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Bomb review is the phenomenon of a series of negative user reviews of an item or a work. But instead of commenting on product quality, they attack non-specialist issues such as politics, culture or simply do not like the team that makes that product. In a time when the internet is widely developed, making many netizens feel powerless, you can easily see bomb reviews everywhere. And of course, with a large number of customers, video games are also a favorite object to be bombed. Of course, the game is too bad to be criticized by the council, but it is

still a concern if the game is not bad. The history of the entertainment industry has shown us that there are many movies and games that receive high scores from experts but still get hit with critical review bombs from the community. If you wonder how that story happened, let’s find out with me in today’s video, let’s get started. The term “bomb review” first appeared in an article by author Ben Kuchera in 2008. In that article, Ben talked about how people playing Spore – a real-time role-playing game, have simultaneously left negative reviews on Amazon just because of

the lackluster gameplay and dissatisfaction with the game’s management system. According to Ben, eating bomb reviews like that will negatively affect the game. More

specifically, Ben thinks that gamers who intend to approach Spore will “spin the car” because of the word-of-mouth effect when too many people criticize it. Of course the experts have their reasons, but gamers watch bomb reviews is a way to send your thoughts to the manufacturer, in the hope that they can fix the incomplete things. Of course, if those negative reviews are true, then nothing. Here, the review bomb becomes a destructive tool of

the powerful people. They started abusing bomb reviews just to boycott a game they didn’t like or worse, to bring down their opponents. Since then there have been a lot of games that have received bad reviews but for the same reason I gave it one star because I hate seeing the guy’s face on the cover. During the development of the game industry, there have been many games that have received bomb reviews and there is no shortage of famous names like Mass Effect 3, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II. Also

in 2023, although the first quarter has not officially passed, there were 3 names that fell into the black book when receiving a lot of negative reviews. The first unlucky ghost will be Forspoken. Before its release on January 24th, many people believed that Forspoken will be the first blockbuster to open the bumper 2023 with a series of high-quality games. Reality is not as beautiful as imagined. It splashes in the face of the player when Forspoken sprays to the point of being unable to spray. The game of Square Enix received more than 3 thousand mixed reviews on

Steam, Not to mention the user reviews on Metacritic add to the pain as PC scores 1.8 and PS5 does better with 3.5. Experts also do not appreciate this game when it is only given 60 and a few consolation points. The catastrophic failure of this game was so reported that the production unit, Luminous Studio, had to close. Many online newspapers believe that Forspoken is being bombed by the gaming community for what purpose, it has not been clarified. but when the gamers heard that, they just laughed and said this is not a bomb review. Forspoken received a

ton of negative reviews simply because the game sucks, it’s awful, there’s no bomb here. Gamers also said that most of Forspoken’s negative reviews, except for those who follow along, are the right people, the right things, and there is not a bit of injustice here. A lot of people think that the dialogue and script in Forspoken, specifically the way the main character Frey talks, is more unpleasant than they thought. In addition, many also consider the game’s graphics and the world it builds to be an extremely disappointing and bland thing. Basically, Forspoken was criticized simply because it

was a bad game, not a bombshell like the press did. However, a stubborn part that supported the game said that Forspoken was negatively evaluated because the main character was a woman of color. Those elites could not accept that the main character was a woman of color, so they stoned the game. This caused quite a controversy on Steam and the Game Faqs forum. Of course, it’s not as big as the jihad on the Hogwarts Legacy, but it’s enough to cause a few small waves. Guess who won in that argument? Just looking at the scores on Steam

and Metacritic, we see that the Forspoken boycott has won. Simply because Forspoken has disappointed players too much compared to what its trailer brings. Through Forspoken’s story, we can see that not every game that receives a lot of negative reviews is a bomb review. Contrary to Forspoken is the story of Hogwarts Legacy, a major game that has caused a lot of controversy in recent times. Specifically, there are two ideologies that differentiate between true gamers and those who hate JK Rowling’s statements. Basically, most anti-Hogwarts Legacy think that playing games is sexist and support the point of the

author of the Harry Potter novels. As for the gamers, the other side is waking up because playing an open world game about witches is synonymous with sexism. This controversy became a major topic on social media in the weeks after the launch of Hogwarts Legacy. During that time, the game’s antifan community didn’t just stop at war of words but also go online to violence even streamers and Vtuber who intend to play the game. And as a matter of course, they could not ignore the dirty game of bomb review as a way to bring the game down.

A series of negative reviews with negative infinity scores were submitted to the Hogwarts Legacy. It’s just a bit funny in that, if you’ve boycotted, you won’t buy or play the game but evaluate it like it’s right? If you remember, this also happened The Last of Us Part II. The incident that time was even more fictitious when the game was scored 1 point since it was not released, because the bombers were able to see the game leak. and feeling unsatisfied with the new character Abby and Joel’s ending, they bombarded Metacritic to hate. Back to today’s story,

when a game comes out, you have the right to like it or not. Basically, because each person’s outlook on life is different, love and hate depend on feelings and experiences. However, the antifan community’s bombing of Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t make the game worse, it just makes people averse to the values ​​they are trying to protect. It’s no coincidence that “Dude, grow up, be less ignorant” is the most commonly used phrase when talking about the people who bombed the Hogwarts Legacy. I’m not advocating for Hogwarts Legacy because obviously this game is far from a great tier if

you’re not a Potterhead. Except for Hogwarts castle, the world in the game is quite monotonous. The plot is pretty bland if you don’t really like the wizarding world Or the game itself is not well optimized when consuming a lot of RAM on the PC. But if the assessment is fair, I think it’s not to the point of having to receive a 0/10 rating like some defiant anti-posts online. If you read the negative reviews about Hogwarts Legacy, you will find that there are very few constructive reviews. Most of the time it’s just ridiculous, mindless reviews, and

you know what those reviews are for. But unlike Forspoken, what Hogwarts Legacy created is enough for it to have a place in the hearts of fans. Whether a fan of the wizarding world or not, neutral gamers are still awake enough to realize that Hogwarts Legacy is an interesting game. That’s why, despite the controversy online, the game still breaks a series of records in the gaming industry. Through Hogwarts Legacy, you can see a bomb review of a godly way to bring down a game but if the game is good enough, the “wisdom” here are some ignorant

antis who don’t care. After Hogwarts Legacy and Forspoken, I think I can’t help but talk about the most recent emerging game, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty or Crouching – Thuong Thien Still Lac. Unlike Forspoken who got hate for a bad game, Hogwarts Legacy got hate for it because he liked it, The reason why Crouching Dragon was stoned largely lies in the optimization of the game for the PC version. It can be said that, before its debut, Ngoai Long received a lot of expectations from the gaming community, especially when it came from Team Ninja. a developer from

the land of the rising sun and has many years of experience in developing action games. However, in the first week of launch, Wo Long received a series of bomb reviews from gamers about the game’s extremely bad performance and mechanism. There are even many people who criticize that Wo Long will definitely flop if it continues like this. More specifically, these negative reviews mostly come from PC gamers. Because the version of Crocodile for PC at the time of launch was quite poor. Although the frequency of negative reviews is high, they are all aimed at expecting developers to

change and improve the game. Team Ninja then also made an extremely smart move when quickly fixing bugs and updating the game to appease gamers. However, that is not enough, because the frame rate of Crouching Dragon is not stable, prone to lag in combat phases, making it difficult for gamers to want to outplay the boss At the present time, Team Ninja is still trying to fix the errors that Crouching Dragon encountered. Updates are constantly being uploaded, although it is not possible to optimize and completely solve the existing errors in Ngoai Long. However, the timely demand of

Team Ninja is very popular with gamers, as evidenced by the positive reviews of the game that are gradually increasing. And at the time I’m writing, though Crouching Dragon still has mixed reviews on Steam but it was at a balanced level, not a terrible bomb review like the original. From the story of Ngoa Long, we see a different perspective on bomb review. That is, if applied in the right place, in the right way, this is also a direct and effective way for gamers to send their thoughts to the publisher. With the above 3 cases, hopefully everyone

will have an overview of the bomb review problem in the game village. Not many negative reviews are being bombed or bombarded. In the opposite direction, not all bomb reviews have negative connotations or lead to bad results for manufacturers. That is also the end of today’s video, if you like topics like this, please leave a comment below. Now I’m a Game, hello and see you in the next videos, bye bye.

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