BMW M2 G87 – Scary! (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

this is the new BMW m2a C that some will scare children with I’m also scared want to know why stay tuned there is no pretending that the new M2 is just a styling Evolution maybe from the rear or from the side where you see the traditional for m models wide rear fenders or the BMWs Hallmark Huffmeister kink in the lower corner of the C pillar also BMW talks about references to the 2002 and 1M Coupe okay I’m ready to drink the Kool-Aid here I’m even buying the Minecraft fascia I saw it at a close presentation

in the summer of 2022 and I wasn’t revolted but then the Spy shots of the g87 were leaked and the internet got a nasty case of diarrhea I’ll agree to disagree first of all it could have been much worse and secondly you’ll soil your pants in this car for a completely different reason the BMW M2 g86 has 460 horsepower trying to escape through the rear tires that’s more than the M3 f80 with competition pack and that M3 was already too edgy for me that’s why I prefer the G80 M3 with X Drive which can be

disconnected the front axle that is when the conditions are right but even the current m240i X Drive is rear whe biased so don’t be surprised when you

see your rear end overtaking you that’s what happens when there is more power than driving skills and it’s the same in the M2 first of all it has more power than a 9911 Carrera S secondly it’s slower 0 to 100 km per hour anyway but Porsche somehow manages to design its cars so that such performance is accessible if of course you have twice as much money as you would

pay for a BMW there’s a reason why Porsches are expensive in any case this M2 should Accelerate from 0 to 100 km/ hour and 4.1 seconds with the steptronic transmission or you can pay 500 more and have a slower car but with a manual gearbox and to be honest the manual option is the only reason I’d even consider the M2 otherwise I’d just stick with the m240i however today I’m driving the automatic because BMW press Department decided it’s cheaper than replacing several clutches throughout the car’s lifespan on the Press Fleet and I get that over

the years making reviews for this channel I noticed M cars rarely got the views i’ want so I wasn’t in a hurry to do this review and you’re probably watching it at least four months after it was filmed anyway I’m one of the last people to drive this particular test car while it’s still on the Press Fleet so the weather is less than perfect and so are the tires even on dry tarmac with traction control on in normal mode the M2 wants to break traction at medium throttle with traction control off or limited on dry

tup the M2 stops spinning its Wheels around the fourth gear and in the wet when I was recording my test acceleration runs let’s just say that with launch control the time was significantly worse than in Comfort mode with traction control on got in normal mode with traction control on in the wet I got 5.5 seconds 0 to 100 km per hour which is astonishing this car is rear wheel drive don’t forget and 80 to 120 took just 2.6 seconds in the hands of an experienced driver this car will be like an adrenaline shot because on

public roads it’s scary enough even for the driver I can’t imagine what an M2 passenger must feel when he sees the driver struggling for control over the car that’s why this is not a street toy this is a track weapon or a car for empty winding roads away from the people where you can’t get too much speed between the corners and prey is going to be dry or bring a change of underwear anything else on the driving Impressions front well the suspension is a bit too stiff for imperfect stretches of Road the seeds could have

better lateral support and BMW will happily sell you bucket seats but these are suitable for the truck not if you want to daily this car the interior is rather noisy like on the Jagger ftype so longer road trips may be tiresome the difference however is that the ftype has a 70 L tank while the BMW M2 only has a 52 L tank with real world average fuel consumption of around 12 13 L per 100 km you’ll stop at the pump as often as an EV driver visits a charging station and yes I know you can

charge your EV overnight but on a road trip you’ll just fill up your M2 in a couple of minutes and off you go to have fun under the Bonnet is a 3 L M Twin power turbo inline 6 with two monos scroll turbos 550 newm of torque a 7,200 RPM Red Line This controversial front end was designed not only to polarize the forums but also as means of more efficient engine cooling many systems were adapted from the M3 and M4 for example the M adaptive suspension the M adaptive steering the M compound brakes which are

very effective by the way or the M differential and finally the M2 gets the full m mode configuration like on bigger m models you can configure various elements of the drive train to your taste and then store these settings to be deployed when using M1 and M2 buttons on the steering wheel also carried over from the larger m models is MDM or M Dynamic mode with a 10-step slip adjustment you can practice your driving gradually reducing traction control intervention and yes you can analyze the length and angle while drifting but I had nowhere to test

it this time and something everyone will soon have to deal with the ISA or Isa or intelligent speed assist the M2 is the first BMW to have this new mandatory system implemented and it emits an audable warning every time you exceed the speed limit I mentioned Isa or Isa in my Lexus RX and Toyota previous reviews the ISA intelligent speed assistant that’s the Beeper that alerts you whenever you exceed the speed limit now it can be turned off but you have to do it every time you restart the vehicle so it’s simple you go into

the settings then you go into the second screen of the settings then you long press to change the settings then you change the notification method then you change the above speed limit and you choose only Visual and then you get out of there to sort of see whatever you want to see uh on your display brilliant over there you have to click through multi-level menus to disable this annoying system in BMW all you have to do is just hold down the set button on the steering wheel and the warning is turned off and I know

it’s for our safety but try driving 10 km per hour through a supermarket parking lot or the system responds to limits stored in the navigation which are no longer physically on the road or it reacts to limits from parallel roads and I know such places and all cars get confused there this is why I think of all the systems designed to improve our safety Isa is a miss beside the insufficient in my opinion lateral support adjustment the seats are also very long here even in the shortest setting now that’s good news for Polar drivers uh

but for me the seats are too long now as in all new and facelifted BMW models the M2 also gets the BMW O8 with dual display running across 23 of the dashboard I’ve gotten used to how it works but I still don’t like the Aesthetics since BMW makes references to its historical models why not design some classic skin for the instrument cluster like they did on the new mini where you can display the original Mini Cooper Speedo other than that we have large door Pockets two USB ports under the armrest a wireless charger which is

obstructed by cup holders a mediumsized glove box in the rear I have just about enough leg room behind the driver’s seat set to my driving position I’m 175 cm tall but forget about sitting behind a taller driver also Headroom is insufficient even for me there are no cup holders in the rear either nor is there a real armrest although the back rest does split 402 40 there is third Zone climate control but there are no USB ports I think the rear seats in the two Series Coupe are there only to ease the conscience that it’s

possible to drive the kids to school the boot capacity is 390 L you can easily pack two people for a long weekend or a short road trip and with the seats folded you can fit a set of track wheels good luck fitting those in your 911 BMW M2 prices started at 75 € 5,400 this test car with options which include a € 2,600 m carbon roof which saves you 6 kg costs $1,275 the new BMW M2 is more powerful quicker has better this and that yada y y but as far as I’m concerned it’s not

significantly better than the 1M Coupe which by the way costs as much today as a new m240i if you want a solid example that is taking into account financing warranty and everything else associated with buying a new car I’d consider the M2 only for the manual gearbox perhaps then it’ll one day live to become a cult model and how do you like the new BMW M2 do you want to track it daily it or maybe an m240i is all you need or perhaps you’re not into cheap stuff and Cayman is your weapon of choice let

me know in a comment section below if you like my sarcastic down to earth and possibly mildly amusing car reviews join me every Friday at 300 p.m. Central European Time and don’t forget to subscribe and like this video as it helps me with the YouTube algorithm thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one

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