie Inside the DCEU he has a very specific range very specific type of character that he plays yes there is some comedy in the movie like they do have jokes but it’s mostly coming from other characters around Black Adam reacting to all the crazy WTF stuff he does you’ve seen

all the trailers where he references being the most powerful character on this planet like wink behind the camera that’s obviously a Superman reference by the way like this planet because Superman is from Krypton is why they’ve been releasing all those Black Adam Justice League trailers with that scene in it like I am the most powerful character on this planet we know exactly what you’re talking about is basically Black Adam in character saying that nothing on this planet can stop him including the Justice League characters he’s not afraid of anything he thinks of himself as a

God and he thinks that he’s completely Untouchable unkillable so if you have a character like that who just thinks they’re completely Invincible most of the problems that he experiences in the movie are more emotional more mental problems Less Than Physical like there are a lot of physical fights obviously there’s a big villain that he has to face and punch the crap out of there are a few moments where you feel like he may have found his physical equal but he’s still able to Triumph in the movie like this is a rock movie there aren’t going

to be a lot of Rock movies where he winds up failing hardcore during the film and because they want the character to be the de facto anti-hero of the dceu like on the entire planet talking about all the characters in the DCEU he could help you one day just as much as he could also be fighting you the next day the main villain of the movie is meant to be someone who’s even worse than him so that he does feel like he could potentially be a hero if he wanted to that’s the bach who’s a

demon from the Shazam comics like we’re talking about shared history with the Shazam character don’t worry I’ll address that too because obviously this is just about Black Adam there aren’t really any big Shazam characters in the film other than the backstory with the wizard this about character works pretty similarly to the way that the Shazam and the Black Adam characters work just in terms of their powers Shazam and Black Adam are granted the power of different gods their names stand for acronyms of all the gods that they get their powers from zabak can do the

same thing Grant people his power he’s like the gods that grant them their power but in this movie he himself is Unleashed on the world plans to conquer it which is where the Black Adam character comes in in Unstoppable Force meets an immovable object you can decide which one the Black Adam character is in that’s scenario like is he the Unstoppable force or is he the immovable object and even though they want the sabot character to feel like he’s a threat to Black Adam so much of the movie is him just walking over everyone else

in funny WTF ways like you see him just punting people across the country like it’s no big deal in a way that makes him feel a little bit like that evil Superman from the Justice League Snyder cup like what would Superman be like if he didn’t hold back and just talking in terms of power levels the way they established Black Adam he is meant to be about as powerful as Superman but like I said it’s all about the attitude in his drive and what he wants to do with that power where’s the character like Superman

is meant to be like this benevolent god-like figure trying to protect everyone on planet Earth Black Adam is a character that really only cares about his country conduct and himself so like I said one of the big aspects of the movie is dealing with the mental the emotional problems that he has getting used to actually dealing with other people and relying on other people like the Justice Society the other big group that they’re introducing in the movie like Black Adam accepting that he’s not strong enough to do everything by himself they kind of use use

the Sarah Shahi’s Adrianna Tomaz character from the comics and her son in the movie to humanize him a little and soften him up and get him used to this concept like it’s okay to rely on other people Everyone isn’t always going to hurt you emotionally bad things won’t happen if you rely on other people working on teams can be good in the movie they serve as proxies for his dead wife and son and we learn that their deaths are what made him break bad five thousand years ago made him such a hardcore person if you’ve

read the comics a lot of this is from the comics but it’s not like a carbon copy of exactly the way it happened in the comics we got a little of his backstory during the first shazam movie when the wizard told Billy about the person that they wrongly chose to grant their power to but they only give you a small piece of the story during that the Black Adam movie is meant to give you the rest of that context so that it reframes a lot of those events and makes Black Adam seem like less of

a villain in that situation with the seven deadly sins were the ones who really orchestrated all those events pulled his strings took advantage of Black Adam and they were the ones that killed the other Wizards a much younger version of The Wizard than fought and trapped Black Adam in a magical prison for five thousand years and originally you may have heard that they were going to do The Rock’s Black Adam during the first shazam movie like they had other plans for introducing him in the DCEU the plot of the first shazam movie was originally going

to be more closely based on the new 52 version of the Shazam origin story in Black Adam is a big part of that the full comic book version of the story basically swaps out some of the movie Doctor Sivana plot from that first shazam movie for Black Adam because the rock had so much influence and control over the Black Adam character they basically said that they were going to separate the shazam and Black Adam origin stories so they could devote more time to each one of them and then eventually work up to a crossover between

the characters so they just deleted all the Black Adam plot from the shazam movie and decided to do that as a totally separate Solo movie and added a little bit more from his Comics other comics and new stuff like the Justice Society stuff in the suicide squad Amanda Waller stuff so if you’ve read any of the Black Adam comics any of the Justice League comics where he crossed over is not a one-to-one copy of those plots but the vibe is very similar a lot of the movie is meant to help it fit in the the

continuity of the dceu based on everything that’s happened so far I’ll explain the timeline in a second too all the Justice Society characters were fun Pierce Brosnan probably my favorite he stole a lot of his scenes as Dr Fate really happy to see Dr Fate inside the dceu finally he’s super powerful yes there have been talks about doing spin-offs HBO shows for the different Justice Society characters like they probably will do a Justice Society movie at some point a lot of the character scenes in the movie do serve as jumping off points for potential sequels

or spin-offs like you get some of Doctor Fate and hawkman’s backstory but only a little like just enough to leave stuff for like a spin-offer sequel they hint in a lot of things they imply a lot of things about their backstory but never give you like the full backstory the new Justice Society team during the movie is basically what you see in all the trailers like Doctor Fate and Hawkman are the remnants of an older Justice Society team which existed in the DCEU long before the Justice League formed before Superman came to planet Earth something

happened to that original Justice Society team and they only briefly touch on that there’s a lot of history for them to explore with that in future sequels the movie does reference the Justice League characters specifically through a lot of the other characters in really funny ways just like as Pop Culture icons inside the DCEU like if we were living on a planet where the Justice League existed they’d be like the most popular people ever there’d be merch for Justice League characters all over the place the brand new characters on the team as you’ve seen in

the trailers are Adam Smasher and Cyclone they were pretty decent they used them as the fresh off the boat Fish Out of Water characters on the team like Spider-Man trying to work with Iron Man and the Avengers during that first Captain America civil war movie but they do have some skills but they’re not used to working on a team in the same way just to place the Black Adam movie in the dceu timeline the present day of the movie is meant to take place after the Justice League Snyder cut after the James Gunn Suicide Squad

movie but before the events of Shazam 2 Fury of the Gods I know there’ll be all kinds of questions about how they address the Shazam characters specifically during the movie because of the Black Adam Shazam shared history with the wizard they only briefly touch on the Shazam related stuff leaving full-blown Shazam vs Black Black Adam crossover for the sequel movies The Rock has been pretty open about that like oh yeah our plan is to eventually cross all these characters over fans of the DCEU just in general like DC movies in general will probably be more

interested in what the movie sets up like how do they re-center the dceu like what is their plan going forward now because very clearly they wanted to establish the Rocks Black Adam as the new center of power around which everything else in the DCEU turns he keeps saying that phrase and all the trailers like for the past couple years The Rock has been releasing promos for the movie saying the hierarchy of power in the dceu is about to change once you watch the movie and you understand what he means by that the path forward for

the dceu will be much clearer like oh this is what they plan on doing with all these characters now and obviously the Rock is now the center of a lot of those plans I’ve talked about this in my previous trailer videos too talking about like what their plans are for the next Justice League movie they do have plans for another Justice League movie very different from what Zack Snyder had planned for his Justice League 2. I’ve also done a full breakdown of what Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 in Justice League three were are going to

be so I’ll put a link for that in the description below and I know there’s all this Multiverse stuff that they have planned with The Flash movie but the Black Adam movie seems like it’s going to be the guiding star of the dceu just in terms of which movie has more influence on the future direction of the DCEU so when I say the rock kind of save the dceu is no joke like there’s a lot of crazy behind the scenes stuff happening but The Rock has been powerful enough to control the direction of his movies

and get the characters that he wants in his movies that has basically helped them re-center their path going forward like their whole idea is that they want everything to be connected and there’s only a few exceptions to that like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie is meant to take place in a different universe and Matt Reeves said that he wants his Batman movies with Robert Pattinson to take place in a different universe but aside from that everything is supposed to be connected crossover so that they can build up a larger connected Universe with bigger crossover movies and

their own version of an Avengers Secret Wars for the dceu that’s kind of like Crisis on infinite Earths the Black Adam movie just helps set that up in a much clearer way than I think that the Flash movie was going to do you given all the behind the scenes stuff that’s been happening the Black Adam post credit scene makes a lot of their path forward a lot clearer if you do have a chance to see the movie early please don’t post spoilers for that in this video I’ll do a much bigger video for the post

credit scene later this week after the movie actually comes out I just did a trailer video last week which basically explains what’s going on so you can also watch that too I’ll add a link for that at the end of this video you’ve also probably seen the past couple days the news about Warner Brothers officially developing Man of Steel 2 you can thank the rock for being the one to make that happen so like I said even if you’re not like the biggest fan ever of the rock if you’re just a core DC fan you

at least appreciate what they do with the dceu in this movie and like I said overall it’s a very rock type of movie you know what you’re getting when you go into it the trailer is all pretty accurate to the vibe of the movie and on a technical level it’s just like a very competent action adventure flick it’s a fun watch but like I said if you’ve seen any of the Rock’s other movies imagine one of those inside the dceu there’ll be a thousand questions about everything after the movie comes out so post your questions

in the comments below and I’ll try to address those during my full Easter egg breakdown videos later this week everyone click here for that new Black Adam Justice League video that I just mentioned and click here for my house of the dragon episode 10 finale video thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe and I’ll see you guys in the next one!

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