BODIES BODIES BODIES (2022) MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching! Full Movie Review | Pete Davidson

thank you to aspro and liquid IV for sponsoring us more on them after the reaction real rejects got invited back to WonderCon come geek out with us in person Sunday March 31st let’s think please is there an afterlife do we just decompose and become energy restored for the

Earth body I guess we got it that’s the best I could come up with citizens of the reject Nation it is time for bodies bodies bodies let’s go so usually when we do a movie I know absolutely nothing about the movie going in and with this one I

know nothing about the movie what I like to hear legitimately nothing except for the fact that people were raving about this movie for a long time scream queen stuff Greg I I don’t know I have I don’t know anything about it I think Pete Davidson’s in it oh

I got to tell you I have like a heart on for Pete Davids and I’m one of those nice I know I just it’s apparently a rarity apparently women don’t love Pete Davidson what’s what’s wrong with us I don’t know I mean it’s he’s got the charm he’s

a Charming guy he calls it the butthole eyes and I agree there something about well okay I’m glad to know Pete Davidson’s in this

I think some other upand cominging young artists are there as well if you guys love this movie if you aren’t sure cuz you haven’t

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exclusively over there cuz they got sexiness in them oh yeah yeah that was cool it was it was sexy oh yeah all right Bertha Earth that that’s what I call that voice that’s the Grateful Dead all right we’re going to watch body body bodies here we go this

was 824 they don’t miss really rarely when rarely turning you off I hear noises oh wow that is saliva we opened on tongues amandela who you making out with eyes open are they recording a video she’s really this is a really long opening scene oh my God I’m

so uncomfortable Greg is this the movie it’s this for two hours I really need this is an opening scene people yeah don’t look you know who that is of course I don’t know who that is this a girl from Borat bro oh she’s great okay they’re really cute

though I love you and we love you you don’t have to say it back I’m sorry I just oh that uncomfortable moment trying for several years in my wife to get her to say it back one day that’s the goal what a great cold open we were in

their kiss connected I’m rooting for these characters already so David there’s your childhood friend my preschool boyfriend oh so impressive you’re impressive Jordan is going to be obsessed with you vess I can’t help it okay look at the road bab who is that oh the amount of uncertainty

in her charact I love it it’s okay to be nervous that’s part of the fun what are they going to do is she meeting her friends is beautiful feels like we’re going on a shining like Mission but they’re creating a sense of irony with it good way to

save some money get them somewhere remote no extras needed You’ be a good line producer well I just think it’s smart when you use your budget wisely you know they got great actresses got to make sure that we use our budget when we need it I forgot something

in the car okay don’t take too long a oh cute cuties Young Love you’re cool you’re the you’re the you got this uhoh car’s going to die car’s goingon to die good call Greg and they’re going to need to escape oh hottie my man Pete that girl looks

familiar too actually arpit hair respect Rachel sen it okay Shiva baby what is she doing here hello what is she doing here is she not welcome Hey wi yes I told you guys I got really big lungs I know he makes me uncomfortable love the podcast okay we

have a fan of thean of the I can’t believe that you’re here it’s like what hi wow the personalities feel so natural this is b b this is everyone that’s David my best friend in the whole whole wide world that’s to see that’s Jordan good intros that makes

it natural I love a fish out of water character coming in I’m Sophie oh whoa you’re Sophie what is the history here he seems like 40 years older than everybody right yeah okay we have all been here and nobody had any clue that you were coming and I

texted you you in the group chat yeah no you didn’t you guys know that I’m useless with text right oh so uncomfortable being the significant other in this situation what uh what is it it’s a zucchini a bread it’s zucchini bread a so innocent that Blade’s going to

come back that was so sick I can’t believe I didn’t video that my dad’s gir sword I just found it on the wall yeah don’t grab off my wall she feels like a walking Tick Tock come on it’s laive nice pouring so if you want I’m sober everyone’s

so close and comfortable and she’s such an outsider yay sober huh yay congrats that’s a most hysterical response yay oh she’s the girl in that uh Netflix movie with Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawk Leave the World Behind the daughter of msh Holly that all you got mother I

feel like he’s going to be the first to die he and I die right now struck by lightning oh and they’re sober hey face can we talk for a second sure I’m sorry I’m sorry I’ll he right back I hope they make out like every 10 minutes it’s

beautiful the house Sophie’s parents have one that’s even bigger nice just be careful okay she’s flirting right like Miss Sophie just be careful boy yeah it feels like sexual attention it’s like that breathy talk when you’re trying to be hot why is everyone so obsessed with the chat

when we could just live in the moment yeah it’s cuz you went to rehab and you’re not on drugs so like everything’s like why don’t we just all be cool man you have a little problem with Greg The Lumberjack it’s a new pod I’m not used to the

inhaling yet what is he like 40 hey I think Alice found him on Tinder or some I think he was in the army or some well that’s hot he’s not he’s not like that hot I’m more attractive than that what are the features that you’re bringing well I

just look like I I look like I and that’s the vibe I like to put out there yeah no uh yeah he’s he’s really handsome got be for sure what the are you doing here so I missed you we both know that’s a lie nobody’s ever missed me.

I really do want to know what’s going on the movie is really selling me on this mystery of whatever happened in the past she said he is her best friend in the whole wide world she was expecting him to talk to her parents so it’s like like all

right what’s the tea and what did she do so they all are some upper class Society group of friends am I wrong with this is a horror movie I don’t know I think it is a horror movie yeah it’s 824 horror so you know yeah yeah yeah psychological

B in the house and I’m in no h b do you remember this I last I know was like Britney Spears Baby One More Time Roxy I I don’t know much I really so much more with the main girl than any of these other guys Fish Out of

Water effective tool for sure and also be I’ve been in the situation where I was younger with no money and being around rich people random rich friends how long have you guys been together uh uh six weeks six weeks that’s the all I’m been get her for are

you from Moscow no why Dr shago is my favorite film oh oh my God okay I want to just start like pouring again so that we can go crazy oh you know that has weed in it right uh oh you think she’s sober too she’s surrendering to it

this guy always needs the next high are you being an Ino I’m coked up I bitter rud this is so great I just feel like something terrible is about to happen as an actor it’s so hard to do like party scenes with five people and make it seem

like you’re having fun this is so awesome did you go to college here in the states or um yeah here she keeps trying to get to know her just watch a girl looks like she’s having fun but Jordan I can’t get over this music in it too let’s

go who wants to play bodies bodies bodies oh oh that’s why they call it that if you draw the piece of paper that has the X on it you are the murderer and you have to keep it a secret I get so stressed out every time we play

this you always end up crying okay I can access my emotions easily very I’m just saying this game gets very ugly it’s ugly when she ugly cries literally every single time we play people start fighting what’s the game so I’m going to hit the lights in a second

and if you’re the murderer you have to sneak around and kill someone by like touching them on the back someone’s actually going to die everyone else has to avoid being killed and then if you are killed you have to fall down and pretend you are dead like this

cool oh so smart for watching the behavior of everyone who’s getting carried away emotionally and physically Creator suspect if you do come across a body you have to yell bodies bodies bodies and then once that happens we’ll turn all the lights back on and then we’ll try to

figure out who did it you think we’ll be able to figure out who the Killer is okay it’s interesting seeing Pete Davidson a guy who’s so much about sobriety playing a guy doing a bunch of drugs right now well now he is cuz he was in but I

think in 2022 he was also whoa that was a hard slap did you ever do slap shots no that is such a hard slap they did this in 13 remember that movie yeah I watch it all the time come on what was that you got yeah go for

it uhoh come on really oh no oh no oh no Greg this is gonna be so bad I’m so uncomfortable right now like this oh David dude he’s going to hit him back you are such an play the game that was messed up he sucker punched him yeah

ow she’s got a violent person inside of her this is spooky kind of talk to me Vibes this mov is like playing foreplay with the audience so the rules being one of them already knows that they are the killer because they had an x on their thing and

they’re they have to tap somebody to kill them right yeah it’s like the game murder and the are the rest like what is she doing right now running trying to avoid getting tapped hey what whoa in the POV that was interesting cuz she doesn’t know if she’s the

killer P oh this is like an entire bottle movie like a bottle episode we one locationing but there’s going to be eight actors movie breakfast now like you guys over here is he just pretending or is he actually underneath him it looks like it Shadow or blood so

do we have any nominations Emma why do you think it was me well she just like agrees with everything that everybody’s saying and that’s her strategy in this game and it works every single time so I’m calling it now is he dead he’s dead he’s dead for sure

guys why isn’t he moving brick baby get up oh he’s so dead you don’t have to keep pretending for this long oh but our main girl will get suspected cuz she’s new was it murder was it a heart attack did he die from being punched too hard could

it be a brain aneurysm hey relax this always worked that had me going that was funny smart smart oh movie you define expectations right now it’s definitely David why are you yelling that would be so obvious if I were the killer which I’m not I think you’re digging

yourself into a little hole here Dave best defense is a good offense he you shut up you’re not supposed to talk what the does that even mean Greg best defense is good offense why are you so abrasive towards him cuz he’s in his house and he wasn’t invited

it um it means that the best defense is a good offense keep repeating it Greg look in sports oh my God oh my God oh my God you such a hey this is a teaching moment teaching moment you are an you’re with me I’m just having fun we’re

all just having a good time right guys oh he’s sensitive just having fun I think it’s time for me to put myself to bed can I you kids have fun kids have fun way to make yourself sound old all of our attention to the fact that Emma hasn’t

said aing word I’m just pointing out the obvious that’s all look she’s doing that swallowing she always does that when she nervous like why is normal it’s a normal thing to do very unattractive oh my God is that why you guys never have sex what oh my God

my God no talking about we do I have it a lot are you you talking about us behind my back oh and he takes so much pride in that too oh my God oh my God no we you never really I I I don’t you’re always gaslighting me

Gaslight shut up dumb word excuse me dude like what’s next you’re going to call me a narcissist you are foot soldier of like the white supremacy like be more original well I’m just saying this is what I’m saying she doesn’t have a thought in hering head that hasn’t

been said by anybody else you are emotionally abusive I do get part of what he’s saying though okay but he’s being certainly abusive right now oh absolutely 100% horrible what he’s doing as a coked out prick but it is interesting I vote David yeah me too third look

at your quivering upper lip like we all didn’t see you and had a gabbler you yeah yeah yeah forth he is a psycho I know so many people like him you need to get new friends I said I know so many people like i v i v she’s

really good I like her cover up very Bel I gotta say Pete devenson is actually really believable yeah yeah give it to me oh no oh she’s succumbing that was a great shot the neon is so cool does anybody have service no no wait mine’s not working okay

I think the Wi-Fi is also down what a cool shot the lighting is sick I’m going to go flip the breaker is it in the garage or is it in the basement I’m going to go get some more flashlights I’m going to go to the bathroom they all

just separated things I would never do for a hundred but they don’t know a murder is coming we are over a half hour into this film and we don’t have a murder you don’t know what they’re capable of that we’re only 20 minutes in your intro was 10

minutes long my intro was 6 minutes relax okay this is what’s the blinking emergency light I think it’s for that purpose whoa oh never mind I was wrong or it’s a fake out I don’t know okay he’s really DED he’s really dying I knew he must be first

to die ding hold his head up what to his neck oh he is slashed up what are you doing 911 we go do service no you no wow this is a fullon hurricane you should move his body why I don’t know no you can’t move him you watch

spu it’s evident he’s not dead yet his neck is slit his I know but organs are out but they can still move him why do you think he’s not dead I mean I it’s not really about that I’m saying they can move him we have to stop breathing

oh oh I love harsh conditions how smart use to have the elements so that way it cuts off their signal entirely so you can’t use cell phones and such and not safe to drive either this is very interesting you have to push the gas know how to drive

can’t see the battery dead oh no what this shot is wild great do wait where are your cars we we only had one car max this all up and left so much anxiet oh I love that shot everything chaos Max will probably be here any minute right where’s

Jordan she went to check the generator was he doing by the was he outside in the stor that is a really good question they might just think it was a stranger who did it let me in I found this outside in the mud whoa don’t touch it that

is a really cool prop shot David’s dad explain it to us nobody can get in without the code well Max has the code I’m just saying like we’re is he couldn’t he have come back after last night Alice stop why would he go kill where is Greg he

said he was going to bed so my guess would be that he’s sleep oh my God don’t you think it’s a little bit strange that he hasn’t like woken up yet what are you trying to say he’s a stranger Jordan what are you doing I’m staying safe really

because it looks like you’re grab a meat cleaver to go look for my boyfriend Alice I’m literally just protecting myself Alice how long have you known Greg like long two weeks what what do you know about him I know that he’s a good person okay he’s fundamentally a

good person he’s a Libra moon he’s a Libra moon Amazing Amazing Greg come into the kitchen Greg I don’t think it’s Greg but you have every right to suspect of course of course like for the movie it’s obviously not but I would suspect him if absolutely yeah he

should definitely try to cancel him out wait where is it’s a classic murder mystery story but told with this like the this generation’s youth so great a lot of people would have a reason to be a suspect open it you open it what happened if Craig would never

do this he wouldn’t okay so open it open it one second I’m going to Rachel’s character’s cracking me she’s so believable of that age and gen so good I’d be curious to know how they built the chemistry with every everyone here because everyone plays they all feel like

they’ve known each other for a very long time what is this he wanted to be prepared for the hurricane he why do you Circle we have to find him before he does made a lot of signs are pointing to Greg I don’t know movie you got my brain

turning it could be something like he did it but why why did he want him dead like what was going on I don’t know it seems too obvious but and we still don’t know to deal with that Max situation it is so hard to shoot a movie with

this kind of lighting to keep your characters consistently silhouetted in the dark like that I wonder what they actually did do you think it was lighter and they darkened it oh my God Emma what is that SX you want one yeah give me one you have your senses

sharp right now let’s go find Greg H what the oh my god oh it’s one of those like uh thy mask this is like therapy mask seasonal depression seasonal depression her lines are so good Oh my he has no idea what’s happened what an icky room I got

me what’s up where have you been huh I mean he looks really clean yeah I couldn’t sleep so I came down here to do my exercises why didn’t you answer me were you calling for me are you you guys still playing werewolf can’t read the room they’re actually

all terrible is that my gob back why did you bring a go bag what’s going on David is dead his body is outside somebody slid his throat what with a sword you sick wow oh you guys are with me I hope someone does isn’t making a rational choice

right now I know I know he everyone needs to take a deep breath give me my knife back what the is going on I don’t know put down the weapon you put it down no oh my God this a very unique way to execute a classic premise no

guys no no no he’s don’t get triggered buddy uhoh oh God he’s dead Bora girl did it oh no oh with a kettle bell you get some good exercise with no stop I mean at this point Wow first you’re hunting a murder now you’re going to have to

cover up this this murder you for sure committed and she’s the only one we know didn’t kill Pete because we found him from her POV the fact that she was willing to him my a suspect for sure this isn’t right he didn’t do it how do you know

how do you know that he did great question on paper logically he is the most likely to commit an act violence on paper what the are you even talking about you guys aren’t cops I mean he’s the only one who served in the military right so what he’s

a vet like Iraq or no I thought it was Afghanistan he was a veterinarian oh he was a veterinarian’s assistant are you serious right now then why did you call him GI Joe because have you seen him oh damn she killed him oh my God it’s a very

real response go change your shirt go by yourself we need to leave we need to get out of here we don’t have a car okay I’m going to walk Emma stop what do you mean you can’t just Emma literally in the middle of nowhere where are you going

one more body’s got to drop so they know they know they didn’t get the right one I mean it could have been any of us oh then she’s relapsed it could have been Max just because Max is in love with me doesn’t mean he would kill David this

is not about you and Max I loved him so much it didn’t seem like it what whoa it seemed like you loved having a boyfriend and you loved feeling comfortable but no you did not love him you were just too scared to do anything about it so you

stayed for 3 years longer than you should have because you’re a coward damn you are so toxic and honestly when you fell off the face of the Earth David was relieved he was relieved he didn’t have to deal with you anymore o I wish they had chopped off

your head instead you spineless piece of whoa you are all just covering up your pain right now I don’t think it’s much of a cover up there’s a lot more like hurt Underneath It All that’s just like dog piling into other emotions yeah I mean I guess we

don’t know that be didn’t kill Pete Davidson we see her see him but we don’t know where she’s coming from well we were with her the whole crawl though yeah I mean and the way she just reacted to killing that guy like I like this disorienting paranoia like

musical beats they have the instrumental the music is just perfect really sorry I’m so up right now it’s just like things started coming whoa okay isn’t that what you want it yeah Emma that’s what I wanted that’s what I was in the mood for do you want this

yeah thank you that is the weirdest response just having a hard time determining a why someone would kill my my mind’s telling me it’s the main girl with the headlight on but I don’t know why she would do it I’m curious about this Max character could Pete have

killed himself no no no with the sword doubt it no because we’re g to have another victim right now let the bodies hit the floor oh yep yeah we knew she was a goner damn head Bastion and all fell oh my God she was the quickest there she

fell maybe she you tripped no no no she was pushed I told you it wasn’t Greg are you happy that she’s dead no but I told you it wasn’t great I did I did tell you her she is her timing she’s comedic genius who is the killer in

the game is following the same pattern David Greg Emma no it’s not following the same pattern Greg died and then we executed David but in real life David died why would it be a man who was the killer you’re CED out you’re cked out okay we’re all cked

out I’m not that is true are you wearing makeup whose sweater is this I found it upstairs how long have you known her stop Alice who are you what you show up here start smiling at my boyfriend this is the first time anybody’s even looking at her yeah

and there was nobody with your name who graduated from Utah State this year you could have tampered with a generator just like you tampered with Sophie’s car you said you left the lights on you literally murdered Greg literally I don’t want you in here get out of this

out of this room I don’t want to look at your face anymore get out calm down defend your girl a little bit well that relationship’s doomed yikes W great perspective shots the cocaine element is so interesting cuz they’re all just so out of their minds High drugs paranoia

but then there’s actual murders oh no I don’t know this struggle is real I feel like she’s going to get stuck in there or something damn it’s the worst trip ever scar do you think it’s one of these four girls that are left I’d be kind of disappointed

if it was Max yeah me too she also talked to her mom though there’s a couple other people I’m wondering like you know never always could be like a twin twist like but why why was she lying about her background I don’t know why did she put on

the lipstick why did she hold that girl’s bra I really think it’s her her yeah yeah I hear you but I don’t know why it would be her yeah but I’ve convinced I know what you mean she got to the scene quick as upstairs although when they found

Pete Davidson she was the first one to say call the cops uh oh if the girl with the headl ends up dead they’re going to really think it’s Borat she found a gun that’s what that was yeah great use of the weather here and I love how they

shoot it so intimately dog door but also showing us there’s more than one way inside this house interesting good point good point oh my God so many weapons I say murder everyone where’s Pete Davidson’s body it’s exactly what I was thinking when she was out there how the

did you get in here Jordan has a gun in her pocket Sophie get away from her I don’t have a gun then empty her pocket is there someone else with a gun oh she was the killer you were the killer in the game I you killed them why

would I kill David why would I kill Emma they are literally my oldest friends you just met them how dare you when I David you are the last person to get there that’s true Rachel you lied about everything to Sophie you’re a liar oh I did go to

Utah State for one semester but my mom was she she was having a hard time and I came home to take care of her I’ve been a playing what were you doing when I dropped you off at the mall I’m go to the food court Keep Up Appearances

yeah I do the same thing all the time act like I have friends my mom has border L I’m so sorry that’s that’s really serious mental health is a really serious issue I mean she’s the perfect reflection of like people and social media oh no the gun okay

we didn’t even want to invite you we debated about inviting you but because it’s David’s house and no you did not respond in the group chat and then you show up with this psychopath don’t call her a psychopath it’s so ableist so when the black girl has a

Coke habit it’s a problem but when everyone else around her does it including her best friend friend who happens to be white and male huh it’s fine you are obsessed with playing the victim I had to ride in the ambulance with you three times thinking you were dead

when things get tough you run you ran away to go write your Memoir but why did she kill them why did you ghost us Sophie like why trigger me that’s that’s the truth does she know you begged me to stop at your apartment on my way up here

and I did and we in your car she lying she’s lying through her teeth she’s trying to get in your head don’t listen to her okay oh no you’re emotionally abusive I had to go to therapy for PTSD you can ask Alice she did for a long time

you hate Alice no I don’t you won’t stop making fun of her stupid little podcast let her have the podcast wow all truth are just coming out right now you hate listen to her podcast and you made a swear on our lives not to tell anyone and is

that true I like your podcast oh my God nobody likes you do you know when you’re drunk and you cry to me oh I’m afraid nobody likes me cuz I mean and a and I suck do okay this is hysterical it’s like a sketch no wonder Sophie OD

who could dat a spreadsheet with a superiority complex it’s like are you serious did you just shoot me you’re the murderer I knew it I knew it you’re such a don’t kill her don’t kill her why did you shoot me with that gun stop weaving it around and

don’t stop you’re on my leg oh my God yeah dude restrain this woman oh my God how’d she get the gun again how’d she get the gun again no oh my God knew it wow I didn’t do it someone seriously has to like get hold the G just

put it down please stop moving please please just put it down I think she has some type of condition where she thinks that she really believes just stay there just please stay there I’m piing you please pleas stay there smart Okay was it a ploy there was a

way to get the gun nope oh my god get involved in the fight oh no oh no had to but damn how they do that shot check her text check or text to know that they hooked up it’s like a satire of our culture today completely what a

weird turn of events but it it treats it so serious at the same time engulfed though like just like what Sophie did you kill him no did you no you killed C to predict you everyone saw that yeah that’s PR although you didn’t have to nobody had to

kill him do you love me I just wanted to tou to you you frightened me frightened me oh she’s convinced that she’s the killer cuz she already did check her text maybe we have’t stay together oh maybe because Amanda couldn’t get her trust fund from her parents and

she was checking in with Pete Davidson and he didn’t talk to her parents she needed money I don’t know how would that lead her to getting the money taking Pete I don’t know I I don’t know it makes no damn sense where are you I love you is

this going to be one of those movies where you don’t find out who did it no he definitely will but it seems Manda which is bizarre oh no is she about to find Max’s body or something the darkness is so great I actually have no idea how much

time we have left in this too like there could be like a whole another story or we could be coming to a close that’s why I’m concerned that we might not actually find out who the killer was no that would be crazy Greg get out of here at

that a 24 no there’s no way pull some like that no they wouldn’t I know them okay yeah I talk to Steve a24 all the time it’s like at this point if you know you did didn’t do it you must know the other person did unless you think

it’s the girl on the ground with the head device right oh a hug I thought no one would believe me give me a phone you should just admit it if you did it yeah and also if you did do it why wouldn’t you delete your text I’m stupid

don’t throw it ah Dam he’s going to try to put in the water back to the pool it all goes back to the pool Greg but now the the water’s been muddied oh God no not my PO oh what whose phone is it Max that’s not my phone

face ID I have no idea what’s going to happen right now this is a very weird movie oh my God you might be right I think so and it just escalated everything else we can explain yeah oh Greg was too cool damn it was an accident damn you

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now am I Gathering that correctly in a in a good way like it because you because tell me what’s going through your head I’m disappointed in myself I hear you I hear you cuz it was like you were looking for the killer well nothing was lining up for

why someone would do it and nor did it make sense to me why Pete Davidson got to watch our words here would on alive himself and then they show like oh it’s just some freak accident or something that occurred and I kind of love it because of that

like when she says what was he doing outside yeah and like you called and I just couldn’t see like why he would do it and I do actually sort of res I actually really respect the fact that everything that happened was just because they couldn’t keep their together

and it becomes this commentary on what people are like like especially like what people respon how they behave on un like social media you know all the buzzwords that you hear and the fronts that they like to put up and what they like to advocate for and how

everyone’s kind of putting up a a a facade you know this veneer that then pulling back those layers and then I I kind of I kind of loved it in a way I did not anticipate because it is so different than I would have expected and it’s a24

I can imagine this is one of those movies that has an allright audience score with a great critic score because this is not because it sets it up like a typical murder mystery just with a modern better critic score than audience I would suspect so I would think

fli I mean you’ve been outdoing me on this movie the entire time as I have been wrong the entire way I’m so young and hip I know you speak the language of these woman I look up that one thing while you know what this is kind of a

commentary on though I believe like this is what happens when your relationships are not rooted in trust when you don’t actually have trust at their core because so what here’s what’s happened Pete Davidson that was right on accident 85 critic 69 wild and I’ll be like Yep this

seems like that pretty high for both uh fresh for both right yeah I mean one’s like a c and the other one’s like a B+ yeah 69 is kind of low for the audience I would have thought it would been higher than that honestly I would I would

definitely guess that it would have been in the 70s minimum well you see I was saying that because that disappointment I have I can imag that is just in myself but I can imagine the way how other people probably take it or like what it was just like

this big I Feel So Satisfied right now it’s insane I knew they weren’t going to not tell us who did it what I think is just so brilliant though is okay so you follow all the threads Pete Davidson on accident un alive just totally because he is threatened

by somebody else’s like masculinity I suppose then because of that they are they question this man who who they don’t know very well and they believe to be a warvet who is not but they don’t stop and ask questions they don’t trust each other’s judgment in their Partners

they don’t trust him so then they end up with him being un alived then the same situation um with the girl who then uh Amanda’s character gives too many pills to and she trips down the stairs it’s just like a series of an unfortunate events well it’s funny

because Pete Davidson when he’s first going off on his girlfriend he’s saying like what you’re going to call me a gaslighter what a because because I think some people will say that is such a buzz word and often abused word in it of itself it and then um

being called a narcissist and other thing like a lot of these words that have sort of reached the Forefront in the day and age of mental health becoming an actual definition right and it’s funny because they all kind of do that to each other they’re all they’re all

emotionally abusive to each other they’re all narcissists for the most part they’re all except for our main girl and then they’re um they they all Gaslight each other so they are all victims of the exact thing they avoid admitting to what they are as a as a collective

completely and I thought that was kind of a brilliant um take on on on these characters because as much as they’re like Rich it’s not really a commentary on classism uh it’s more of a commentary on how we associate um all these like like I I think Rachel

uh is it senate or S I always call it is it Senate I’ve been saying Senate that might not be right I mean my introdction to her was body uh B uh bottoms bottoms I didn’t see the other one but um yeah I think her character is like

a wonderful encapsulation of of feeling like an authentic personality like like you and H both probably seen that type of individual so many times watch uh the idol no I did not okay she’s that too yeah she she’s amazing she’s unbelievable and somehow she doesn’t feel like a

parody even though that kind of person feels like a parody I think on paper it’s probably reads like it could be a sketch but she brings an authenticity to it that makes that reminded me of people in real life that we I I I for sure I’m like

I’ve seen this type of personality so many times you know I’m so with you yeah the each character even though we don’t know their names they were so clear yeah just so Crystal Clear made perfect sense uh but it also felt like this was I don’t know who

this was written by but it felt like it was written by somebody who’s 27 years old 25 years old plugged in what it was like plugged in to the way people are on soci thought you said Miss plugged in I was like was that the person to just

in the sense that like I don’t feel like it was a commentary from uh a 50-year-old man commenting on young women today I feel like this was part of society is the when your relationships are not rooted in earned behaviors and trust and understanding and you just use

these buzzwords and you just have drugs and partying and you just have uh like money and richness and fun experiences then you don’t have what you need to thrive yeah and in this it takes it to the extreme obviously but like the the relationship that makes the furthest

is the one that is at at least rooted in love in a little way you know at least lust like between the two girls um between the the people that we start seeing them make out you know like they at least are coming in they’re sober they’re trying

um and they’re the ones who make it out of the end of this do you think that Amanda’s character was the check the text thing like do you think that she they hooked up yeah th% she tossed her phone that’s sad she she’s been vemi in denial the

one main uh girl who I kept suspecting was the killer she her last words were check her text she was a dead set on it and she also threw her phone and if there if if she has a gun pointed at her and and and her key to

earning trust but why doesn’t she just say yeah I did it because you all are liars I know they’re all narcissistic personal except for the one girl whose mom has borderline she’s not a liar but she’s The Outsider she The Fish Out of Water it it was nice

to have that one redeeming character except she’s the only one we see as who murders somebody in Cold Blood in the whole movie one person murders somebody and it’s her I wouldn’t call it cold blood though I mean everyone in that moment thought he was the Killer and

they were all fighting with him they were doesn’t she didn’t murder him she definitely murdered him but In Cold Blood but I when I usually he didn’t murder anybody if I hear What In Cold Blood means that sounds like a just a coldblooded murder when it wasn’t an

act of defense and it wasn’t self-defense though I don’t think in the court I think in her mind it was because she was he Mur in their mind I wouldn’t call her a murderer though I mean in the in the in the context what went down in that

scene she would they were all um right in the context they were like one one guy one girl tackled them they all had weapons on him and he was ready to fight he even grabbed a knife he was he was fighting with all them and so she just

took the blow to take him down I’m not calling it first degree premeditated but that’s what I’m talking about yeah that’s why I felt like itur she a th% murdered him you said I don’t know if she’s a murderer she hit him over the head and then he

gets back up and she hit I know you know but know labels like there was a way to deescalate and that’s another thing another great message of this movie and I know it’s not supposed to be like oh this movie is all about its messages but there’s a

lot of messages in this movie in life this is so important when you can deescalate do yeah and none of them could do it she couldn’t do none of them could deescalate the only one who could ended up murdered he went to the remember when Pete hit H

him and he’s like gets in his face and he’s like I’m going to go to sleep now mhm and he was of a different gen and he goes in the other room and he read light therapies and he tries to deescalate and he puts down his weapon and

he ends up dead for it yeah oh these these guys are all everyone here what I loved is like everyone here is so obsessed with their image even to a degree with our um I keep forgetting their name yeah amand Amanda Amanda uh even with Amanda there there

isn’t to me at least the way I saw it there was an extent of part of her working on herself and getting sober was to also receive a sense of gratification of her image of what others thought about her there was a consistency with almost like a need

for validation that everyone had and a need for approval yes Greg and even at the end when she says when they’re like why didn’t you want to be around us anymore and she says because you guys trigger me and it’s another buzzword and it’s like the midst of

in the midst of that heated conflict they’re all buzz word yeah it’s like how about one of you guys actually stops and says something real for a single second but you can’t be they say why don’t you want to be with us anymore and instead of saying because

you guys don’t support me you’re really horrible friends and I can’t control myself when I’m she says because you trigger me it’s like that’s the The Buzz word Nation right now and that’s why early on like I wasn’t trying to say Pete Davidson’s character wasn’t a POS cuz

he totally was but I got what he was saying when he was like he was like what are you gonna call me a narcissist and it’s like you are a narcissist you absolutely are but also it is just the buzzword city it’s wild this wow I love this

yeah I mean like a tracks like and I think that the whole I I love how they peel it back to show that a lot of the images that people put up it was a weird it’s such a strange movie because it’s the last thing I expected this

movie to I never would have thought this this is the kind of film we were walking into can I tell you the only moment that I think could have been stronger Max walking in and saying oh yeah he was too nonchan about that what he goes so what

happened here I think they were going for like a comedic touch but it just registered as not believable it was like yeah that made me think like wait did you do this like what it is an odd moment um like what if he had walked in and just

screamed his head off you know and then CAU anything like just I feel like other than that this movie had a great sense of tone especially with Rachel’s character she was so spot on with her jokes but like we said felt realistic like I thought the timing this

was this almost played like a horror comedy it was so funny at times but that moment was just like what I definely call it dark horror I think it’s a dark com it’s a black comedy I think it’s a really uh it’s like mean-spirited but in all the

ways I love who is your favorite character uh I would I would probably I mean the one I think most people would hope to identify with Fish Out of Water murderer yeah yeah the first degree murder the the her the main girl they’re all act everyone was such

a great actor though um I don’t know if I had a fake favorite character I think I have to give it to Rachel Senate the things that she said that were she was funny man she was funny she was really really funny was really funny but the way

the the movie also handles like the paranoia and the horror I thought was excellent too yes the way how the the cascading events of the like the weather and atmosphere just um like caving in on them enti the weather helps so much and you know what Greg it’s

an us problem as a society no just Society us we did this we did this we did what they did we saw what they saw yeah and we jumped to who did it no that’s why I think it’s a clever plan in the audience is is I think

a lot of us too in in a lot of ways might need to check ourselves on when we are when we are succumbing to being reflective of the other characters too yes Greg and yes Greg because I think it’s really easy for anyone who has a social media

account um to fall into that trap where where you are suddenly putting out things because you kind of want the recognition for look at me for what I’m doing and not realizing I am kind of going down some narcissistic Tendencies or I am doing something that I I

personally don’t agree with and even though I might like put out there that I don’t agree with this and I support this maybe I’m not really actually maybe I am being the antithesis to that so I think there’s a way to I I think the the main thing

we would all want to do is just go I am just the main Fish Out of Water character but then go oh but you know sometimes I might have to be be mindful of mindful it’s another word I might have to be mindful of when I am uh

reflecting these other characters I’d like to think I’m not these these people in real life but we have moments but we all have our moments where we can succumb to that and if you and the point is like to do that in knowledge of Truth and change and

this is everyone’s characters that’re breaking down as as as this situation just keeps unfolding and they’re breaking down to the truth but do they ever truly get in touch with the truth of who they actually are I don’t think they do you know yeah because at the end

of the day right the our fish had a water character still is a liar and a murderer but she was the only one who admitted the truth with you she’s the best of them but she’s still to her girlfriend claimed she went to graduate didn’t claimed she was

working wasn’t and I’m not saying she didn’t uh we don’t feel for her I’m not saying I don’t empathize or sympathize with some of her decisions but like just because you have a family situation that’s horrible you know we hear Rachel s people like that’s that’s very real

mental health is very real and it’s like yeah but you still can’t be a liar in a piece of yeah still can’t lie and murder well that’s why I think the this this idea like with the with the main girl I wish we knew everyone’s that with the

main girl um I know I don’t know any of that Alice Emma I I can’t recall a single name um uh but with our main girl like her whole point of of her of being from her perspective starting it in is she just wants to fit in she

just wants to get approval as well so even though it’s a different context as opposed to how everyone else seeks validation I think that’s so smart as a reflective uh idea to the audience of what happens when you try to fit in and consequences of that when you

aren’t just being your true self so you talking about you specifically talked about you know uh trust and truth I think that is a big point of the I think that is a point of the movie the last thing I thought we were going to just talk about

horror and all these things and this movie just had so much more to say that and and I think it does not give you what you expect and I can imagine that’s why the audience score would be like I immediately thought the audience score would be a lot

lower because it’s not a simple uh who done it movie but did you find this to be the reason I thought the audience score was going to be higher and obviously I was wrong is because I found this fun still and I find that audience can audiences can

be forgiving when something’s really fun do you think that this was a fun movie I think it was a I think it was a fun movie I do think it gets really serious though like Rachel Senate I I do believe elevates it and sometimes maybe cuz just the

way we were absorbed we were not finding moments that I imagine maybe that was meant to be a haha moment like when she puts the gun up when she’s dying and she says check her text like there’s something kind of funny about that but the whole whole argument

leading into that was not funny it was a very serious argument as much as there was a almost meta commentary on like when she talking about being black and using cocaine and how it’s not a problem when Davidson does it but when she does it I mean the

way they were all turning on each other and and pointing the fingers and stuff I I really I I think that stuff maybe people started finding that I don’t I don’t know why people maybe they thought it was preachy or something but I thought it was very revelatory

of I don’t think it was preachy no I don’t I’m not saying I thought it was pre people I don’t know why people would find it to be on the lower because it’s really not a horor it doesn’t really become like that much of a horror movie at

a certain point because it just it takes breaks because most of these movies they would just keep the focus simply on who is the killer and then this movie just takes these breaks to have people argue about things that are not about who killed who you know it

becomes about other things in the past that they have not talked about where you’re not even thinking about who the Killer is at for for certain chunks of the movie so yeah interesting the music killer phenomenal music the uh the way this was lit awesome beautiful really cool

beautiful stuff I want do you know this director at all I have no idea let’s look it up let’s look it up let’s do it let’s go let’s do it I my God and I thought Pete Davidson was very believable I usually I’m I’m I am very much

I’m saying this sentence realizing I don’t act this might be the only movie I’ve seen that Pete Davidson’s in I watched his show okay uh what the hell was it called something oh the one that had like Jo and stuff yeah yeah no I did no I did

not am I I think Pete Davidson’s pretty good that’s my point is I I guess I’ve never really given him the chance and I I just assumed I would only see Pete Davidson which is an unfair thing to impose on the character was very Pete Davidson adjacent I

feel like they played to his strengths I think but yeah I think he did a good job you looking at the director yeah it looks like um who’s the director her name is Helen rain and uh mainly TV yeah mainly TV shows that I’ve never heard of ever

I have no idea I don’t know what any of these are did did the director also write the script no it’s a different writer didn’t I didn’t notice that it seemed to me like it was the person who directed it would have been the writer Sarah someone came

up with a story and the writer it’s very female driven property let’s go you women uh no this is her first movie impressive for for a director we don’t know a writer who this was her first movie that’s impressive stuff yeah the whole thing I have to say

I was hoping that I was going to love this and I’m really really happy that I did I thought it was great yep I thought it was great and subverted expectations every step of the way and I think Greg fake out death is the moment they they’re telling

you this movie is not going to be what you think it is yeah totally that’s so true yeah the Ball tap movement I was I was engrossed yeah like I was literally engrossed to the point where I’m like I’m not even saying anything now I’m just like really

watching what’s happening like I’m so impressed with I like that you remember one character’s name and it’s cuz he has your name of course someone was name Roxy you remember Roxy wouldn’t you for sure that’s why I can’t remember anybody with Greg either um okay any other thoughts

before we body on out I’m trying to think you know because I I I always the one thing that the consistency in my life is that you think of the thought right now with the YouTube videos is when like the top comment is the thing that I’m like

oh I should have talked about that like things that are people are pointing out I can’t really think of anything great acting great writing saying at all I think as a um for what is obvious I mean other than like certain cast members for a lower budget film

I thought it was really smart of how they shot it to make it feel bigger with the mansion and to use the weather but I noticed that oh you get away with a lot in these real tight shots and to make like the environment feel massively icky and

just like drench them and and everything in the background moving but but like you get a couple of machines and you just make it like feel more massive than it actually is I thought was really clever but they got some real this this is a real talented cast

they’re very talented everyone felt like they knew each other a long time the chemistry was Unreal it was it was amazing chemistry I was very impressed with the chemistry these are Stellar performances well bodies body bodies you have our heart and our mind and our soul and our

body yeah that was awesome yeah really really good and I hope you guys loved it as much as we did let us know in the comments and we’ll see you soon later Rejects

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