Blankos Block Party Review | Should You Play Blankos | Play to Earn Blockchain Game

Blankos Block Party is a new MMO blockchain game
based around the idea of toys coming to life
you will control your own blanko toy and hang out
at the junction with your friends
you can also create your own mini-games with the level builder
take part in the daily and weekly challenges
and of course, earn
Blankos Block Party has a playful vibe, and you’ll see
the cute and mischievous blanko toys
the world of blankos are where toys
go when humans are not looking
that’s also the story lore of the game
Blankos block party is a place for toys to be more than just objects that sit on your shelves or storage
the game also has a level building element to it
with this feature, players will be able
to create maps for different mini-games
where you can build deathmatches, racetracks, or platformers
you can upload these mini-game maps
in the blankos database called party bus
where you can share your creation
with players around the world
there are so many game modes
and fun elements here in the game
but the main focus of Blankos Block Party
are the toys themselves and the monetization
system in place for them
There are

many blanko designs that you can collect
and the developers have partnered with well-known artists in the toy designing world to create custom blanko designs
when you buy a blanko, you will be able to see its number and how many copies of that blanko exist in the world
most blankos are limited edition
so there is some rarity aspect to them
it follows the same logic as collecting
physical designer toys in that sense
purchasing a blanko will place it on your virtual shelf. and you have the option to play with them or keep them in the box if you wish
just like in physical toy collecting unopened
toys can have higher value in the future
when you start playing the game, you will be given
a standard blank character as a starting point
until you purchase your own blanko in the store
it is unclear right now just how much
blankos can be sold in the future
if you are still not convinced to
shell out some funds to buy a blanko
then don’t worry, the game allows you to earn points
by finishing daily, weekly and season missions
these points can unlock different rewards like
items, experience points or blanko cash
wish you can then use to buy your own premium blanko toy
actually, you can even be rewarded an
exclusive blanko itself just by playing
the fun and rewarding aspects are just some of the reasons
why you should consider trying out this game
plus, the game is free to play
you can download it now and start playing without any investments other than your time
the idea of players owning the blankos is the focus of this project
and mythical games is using blockchain for the blankos marketplace
by bringing blockchain tech into the game we
are now able to track true digital ownership
and I, like many others, truly believe this is the future of gaming

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