BLO Car Dryer Air RS Review by Professional Detailer Mike Cardenas

Hello, everyone.
Mike Cardenas from Forza Detailing and
Detailed Image here to show you some of
the features of the Air
RS from BLO Car Dry. Now,
the Air RS is a very
portable and compact unit,
although it’s made out of
plastic, it doesn’t look cheap.
It doesn’t feel cheap by any means.
But what it does do is it makes
it a very lightweight unit.
The other thing that it does have
is has a on, off switch up here,
but you do have your control knob here
that can set from a minimum to a maximum.
So you can really dial in when you’re
going to dry an area such as a mirror or
something that might have more blow
back at ya. As far as water goes,
you could really have a
lot more control with it.
The other feature that I really love
about this unit is the fact that the
hose, Oh my gosh, the hose is the
easiest thing to interlock and put in.
But the construction of the
hose is this very flexible.
It’s not the really hard. This is this,
the length of the hose type
units that you’re used to seeing.
This is very small.
And actually this

out as a six foot hose,
but once you turn this on, as you’ll
see, it actually goes to about 16 feet,
which is more than enough to get around
a car and get around the other areas.
The other thing to notice is it does have
these rubberized tips up here just in
case you accidentally hit something
and a foam grip right here.
This feels really nice.
Give you a lot more control.
This does come with two different nozzles
that you can use a little bit flat
one, and then your traditional
one. But if anything,
from these blower systems
in the past, for me,
that has always been
just a pain is the hose
because for all of us is where do
you store this thing? And they,
even if you do wrap them around, they
never want to stay in place, right?
So the biggest thing for me is
the power that this unit gives
and the portability and the hose.
And we’ll show you how easily
you can store this unit.
One of the things that I never liked of
traditional blower systems in the past
is that they’re so cumbersome
and they’re very hard to store.
The hoses are huge. And with AIR
RS, you really don’t have that.
It’s really portable.
So actually I can fit that right in the
cabinets and the hose that typically is
the pain really just fits right next
to it. I can just put that in there,
close my doors,
And it’s on to the next project.
Connecting the Air RS hose is really easy.
You have these little notches,
line, ’em up, twist it and boom,
you are ready to go. Now, this
unit does give warm, filtered air.
As you can see back here,
you do have the filter that’s back here
and you can actually just remove this
and wash it, clean it, and
put it back into your unit. To
turn on the unit, just make sure that
you have a firm grasp onto handle,
turn on the unit and you’ll see
the hose go from six foot to 16
foot. So
if you’re looking for a car drain
system that checks all the boxes,
they consider the AIR RS it’s
strong, effective, portable,
and very easy to use. And it’s
now available at Detailed Image.

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