BMW 118i M-Sport | A Solid Modern Hatchback | CARRO Reviews

Hi guys, I’m Pearlyn
and today we’re going to be exploring
this modern machine
This is the BMW 1 Series M Sport
Let’s go check it out
BMW markets itself
as a young cool urban car
And if you look at this car
I think it really checks all the boxes
It’s very sleek
It’s obviously a city car
and this is the sports version
Let’s talk about some differences
wasn’t in the previous generation
So you can see that
there used to be two grills
Now they’ve joined it into their iconic kidney grill
so now just one
which really
shows your presence on the road
They’ve kept the LED lights
but I think they slightly changed the design
So this is slightly more hexagonal
They have a blackout trim here
which is exclusive to their sports series
and also their tyres
They’ve increased the fatness of their tyres
which makes the
handling of the road slightly easier
Especially since this is a sports car
It has to handle the roads better right?
The rims are also slightly larger
if you can see the lines
they’ve slightly changed that
this one looks very aerodynamic
sleek and classy
Lengthwise it stays the same
but I think the height and the width of the car
has increased slightly
but they still kept that low feel
for the sports feel
Okay let’s move on to the back
I think they’ve also made slight
changes to the rear lights
So this one is longer and sleeker
slightly classier
Under the hood
everything pretty much stays the same
typical of the BMW 1 Series
So it’s powered by
a turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine
which produces 138 horsepower
and 220Nm of torque
And this baby can reach
a speed of up to 211 kilometres per hour
I can keep telling you about
how great this car is
but you should also must see
if it’s suitable for you
So book a test drive
at Performance Motors via the link
in the description box
I believe their prices start from
which is a very specific but lucky number
if you want a shorter-term commitment
you can also check out CARRO
This car is available for subscription over there
at $1,899 per month
If you’re getting a hatchback
then obviously one of your main
priorities is boot space
So this is really good
because you know why?
They have this secret compartment
which gives you extra boot space
You can put packet drinks at the back
for Chinese New Year
The boot is 380 litres
so that’s a 20-litre upgrade from the previous version
I’ve actually been challenged
to see how many luggage I can fit into this car
Let’s get to that
This is actually my first time
trying to put luggage in the car
Usually I have people to help me
You know what?
I think I can fit more stuff in here
It’s just that we don’t have enough stuff
Let’s see whether we can close this boot
At least two luggages right
And one trolley
So that’s pretty good
So we’re in the basement of
BMW Performance Motors
and I’m going to tell you a little bit
more about this app called
BMW Connected
So it’s this app where you can check
all the stuff about your car
I’m going to show you
You see they have like fuel level (for you to check)
and everything
you can unlock your car
and lock your car and everything
And for this
Okay so most importantly
you can locate your vehicle
My producer has hidden the car
and now I have to go and look for the car
So look here
Okay it’ll (the app) tell you exactly where you are
and the vehicle location
It’s at
303 Alexandra road
which is where we are
So you cannot really see like exactly where
but you can see which direction the car is facing
So it means that it’s facing here
So that’s my car right?
Yes can I honk?
Oh my God! Yes I can honk
Okay fantastic
So they have other features on this (app)
like you can ventilate your car now
So you go outside
It’s a very very hot day
You can just ventilate your vehicle
before you get there
So you don’t
die of the heat when you get into your car
Also they have another feature
that you can send your destination
to the car
So for example
I’m going to show you
if I want to go to
I will put in like
“Geylang Lorong 9 Frog Porridge”
something like that
Send to vehicle
like right here
You can just send it
Yes! So good!
It’s very efficient
You can also use this to unlock your car
Hold on let me show you
Okay it’s unlocked
Very good!
Hi it’s me again
I’m going to talk about the interior
So interior-wise
it seems pretty “atas”
like upscale
There’s a lot of leather going on
which is nice because it’s not all plastic
There’s also this wireless charging plate here
where you can charge your phone while you drive
And don’t say you need GPS
because there’s a full screen display here
for your GPS
It used to be smaller
I think like half the size
but now they’ve expanded it
We’ll check out the GPS
capabilities later
And also this steering wheel
is made up of M Leather
This M Leather is exclusive to the M Sport Series
which I checked just now
And it’s very nice
It’s very puffy very nice to hold
Sitting in the back of this BMW
and I must say it’s pretty spacious
So if you have exceptionally tall friends
I guess this would work for them
or [gesturing big] friends
this will work for them too
Or if they’re friends who gesticulate
wildly while they speak like me
this would be very good car for them as well
What really stands out for me
about BMW is the fact that
they managed to pack so much technology
into just one car
Right now we’re staring at the
10 and a quarter inch
iDrive infotainment system
which is very high resolution
very user intuitive
And it’s running on the latest BMW OS 7.0
Okay so it’s a touch screen
which really helps
you to toggle through
But for those of you who are more used to the
more traditional BMW toggle
there’s also the option here
What I like about this is that
there’s no lag
You see?
when you’re driving
and you need to toggle between screens
I think that’s really important
Good news for all Apple users
If your phone is Apple
you are blessed
because this car comes with Apple CarPlay
So it’s literally as simple as this
You just connect and you just click on Apple CarPlay
And then from here you can see anything
that supports it
all the apps you want
And for Android users
we’re still developing
a workaround for that
but you can use screen mirroring
like this
Very simple
The other thing I really like about this smart car
is that it makes you feel like Iron Man
because there’s this like
there’s a thing called
BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
which basically is kind of like Jarvis
You just tell it what to do
and it’ll do it for you
So demo okay
where can I eat in orchard road?
(BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant replies)
Good right?
(BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant replies)
Good right?
Let’s try something else
Oh wait
Okay we try again okay
bring me to CARRO showroom
(BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant replies)
Let’s go I think we can start already
Okay let’s go
Oh can start the navigation already
Okay let’s go!
We’ve been shooting all day and I’m honestly a bit tired
So our BMW Genius
told us that there is this thing called
Caring Car Programme for BMW
And apparently you can just tell the car you’re tired
and then the car will just like
do things to keep your awake
which is quite exciting
So he dared me to try it
There are magic words though
I’m tired
Wait I think it didn’t hear me
I’m tired
(BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant replies)
It says “No problem”
“I’ve activated the vitalize program”
Okay so nothing’s happening yet
Okay I feel it now
It’s starting to blow extremely strong air at me
It’s a typhoon
Okay so I think it’s also playing music
I’ll let you hear okay
Very alarming music
I’m very awake!
There’s a lot of strong wind!
(I’m) a little bit stressed!
Okay la
I think I’m awake
Oh my gosh I think their
driving assistance for road safety just kicked in
So BMW also
has this feature (Lane Departure Warning)
where they don’t allow you to stray from your lane
If you try to…
Wait ah let me just end this program first
so I can talk to you
So when you try to steer out of your lane right
the car actually
steers you back
Like you’ll feel like
a ghost is pulling on your
on your steering wheel
when you try to depart from your lane you see
Oh I think you have to go over 70 km/hr
then it’ll work
And so I was going quite fast
on the expressway just now
And then I was talking to you
and getting distracted
and the car pulled me back into my lane
Very good eh this safety feature!
Hen hao! (Very good)
Okay now we’re off the expressway
and we’re safe
and I’m awake
Very good
Another feature that is very safe
for BMW drivers is that
they have this special SOS feature in their car
I’m not kidding
There’s a little button here
that says “SOS”
So I was very curious and I asked him what it’s for
Apparently you can deploy this SOS button
by either pressing it or
it gets automatically deployed
whenever any airbags come out
Okay so I got a special clearance from BMW
to call the SOS hotline
And I’m a bit scared honestly
So the information
about your car’s location
how many people in the car
will be sent to the HQ
but I’m just going to go ahead and press it
And I really hope I don’t have to retake this
because I’m scared
Oh my God I’m scared
It says, “Emergency call will start in three seconds”
Oh my God
(The screen) says “I’m calling now”
They even got the location
It says Sterling Road, Queenstown
I hope they pick up
Huh? Nobody picked up
Oh my God transferring data
call active
Oh my gosh
Is it too loud?
Hi, good afternoon
How can I help you ma’am?
Hi good afternoon is this BMW HQ?
I understand this is a test call
Yeah this is a test call
Can I just ask you a few questions real quick?
I’m actually on a test drive with BMW right now
But you know my location then
So if I need an ambulance
you can send one down for me right?
Oh thank you
You’re welcome
Thanks a lot
No I’m not going to take up any more of your time
Thank you!
You can take up my time
anytime you like
I’ll be more than happy to assist you
that’s fine
If you need anymore test call support
just call back alright?
I’ll call you back later
Talk to you later
You guys take care
Bye bye
Okay talk to you later
Basically the information that they can get
from you pressing the SOS button
or your airbags being deployed
is that they know where your location is
they know the colour of your car, the make of your car
And like if they need to send an ambulance
So that’s really important
And I think it’s a great safety feature
that BMW provides
So what we’re going to do is
Okay they taught me twice just now
and this is the first time I’m going to do it by myself
So please wish me luck
If anything happens
I’m sorry BMW
So you need to press this button here first
until this screen comes out
and then it will tell you
Oh okay like the sensors will detect the car near you
And then you just go forward right?
See it’s “P” already
It’s asking you to park already
Very good
So you can just go and drive
and it’ll help you detect the other cars
You must drive close enough
Once it’s ready it’ll tell you this
Very good
So that means you’re ready to park
So you just press P
“To start parking
take hand off steering wheel and release the brake”
Okay so word of caution
It’s actually quite fast
so people who are scared
maybe you’ll want to keep your foot on the brake
I mean I’m not because I trust this
We did it
Oh my God it’s quite scary
but I guess the sensors
depth perception is better than mine
See I’m not doing anything you know
Are you impressed?
I’m so impressed with myself
I can’t believe I did it
I only had four minutes to learn
Okay see?
Very good
Then it (the app) will say “Ding!” When it’s ready
Hold on
Wait for it
(App “tings”)
Vehicle’s secured
So all in all
I feel like this BMW 1 Series M Sport
is really great
because I love the voice technology
I love all the technology in there
I liked the spacious interior
and I also think the boot space
is very very convenient
So maybe this will be a good car for young families
who want to stay
hip and young and sleek and urban
You know
if you need more convincing
just make your way down
to the Performance Motors showroom
where you can test drive the car
Or if you want to try out the car
for a longer period of time
CARRO has a subscription programme
that maybe you can check out
That’s all we have for today
but join us on our next episode
as we review different cars
I’m Pearlyn and we’ll see you again

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