Blue Heat Takis "Food Review" | Try not to laugh! | 962 Pixels S2 E2

Hi my name’s Zeong and this is my good friend Jamal
and today is the return of the long-awaited food 
review in this episode we’re going to be reviewing  
blue heat takis that we recently bought at 
the shops as you see the package is already  
open and the opening was very crisp and solid 
inside we have about half a package worth of  
chips or takis whatever you call it uh 
let’s give it a try you go thank you mate
all right cheers cheers
oh mate it’s delicious it’s it’s amazing 
just so it’s like kind of doritos but  
yeah so these have a very lime and spicy flavour 
not very spicy at all really yeah a lot of people  
find it spicy but i i don’t really think how it’s 
such a strong tank yeah very zesty and pretty good  
yeah um i would have to agree they’re very 
addictive uh pretty good very basic though um  
all of them uh they’re all fairly coated and 
they’re all basically the same simple more  
sour than spicy and uh yeah like I said before 
it’s pretty addictive and that concludes today’s  
review of takis my name is Zeong and this is my 
good friend Jamal if you liked

the video please  
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please subscribe make sure to stay safe stay safe buddy alright that’s it
Three- hi shush wait wait one more
Like, subscribe if you want to see more of this content, stay safe mate
Alright, three two one
How much was it exactly Zeong?
it was actually around 10 10 Australian dollars 
which i would say is on the more expensive side  
but is definitely worth what you’re getting
very delicious
quite good, all right actual time

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