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foreign bones and all is a 2022 romantic horror movie directed by Luca gardenino from a screenplay by David kajnich it stars Taylor Russell Timothy chalamet and Mark rylance so the stories about a young couple of cannibals and the way it puts it in this they call him eaters so they’re not quite just some regular person that’s a cannibal they’re more along the lines of like a vampire they’re a full-blown creature that can’t help themselves but eat human flesh and the way it plays out is very interesting there are certain rules and Gifts like they’re able

to smell each other from a very long way away and they’re kind of animal-like they’re a little more animal-like than they are human dad you didn’t when the cops get here you have to be good and gone I can’t help you anymore I know it’s not your fault you were born this way but I don’t want to give anything more away than that I want you to kind of discover this for yourself but it’s basically about this couple that goes on the run because they’re cannibals they do not fit in society and they find each

other and they kind of stick together and they go on this almost Bonnie and Clyde journey across country they’re not quite the villains like Bonnie and Clyde but at

the same time they are villains because they’re killing people and so it sets it up with this really interesting story where on one hand they’re both sweet and you really enjoy them they’re full of Charisma they’re very likable characters with really interesting backstories that created them into becoming what they are today but on the other hand they’re killers they kill people and they eat them and it

gets pretty gory pretty graphic and there are definitely some scenes that you see some pretty brutal stuff but beyond that it just really turns your stomach the way it all plays out there’s many scenes that will catch you off guard and make you just go oh like if you’re not someone comfortable with really brutal body horror and Gore then this is one you might want to shy away from but that being said I would say it’s more of a romance and more of a love story than it is a horror movie it does have plenty

of horror elements about it though it’s just that the story really focuses on their love story and how they develop distrust for each other and this journey they go on there’s also a villain in this who is so creatively weird and original and just has this very unique way about him that is hard to even explain you have to just kind of see his style and the way he talks and his his weird little nuances and and triggers I can’t say the word right now intricacies that is just wow he’s so fun to watch in

this movie so it is a little bit of a slow burn but it never really feels slow because you’re always anticipating something so even if there’s Not Crazy Action on the screen and it’s a dialogue drama part the way it’s done you’re always kind of feeling like something is about to happen another foot is gonna drop because there’s plenty of intense moments plenty of twists and turns and things that are going to catch you off guard stuff you’re not gonna expect to happen does and so it just takes you on this really entertaining ride but

keep in mind this is a very small movie this is an indie Art House slow burnish type of horror movie so it’s not gonna have big explosions or wild special effects or any of that this is a much more smaller kind of story and lot of ways it kind of reminds me of a lot of what I see in the Indie foreign horror stuff like the movie raw if you’re a fan of the movie raw the French foreign horror movie then I think you’ll definitely enjoy this it has a very similar vibe to it just

this weird disgusting kind of dark demented oppressive kind of feeling that this movie has it’s very gritty very dirty Everything feels lived in and real and but also sweaty and uncomfortable it just makes you feel like you need to take a shower we don’t have many options either you eat you off yourself or you lock yourself up in there but there’s also something infectious about it and enjoyable about it and it doesn’t feel like a movie that you’re hating on and and it’s like you want more of it it’s they do a really great job

of putting this really unique story out there and and doing all this in a really interesting way that doesn’t really quite feel like anything I’ve seen before and the acting is absolutely outstanding in this the entire cast each of them have their own really unique stories and and way about them their own Charisma and style and they all just kill it they’re all so believable and in these roles and you were sucked in to their stories right away it feels real you feel like you’re absorbed into this story so in that way it’s very believable

and you feel like you’re buying into everything that they’re selling they’re directing and the way it’s shot are fantastic as well just the cinematography the b-roll in this everything in about it it just has this style and this real interesting way of presenting everything that he gives this this unique mood and atmosphere and Vibe I really enjoyed this movie tremendously but I gotta warn you if you’re not into Art House Slow Burn Indie kind of horror then this is not one you should probably I’m not saying you shouldn’t see it but you shouldn’t really expect

much from it but if you’re someone that really enjoys independent movies smaller stories that have a real art flavor and stylish way about them that are definitely slow and dramatic and dialogue driven then you should most definitely check this movie out either way I think you’ll be safe waiting for this to stream but if you go and see it in theaters I think you’ll be happy with your decision as well it’s kind of one of those either way if this sounds like something you’re really into then definitely by all means go and see it in

theaters but if you’re anyone that’s even kind of on the fence just wait for it to stream it’ll be great streaming as well and we got unfinished business but that’s gonna do it for me today I want to thank you all so much for watching and I want to give a huge massive thank you to my patrons because you ever growing ghost pirate Army you guys mean so much to me and if you would like to find out more about how to help this Channel and become a member of the ghost pirate Army there’s a

link down in the description and like always thank you so much for watching please Crush that like button and remember guys horror can be fun if you enjoy this click right here for another video and I’ll see you guys next time foreign

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