BMW R1250R HP review: the most comfortable naked bike? (4K)

Hey fellas, welcome to my new motorcycle review. 
Today we talk about this wonderful Bavarian  
machine, 2019 BMW R1250R, a decent successor of 
the famous R1200R, which was introduced in 2015.  
This bike looks almost the same 
as the mentioned predecessor,  
but with many core improvements we 
are going to discuss in this review.  
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OneTwo Rider’s channel. Thank you! So, let’s begin 
with first impressions of this motorcycle. As is  
the case with many modern motorcycles, it is 
hard to find the proper category for R1250R.  
Of course, it’s a naked bike, but not just 
that. Should we consider it as a hyper-naked?  
Well, it definitely looks like one, but it lacks 
power and is much heavier in comparison to other  
hyper-naked bikes. At the same time R1250R is much 
more comfortable than, for example, Yamaha MT-10,  
it carries hard cases and a huge top case that can 
be found on S1000XR, has also driveshaft from BMW  
GS models, etc. All being said, the most 
proper category for this motorcycle would be  
“hyper-naked like all-rounder”. So, who would 
be the aim buyers of R1250R? I would say, naked  
bike admirers who want to have a reliable, fuel 

motorcycle, capable of solid touring.
If you belong to this group of bikers then R1250R 
is a great solution for your needs. It can go on a  
few-days touring rides, the engine is pretty 
reliable, enough power and torque for sporty ride,  
and a badass naked bike look, especially this HP 
sport version with Akrapovic exhaust. But it also  
has obvious limits within these categories, hence 
one should not expect braking records on tracks,  
but its huge low rpm torque and the ShiftCam 
technology can make this bike a real street king.
This bike weighs 239 kilograms wet, 
standard seat height is 820 millimeters.  
So, although the bike itself looks pretty 
short, its seat is not, and riders under 175cm  
could find it hard to reach the ground properly, 
which can be problematic given its weight,  
and since the bike is equipped with 
the semi-active suspension, potential  
buyers should forget about lowering kits. The 
only aftermarket solution is a lowered seat.
When it comes to sporty riding, this bike 
seems perfect for hard riding on curvy roads,  
but its handling is much better in longer curves 
than in short ones. Lower center of gravity on  
this bike provides you with much confidence 
when leaning into a curve and combined with  
the Dynamic suspension, classic upside down 
forks and a 17 inch wheel at the front,  
R1250R makes an impression of a 
proper hyper-naked motorcycle.
I would also mention these impressive 
Continental Road Attack 3 tires,  
although I am a fan of Metzeler 
Roadtecs, I was surprised how well  
these tires behave, with a lot 
of grip for the twisty roads.  
Along with its sporty spirit this 
bike offers some touring features.  
First of these is the unbelievably 
comfortable seat. During the whole  
ride I was under impression that this is the best 
motorcycle seat ever. BMW did a great job here!  
Other touring advantages are: 
side and top case mounts,  
fuel efficient engine, great torque distribution 
that enables cruising at low rpm in higher gears,  
almost vibration free handlebar 
and foot pegs, heated grips. etc.  
However, since this is a naked bike its wind 
protection is minimal, so that would be the  
worst disadvantage for touring ride, 
but as the owner of this bike told me  
R1250R is more than suitable for 4-5 days tours, 
where one should avoid long riding on highways.
Now, about the engine. This bike is equipped 
with the most recent BMW boxer engine,  
with a displacement of 1254 cc and the BMW 
ShiftCam system of variable timing and valve lift,  
which provides better power and 
torque across the entire rev range.  
With its power of 136 horsepower at 7750 rpm and 
the torque of 143 newton meters at 6250 rpm, this  
bike is a real torque devil. It pulls strongly 
from idle with a well distributed torque (thanks  
to the ShiftCam) until it reaches the redline. 
Still it’s a two-cylinder boxer engine, so one  
should not expect a inline-four characteristic 
power explosion in higher rpm range.  
With this bike, everything happens in the 
mid range. Also, I’ve noticed that short  
throttle lag in hard throttle openings, but the 
advantage of that is a totally smooth throttle,  
without the slightest jerkiness when maintaining 
the constant low speed. Such a big torque is  
great for overtakes in higher gears as well, 
just open the throttle and you are good to go.
Gearbox on this bike is great as well. Hydraulic 
clutch is light as a feather, so light it lacks  
any feedback from the clutch basket, and gear 
shifts are smooth as butter. But the quick-shifter  
could be better. I’m used to S1000XR’s perfect 
quick-shifter, so find this one not that well,  
especially when upshifting that low rpm. 
Downshift auto-blipping is pretty good though.
This bike is very fuel efficient, in 
regular riding it averages around 5 liter  
per 100 kilometers and almost never exceeds 6 
liter, which is great for the 1250cc engine.
Another great feature of this model is its 
exhaust sound. This HP version is equipped  
with the Akrapovic exhaust, and on this bike db 
killers were removed, so it sounds mean as hell.
Beautiful melody to everyone’s ears!  
Well not everyone’s, but every 
biker will surely appreciate it 😉
Brakes on this bike are just great, same as on the 
S1000XR first gen. Two radially mounted Brembo M4  
Monobloc four piston calipers, 320 millimeter 
discs, and an axial master cylinder at front,  
with a twin piston caliper on 
276 millimeter disc at rear,  
all controlled by BMW’s integral ABS with 
ABS Pro. Brake response is immediate,  
strongly grabbing from the very start and 
providing a lot of control when braking.
Semi-active suspension is also very good, a little 
bit more on the comfort side and in combination  
with a very comfortable seat, one can easily make 
long distance rides without taking often breaks.  
In Dynamic mode, suspension 
becomes firmer and prevents  
bike’s wobbling when cornering and diving on 
front when hard braking before the corner.  
Another important feature of this bike 
is that its equipped with the driveshaft  
instead of drive chain. So it means better look, 
less maintenance and easier to keep the rear wheel  
clean all the time. However, as with all bikes 
with driveshafts, you will definitely notice it  
when doing hard acceleration upshifts, it’s not as 
smooth as it is with motorcycles with drive chain.
One of the best visual features of this motorcycle 
is BMW’s 6.5 inch TFT display, which looks and  
fits this bike perfectly. It is very bright, 
easy to use and provides the rider with many  
information all the time. Along with the beautiful 
TFT, this bike is equipped with a lockable  
Navigator mount, that can be operated from the 
multi-controller wheel on the left handlebar,  
but its position is not that well. It is too 
close to the rider and under a regular field  
of vision pretty hard to look at in normal 
riding conditions. Also, this bike has the  
original heated grips that are the same as 
on other models. Some riders find them not  
hot enough in cold weather, but from my personal 
experience they are just fine. After all, this is  
a naked bike ,hence any heated grips won’t save 
you from cold when ridden in freezing weather.
Another must-have accessory for this bike are 
these engine guards, to prevent severe damage to  
the cylinder head if dropped on its side. There 
are many aftermarket engine guards that you can  
get and these ones increase that badass look of 
the whole bike, so they are more than recommended.
Headlight on R1250R is an old halogen technology 
with the LED DRL and it would be much nicer and  
modern if it was full LED. At least this halogen 
headlight is bright enough for the night riding,  
so one could just install the LED bulbs 
inside it. Other lights on the bike are LED.
Maintenance wise, this bike 
is easy to handle with.  
All the services it needs are relatively easy 
to do and don’t take much time to finish them.
Okay, the final verdict: R1250R is a 
very attractive all-rounder naked bike  
that will always have its customers and if 
you like large displacement torquey naked  
bikes that are also comfortable for touring, 
you should definitely consider this BMW.
Alright guys, that would be all for this review.  
Should you have any questions, 
please write in the comments below.
Stay tuned because new reviews are on their way!

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