Hello guys. So today we’re going to discuss the Black Widow movie. Yep. So we watched it yesterday.
and we’re going to talk about what we think about it.
 What we liked. What we disliked.
what we were expecting and what 
really happened stuff like that yeah
What we wanted to see and didn’t see. Yeah. In the film.
So let’s go. Yeah. First what we thought about it. First my opinion or yours? Yours.
it was a movie that we waited for a long time and i was expecting something about her and the  
winter soldier in the red room so i was kind 
of disappointed about that um the movie was  
not bad because there was natasha in it so if you like natasha you’re supposed to like the  
movie um i love uh Yelena well the actress that plays Yelena so i was happy to see her as well  
um but the movie as a whole i think was good at the beginning because there was a lot of actions
And then it was more… well there were funny moments that I liked.
But I think it became very slow. And yeah I kinda lost it there. You fell asleep.
I fell asleep as well. But well I have a baby now so I’m kinda sleepy all the

But yeah, I don’t think I would have fallen asleep watching Captain America or something like that.
and i was disappointed because i love black widow and  
um i was expecting to see something about her past we saw something about her past obviously
But more about her spying years and not just her childhood years. And that was very rushed.
so i liked it but i don’t think i would watch it over and over like i would  
watch the Thor movies or the 
captain america’s movies okay okay your opinion  
it’s the same like you but um yeah
black widow is one of my favorite characters so  
in my opinion i think they 
make the film too late yeah
we saw black widow in Ironman
The first time yeah. It was one of the first Avengers that we saw because Ironman
came out…
in uh.. this was the very first mcu movies to come out and uh i think it’s uh like uh i don’t know
six or seven years too late you know yeah and i… in 2014?
What? It was in 2014 that fans became to ask for a Black Widow movie? Yeah.
And we just got it. i really really like black 
widow in captain america and the winter soldier
and it’s at this moment that i wanted to see
the story of black widow and
And it’s at this moment too that I read the comics. Yeah yeah you have the comics that’s true. You have the Winter Soldier’s comics too. Yeah.
So I would really really
love to see when Natasha [Natalia] was in the Red Room, yeah, and the Winter Soldier trains her.
Yeah when they work together and fell in love. But in the MCU they’re not following
the comic because in the in the film 
black widow kinda fell in love with uh  Hulk.
I don’t really like it. Me either. I was more like okay if you don’t want to
make her fall in love with Winter Soldier then give her at least Captain America.
Not just Hulk. I love this character but just not with Natasha.
Even Hawkeye could have been a good partner. Hawkeye, they have a relationship in the comics.
Yeah but not in the movies. No. They were just really really close friends. Like
brother and sister relationship. Also I don’t like….
Alexei, in the comics he’s the ex husband of Natasha. Yeah. And in the film he’s like their adopted father. Yeah. So.. that’s weird.
the character is funny though. 
Yeah but I thought when I saw the trailer, I thought that Red Guardian
  was going to be more… dark? Yes and serious in the film. Yeah.
It’s like he’s funny guy all the time. When he’s putting back his costume. Yeah.
And he’s bigger than when he had it. I love David Harbour but I don’t know… I love him too.
I was like what the [ ] Alexei. It’s the ex husband of Natasha so yeah. But I love,
about the character, i love Yelena. Yeah. Yelena it’s a good one. They chose … the name is … of Yelena is..
Florence Pugh. The actress is beautiful and very charismatic. And she made a lot of movies.
i didn’t know her before Black Widow. Well she made movies that you’ve probably never seen before.
That’s why I kind of was like wow that’s gonna be interesting to see her in
a MCU movie. But yeah she’s.. to be honest i was expecting to be liking this movie
because of Natasha and I liked this movie because of Yelena. Also it’s because,
i feel like that, Natasha was not really the main character. It’s all the family. Yeah. You know.
But it’s a Black Widow movie. So it’s supposed to be… yeah but Yelena is a Black Widow.
yeah she’s she’s the black widow since 
she’s dead she’s the one that remains  
but it’s it’s it’s supposed to be a movie about 
her yeah but i think uh they i feel that they  
they make this movie just to introduce Yelena uh because she’s going to be the new black widow  
  Yeah. And it’s about that that i’m a little.. really really really
disappointed because i really wanted to 
see a black widow movie a long time ago  
And the Red Room. It’s rushed.
Yeah. When the movie starts, I was like yeah we saw Natasha when she was.. her childhood, yeah.
yes it’s interesting and the the actress that 
they chose yeah i really like her. she’s good we  
We saw the scene and then.. oh yeah the marvel studio introduction or.. yeah. Yep. We saw a part of
the Red Room. Yeah. When she was a child. But it’s too rushed. Yeah. I wanted to see more.
More scenes. It’s like i don’t know, one minute about it. Yeah. And it’s like Image image image.
Yeah. I was expecting to see Natasha’s childhood briefly,
like we saw in the movie. All of her spying years , how she became..
her. Like from the start where she was from the bad guy, the HYDRA
and stuff and then became the Avenger she is. She was, because she’s dead but well.
and we didn’t even see that. It was like i don’t know, 5 minutes of her childhood,
of her past and then we saw her, we saw Natasha just after Captain America Civil War,
yeah exactly. So we haven’t seen her past at all. So what the [ ] is that movie. I mean
it’s good but it’s not amazing. But they said, in different articles,
the *director, Cate Shortland, said that it’s not going to be the past
of Black Widow. You know. How she became Black Widow. It’s going to be
like between Captain America Civil War and when she died. In Avengers Infinity war.
So you knew it wasn’t going to be… or you read the articles after watching.
No no I read some articles about that. But I thought that we’re going.. i don’t know it was
between Captain America Civil War. I thought it would be I don’t know
maybe.. i thought we were going to see a little of Winter Soldier, a scene maybe. Yeah. Because you said
they weren’t following the comics, but in Captain America Civil War,
if I remember well you have the Winter Soldier fighting with Black Widow and she said,
she said at least you can remember me. You can recognize me. Yeah or recognize me whatever.
So they were supposed to know each other. Because I don’t know if it’s a reference
to the comics or if it’s because of Captain America Winter Soldier
you know. Because… they met each other in that movie as well. Yeah. They met before because when she…
yeah but it felt more personal like they knew each other more than
one meeting, you know. Yeah I feel like that too. So that’s weird. I mean if you do that scene
then make something about it. Do… yeah I don’t know. Also about the character.
uh melina. the actress they chose. I don’t know I.. I don’t really…
I like the actress. Yeah? I don’t know. She’s well known I think. There was a moment in the film
when we saw Melina again. With the pig.. Yeah. I hated the scene where she like makes
the pig stop breathing. I was like Yelena, I was like [] what are you doing to the pig?
Yeah but it’s like, how they train the Black Widows.
I don’t know, I don’t really
like that they chose the actress for Melina. I don’t know. I don’t…
  It wasn’t really the actors that they chose that made me disappointed but
really the scenario, the storyline. There’s action and then… nothing.
Well there was action at the end. Yeah but… when they were in the Red Room.
I feel like it’s too rushed in this scene too. The bad guy, you know the general Dreykov,
we don’t really see him much. Yeah. Because all the beginning of the movie,
Natasha thought that she had killed him. Yeah. But she hadn’t. So she thought that
the Red Room doesn’t exist anymore. Yeah. But yeah I don’t know
Yeah. But yeah I don’t know I don’t really like the scene when Black Widow saw him again. I feel like it was too rushed again.
I wanted to see more elaborate you know.
And like she has to break her nose. Yeah that she put back just in one second
like it’s nothing. And about all the Black Widows too. We don’t see them
a lot. I think they introduce them
for another movie with the new Black Widow I think. Because in the end,
Natasha tells Yelena to go and save the other Black Widows.Yeah.
I don’t think it’d be that much interesting to see another movie of Black Widows.
  I think they’re going to… focusing on that. I think
they’re going to make another movie or another series. Yeah. On disney +.
Yeah maybe. Also about Taskmaster,
that we saw in the beginning, when Yelena… that’s a french actress I think.
Olga.. It’s not Russian? I think she’s french and Russian
or something like that. Yeah. Because I saw her in french movies so i think she has a french part.
So she’s going to be.. I think
if they make another movie, i think she’s going to be in it. Because they take her with them.
Yeah. And that would make no sense to introduce her in the movie and then just
rase her. It’s the ‘enemy’ of the movie. Not really.
Yeah she’s a victim. She’s a victim like all the Black Widows because her father, which is horrible,
saved her to just use her like he’s using all the other women.
There was the last scene! Oh yeah. That was weird because MCU movies
generally have two scenes. Yeah. And there was only one there. And we saw Yelena
at the tomb of Natasha. The last, the post generic scene was
after Avengers infinity war. She was back.. Oh I’m wondering if
she was like all the people that disappeared for 5 years,
or if she was still existing. Yeah I don’t know. Maybe we’ll see in Hawkeye. Oh yeah you have to
to see Black Widow before watching Hawkeye.
So when… I don’t know if it’s Kevin Feige who said that, that you don’t have to see the series on disney +
to understand the movies. But no, you have to watch the movie
to know who is Yelena. Well you have to watch the series on disney + if you want to
understand the post generic scene. The movie on itself not exactly. You don’t need to.
I think… we didn’t see Hawkeye yet. But I think for Yelena, you have to.. because you’re like
 who is this character. Who is Yelena. Yeah of course. Unless
in Hawkeye there is a little introducing of her. I don’t know we’re going to see. Maybe. We’ll see that.
 And you have to watch the mini series of Falcon and the winter soldier
to understand the post generic scene. Because when Yelena was at the cemetery. She was
 talking to a woman yeah, and if you haven’t seen the series you can’t understand who she is.
And I watched the series and I was still like who the [ ] is she. Because I didn’t even remember her
face because like she’s not important in my mind. And the person who approached* her is Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Yeah.
And so we understand that she works for her. Yeah Yelena works for her. And it’s like…
Valentina in the comics is like
i don’t remember the name.. but she works for.. not HYDRA but it’s something which is like the
same. And in the series of Falcon and the winter soldier we saw her
with the US agent. Yes she’s going to use him. So i think
we’re going to…The US agent is the guy who’s supposed to be the new Captain but he fails so
he becomes like ‘evil’. SPOILER. Yeah well we’ll make a spoiler alert in the title
so people don’t watch it if they haven’t. Yeah so i think we’re going to see her more
and maybe they’re going to make a movie or a series about Valentina and her team. Like US agent, Yelena.. That could be interesting.
Yeah. That would be centered on evil people. Well Yelena isn’t supposed to be evil but.
  That could be interesting to know why she went to that direction.
Meanwhile in the movie she ended to be pretty good. When Natasha told her to free the
Black Widows. She was supposed to be good.Yeah we don’t know what happened. What happened to make her…
was it the black out of 5 years which made her completely crazy
or was it the death of her sister? Yeah. Maybe. I don’t know. Yeah in the end
we saw, how do we say it in english, whistle? Yeah. And she hopes that Natasha responds.
 They did that when they were children. But no nothing happens. That’s sad.
Yeah. They whistled before Yelena went with the Black Widows and Natasha went
the other direction. They whistled. Yeah their goodbye thing.
To conclude it’s a good movie so
you should watch it if you’re a MCU fan but for us it’s good, it’s not bad
but it’s so good that you want to watch it over and over again. I’m disappointed about that.
Because i’m a big fan of Black Widow so. You can see it with the red hair on both head.
So watch it still. And tell us what you think about the movie and if you have already
watched it tell us what you think. Please no spoilers about Hawkeye because we’re going to
watch it and react on it
  Tell us what you think about the movie. In the comments. Yeah if you think the same or if
you think differently you have the right to like it more than we did obviously.
And yeah. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment and a like. If you like it.
And we’re going to see you soon for another video. Yeah. Take care. Bye.

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