BOMBSHELL (2019) Recensione | Review [ENG SUB] Margot Robbie | Amazon Prime Video | NO SPOILER

the film tells us about the value of women in the American television world
and how some men use their power to trample on that value
in 2016 a group of women working for the American Fox News network
decided to report President Roger Alies because of his sexist behavior
Jay Roach’s direction is documentary-tale style
combined with a rather classic American cinema style
good photography, but the stars that shine the most are the 3 protagonists
Nicole Kidman in the role of Gretchen Carlson
an unrecognizable Charlize Theron in the Megyn Kelly
and a fantastic Margot Robbie in the role of Kaila Pospisil
they represent their character in a truly unique way
an enchantment to see them at work
the story is told in a very sparkling and tight way
the atmosphere that can be breathed within a colossal network like Fox
has been recreated no expense has been spared
in terms of extras and small roles on the set
it is maybe even too crowded in some scenes
scenography and make-up are impeccable
the atmosphere recreated is truly credible
almost not to be distinguished sometimes if it is a documentary or a film
an excellent reconstruction of events that sheds

light on unacceptable
events that have seen the value of women in the American television
world and the ideal and monetary value of every body
every dream every form of truth
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