Book Look Review | Shadow of the Fox Series | Black Booktube [CC]

hi guys like to welcome you guys all back
to my channel if you can hear my fan
please ignore it it’s hot up in here
um but today i am here with another book
look and today we are doing the shadow
of the fox series
by julie kagawa now if you’ve never seen
any of my look books
or book looks then basically what i do
is i
use the cover or some significant part
of the story
and i use that to create a look where i
talk about my feelings
for the book now this is not one of
those like official
well-written kind of reviews these are
just me trying to spew thoughts and
things sometimes it’s just random
thoughts that i have about the book
sometimes it’s me going in depth
you never really know and um that’s what
i wanted to point out also i should also
say i am not a professional makeup
so don’t come for me um this time i put
a poll
up and the vote was that instead of
doing one book that i was going to have
to incorporate all three
looks all three covers into one look and
i must say
i really like

how this turned out
i’m really digging the teal um and it
really goes great with this dark
lip and then my fro is kind of doing
something funky today and i’m kind of
loving that so the whole look is really
working for me
um but yes if you’ve never heard of the
shadow of the fox series by julie kagawa
there are
three books and i have two of the three
so um we’ll have to put one of we’ll
have to put a screenshot of the other
so the first one is shadow of the fox
you can see has reds blacks and golds
then we have soul of the sword which is
the beautiful teal
that has really set off my look for this
uh thing
and then to bring it all together we
have a knight of the dragon which is the
beautiful purples
that are inspired in this look again
with the gold fox
so yeah those are the three covers that
we are pulling all together in one look
i hope you guys enjoyed this and let’s
just get started
so i’m gonna try to input like
what i’m using right here this is why
i’m on the side
i’ve already done a part of this eye so
i just want to let you guys know real
talk i’ve had to redo this eye like four
um i have the two two
of the three covers right here i realize
i don’t own
the third one so
we’re using red and black from this red
and black from this one
the purple from this one and then the
teal from soul of the sword
um and then we’re gonna use the
this because the gold was like something
in all three of the covers that’s why
the lid is like this
so first things first um
i’ve already i’ll luckily that
introduction will be there so
i have already primed and set my face
i have um
i have my clinique beyond perfecting
super concealer
uh in deep 26 i put that on my eyes and
then i set it with laura mercier
in the medium deep
so now that we have that base i realized
a couple of things
one the red does not show up on my face
as much as i want to so i had to go back
in with my nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk
and i’m gonna just take that and do the
above my lid and then i’m gonna blend it
so in true fashion if you’ve never
participated in one of my
i’m gonna call it book look but like i
did this i’ve been doing this before it
was called a book look
um we just talk i just talk about the
um that means that there will be
spoilers um
that means that there is no real
coherent way for me to do this
i’ve tried formatting this a million
times but i really like the
just talk about how i feel about the
book kind of thing rather than
trying to do like a deep analysis books
and like a literary analysis those are
not really my forte
i cannot break down to you like nuances
things like that like i understand
tropes and things but i don’t feel like
i’m an expert
so i just like to talk about how i feel
about the book and all that
now considering that this is a trilogy i
feel like we have a lot to talk about
so i don’t know how long this video is
going be
please watch it all the way to the end
thanks so
um let’s see try to give a summary of
the book so the premise of this series
is that every every thousand years
a dragon god comes down from the heavens
and grants
a mortal who has possession of the
dragon scroll
one wish there are no limitations on
this wish whatsoever
and usually every thousand years the
world changes because somebody gets a
hold of the wish
and you know things just become a
sprinkle with some crazy basically i
mean true like
human form there’s always problems
with uh stuff that’s gotten that kind of
if that makes sense so
um the last thousand years before this
the dragon scroll was split into three
parts because every time they tried to
just like
burn it or destroy it or anything like
that it would just reappear someone else
somewhere else so instead of completely
destroying it they split it into three
and they is it three parts or two it
might be two
i i don’t remember and
split and taken across you know
their worlds and um they were forced to
have to deal with the
fact oh
so we’re we’re going to go on with the
purple and we are going to go to this
purple in the zulu palette
it has no name so it’s just this really
pretty vibrant purple
and we’re going to start that here and
bring it to the middle
so the story is about a young girl her
name is yumiko
she is a kitsune which is a fox
basically a fox spirit but she’s half
so her mother is human and her father
is kitsune or backwards it really
depends but you know
we learn later what the truth is and
at first yumiko is super
naive because she grew up in a temple
with monks
so she’s never really had a life like
she’s been taught
that you know like this is the world
that you live in but she’s never been
able to actually see the world
so she’s very naive it starts off it’s
very clear that she’s very naive however
what she didn’t know is that the temple
that she was living in
um was one of the protectors of the
dragon scroll
and one day a bunch of demons
attacked her temple now we’re going in
um we learned that her temple
has one of the dragons girls because her
temple is attacked by
demons and she escapes
because she’s a fox like she could turn
into a fox and escape
with her kitsune powers and this leads
us to
the second i’m gonna call him a main
character because i feel like
he and yumiko shared the same but um
he was kage the demon kake the demon
slayer wait
guys kager does not sound right wait a
oh it is kage tatsume okay so i’m going
to call them both so kage tatsume of the
shadow clan
who is also known as the demon slayer
because he carries the sword kamigaroshi
um which technically is
a um head demon like he was like a demon
and his soul is possessed inside of the
long story so we have top we have kage
tatsume who is basically taught that he
is a weapon
he’s taught that he should not have any
and he is taught that like you know he
is there to do the job
of um the daimyo um and that’s it
so he was told that go get the scroll
um however
he meets yumiko and she tells him that
the scroll’s not there but she has to
scroll the end she has the her part of
the scroll the entire time
so he promises to be her escort to the
place where the other scroll is which is
another temple
um around the way and that’s what
basically starts the adventure
now i’m gonna just try to i’m gonna
introduce all the characters because
i grew to love these characters and the
fact that like
i had to i felt like i grew with them as
oh also i have this brush right here
that’s just my blending brush
but i’m blending in the crease area
between the two because again blending
so the next character that we are
introduced to of
one of like the crew is a ronin
who basically there he is a shunned
samurai um so they consider him a ronin
um and he’s perfectly okay with that i
mean i literally refer to him as the
um he is a fantastic archer and
um he joins them on their adventure
which at first tatsume
hates because clearly like he is a
disgraced warrior
they have all these different like codes
of conduct in terms of samurai and
um your daimyo and your your um
your clan and all that stuff obviously
um this is very reminiscent of like um
imperial japan um so that’s kind of the
mindset that they have
um what is it oh
let’s see oh next we are going to go in
this is a mixture so we’re going to go
in with
shawata which is a black from the
warrior 2 palette
and then we’re gonna go back in to zehra
from the
sahara we’re gonna mix those two
together and then we’re gonna dip
a little bit of the purple from the zulu
palette all into that and we’re putting
that in the v
and bringing it up and a little bit out
so the next character that we meet is
which is he is a prince
in the sun clan and he’s
very very adamant that like he’s posh
they make it very clear that he’s very
acting and he’s posh and he’s this and
he’s that and it’s supposed to be great
um but yes
um excuse me i need to go back into the
because the red is on the outside and
we’re going to blend out the rest of
yeah okay oh i touched my face
this makeup has been interesting okay so
the next main character that i need to
is the shrine maiden reika um she has
her temple guardian dogs
poo and the priest that she accompanies
originally i love vereika i love
that she’s just this no-nonsense kind of
girl and she’s
sees right through yumiko and but at the
same time she’s very very powerful i
loved that reika could handle business
on her own
it was just one of those things where i
was like yes reika
um let’s see who else oh suki suki is a
servant girl in the sun palace
and um she is murdered by demons and she
becomes a ghost
remember that it gets it gets very real
let’s see i want to
oh i’m gonna go in with my typical
eyeshadow shade which is blame it on
midnight the nyx one
and i’m just going to bring that into
the rest of my makeup so let’s see
what did i like i okay i can honestly
throughout the three books i feel like
the characters grew
or rather if do they really grow or did
i grow to care more about them i feel
like it’s a little bit of both
i feel like yumiko and tatsume really
grew as characters because they were
very very naive in two very different
ways whereas yumiko just grew up
sheltered uh
tatsume was grew up limited
like he wasn’t allowed to have emotions
or anything like that because
his if his emotions took over then that
gave kamegaroshi
or the demon inside kamigaroshi
hold on i have to look to say his name
properly there we go
so kamigoroshi is the sword
my camera battery is dying let’s pause
we’re back this battery looks like it’s
kind of low too great
um let’s go fast so kamikoroshi
holds the soul of hokaimono
hok i can never say his name right uh
ho kai mono hokaimono
is the demon like general who
is just a baddie um
he is in the sword and he’s dying to get
out and the way that he gets out is he
possesses the soul of the demon slayer
um who right now is tatsume
so the whole time he’s like trying to
suppress his emotions and like
you know the first book he’s trying to
suppress his emotions he’s trying to
he’s trying to stay by the code and like
do everything that he’s supposed to
and all that stuff but obviously because
this is a story
and we’re going in with the gold from
the nomad palette
since this is a story that’s not what
happens because
he actually gains friends and you know
the way that yumiko looks at meeting new
people in in
gaining friends is totally different
than the way that he looks at it
where she’s looking at it as like great
opportunities and like oh new people
he’s looking at it all as like
liabilities because again he’s trying to
follow the orders
of his shadow clan who you know work in
and his dimo daimyo
sorry his daimyo knows about it
and his damio is super interesting
um hold on gotta
blend a little bit blend a little bit
i always have gold that goes in places
where not supposed to be because
when i close my eyes you know all that
huh i need more black
on this side so we’re gonna go in black
purple and a little bit of red
and let’s bring it up a
little bit
um yeah so
obviously throughout the series as he
gains or as tatsumi gains like
friendships and
starts actually interacting with people
he loses control of his
uh soul and he
basically hokaimono takes him takes
over his body
and so that is how it goes into the
second book which is soul of the sword
where the whole clan is trying to get
body back or get his soul back while
also trying to get to the second half of
the dragon squirrel
and um i’m gonna focus on tatsume
a lot in the beginning and we’re gonna
go through each character’s transitions
so this whole time in the second book
you see this whole like tug of war thing
between tatsume
and hokaimono but like inside his mind
because his soul is trapped inside of
his own body
and he can see what’s happening but he
has no control over it
so in this side of the book you see
accepting the fact that he has a human
body and that he has to like
limit what he does but he still wants to
take over and like seek revenge so he
joins up with the master of demons
who is a blood mage that made a deal
with um i guess the god of the
uh to get a chance to make the wish for
the dragon scroll
so he joins up with him and so for a
while hokaimono
and tatsume are on the other side
of the thing of of of the war so
yumiko and yumiko the ronin daisuke
and reika um they are
trying to get to the temple protect the
scroll at all costs you know all these
things and this is something that i’m
yumiko in the second book because the
first book is pretty much like um
let’s get you to a point where you care
kind of thing like they fight demons
the story they fight a blood mage um
they do all that but to me
the first book was kind of like let’s
get everybody together let’s
let’s work on this let’s bring them all
together um i can see why people would
reading after the first or like i see
why people will not be able to finish
the first book
it’s a little bit of a slow burn but
once you get to the end it picks up so
much that like
the rest of the book was great for me
like i felt like soul of the sword and
night of the dragon
they had slow moments but they needed
slow moments to progress the story and
if you read the book then you kind of
understand what i mean for that
and i’m talking um
but yeah i’m gonna keep talking and and
we’re gonna put the i’m gonna put liner
and lashes on and then i’m gonna come
but yeah so
the second book for me is where things
really took off because we started
getting a little bit more explanations
and things of that nature but i also
noticed that yumeko
has gained a different sense of herself
she was always very vocal and always
very like adamant about doing what’s
but now like we start to see her trying
to understand her own emotions because
she’s also been very naive like black
and white
has been her good and bad type of
mentality and
that’s clearly not how things really
work in the world and you actually see
her kind of evolving in the second book
which i did appreciate i also enjoyed
the fact that she really didn’t
understand her own emotions
and like reika constantly rolled her
eyes at her especially involving her
her reaction to tatsume being taken over
by her primal
and she doesn’t like reika is like we
have a mission
he don’t matter and yumiko’s like we
have to save him he’s our friend and
it’s like
girl get over yourself i really just
appreciated that dynamic
um but let me stop talking and put this
liner on okay so we have the liner on so
i’m gonna start doing my face because we
still have more to talk about
um okay so i don’t remember if you guys
remember me talking about this but in
one of the wrap-ups
i was really mad at the soul of the
sword because
in the wrap-up i talked about how there
was this sequence where yumiko was
learning how to control her powers
and she actually ended up going into
other people’s
hold on she ended up going into other
people’s dreams and she in
or not dreams but like she ended up kind
of being able i guess to be invisible
um and so she ended up invading some
personal space of uh
daisuke and the ronin and it
showed them like pretty much struggling
with the fact that
or rather the ronin struggling like how
can you even
like me or be into me when i’m a ronin
um you know i’m a skis like basically
he’s like
you know we’re two separate classes of
people and you know daisuke is like
arguing with him that like he doesn’t
so i’m like oh oh they’re lovers
and then i was like
well i wasn’t expecting that and then i
was like okay
cool like we’re gonna see this like this
is gonna like oh god
is she gonna kill one of them in the
end of this book because like like why
do we
like what is the point of me knowing
this like how does this progress the
and so i finished the second book and i
was like
i was kind of mad i was like is she
because like what’s the point of this
because relationships in this book
don’t it’s one of those books where i
was like i didn’t see the point of like
relationships because if yumiko
and tatsume weren’t together
and they were like the main two
protagonists or whatever
and we kept getting them like the
implication that they were attracted to
each other
why do i need to know that the ronin and
daisuke like are into each other why do
i need to know that
i will never ask such questions again
from julie kagawa
never because one thing she surely made
is that when all of this came down
that you
i will say in the night of the dragon i
felt like the death scenes were so
long they gave me such an anime feel you
know when certain anime characters die
their death scenes like they have like a
whole speech where they’re like
i just want you to know i’m always gonna
be there for you
thank you so much like they have like so
much breath before they die and then
like they die and then like the music
starts getting louder and it’s like this
beautiful anime like
song okay so that’s basically the vibe
of what i got for each death
in night of the dragon the only thing
was i wasn’t prepared for the deaths in
night of dragon
let’s do some foundation so for
because we’re not going to do the rest
of my eyes until after so
the rest of the the foundation is going
to be a mix between 420
uh from fenty and then 230 malawi from
juvia’s place um again
i’m not quite my winter shade and i’m
not quite my summer shade
or rather is this my summer shade yeah
this is my summer shade because
i think 210 is the shade that i normally
am when i come back from vacation and
since i’m not going on vacation this
there’s no need to bust out the darker
foundations when i can just
mix to death um so
um yeah
i i i just need to talk about it so if
you don’t want to talk if you don’t want
to hear
about me discussing like what happens in
the finale
you are welcome to watch me do my makeup
with the sound
off i highly recommend that you don’t
leave because i need the watch time
but like you know just watch it without
the sound and then i’ll
i’ll put a thing at the bottom of the
screen where it’s like okay we’re done
talking about the end of the series
but you can watch me do my makeup and
this is already proving to be a problem
because i think i did not mix my makeup
right so we’re going to fix that
on camera yay
about to blend to the gods honey um but
so i was not ready
for the deaths
at all i was i was shook like i was at
my desk at work like
oh like i was making audible noises like
my co-worker
was like what are you doing are you
listening to something and i was like
i’m listening to an audiobook
and he was like what audiobook i’m
interested and i was like you gotta get
through three books to get to this
okay so i should point this out on
camera i look very orange but i’m not
this orange
in my mirror so we’re gonna
we’re gonna work on muting this out
i don’t wanna be this orange
so the first death that really hurt my
soul was reika
um because oh that’s another thing like
i knew that at some point we were going
to learn about yumiko’s parents but bruh
we have to talk about that after this so
reika is killed probably during the one
of the most
badass um things she should possibly be
doing and
like she’s created an entire barrier
all the demons back while
the moon clan is like trying to
call out the kage and call out um the
spirits of the
the way call their spirits to help and
reika is doing this by herself
like i was like what a way to go out
like she went out like a g
also this brush is maybe it’s the brush
the bristles are coming out we are going
through some things today guys
uh let’s see
where is my foundation brushes
awesome this also helps take away some
of the products i put a little too much
product on my face
so dry brush take it away
all right
so reika’s death was like like i
i didn’t cry on reika’s death but i like
i got a little teary-eyed because her
death scene you know she had that
she had that super long monologue about
um yumiko for allowing her to be
um on the trip and i’m just like oh
y’all are doing this
like we’re doing this oh we’re doing
this okay
uh next i’m gonna go on with tarte’s
shave tape i still have some left which
i didn’t know
we’re gonna go on with that
but yeah her death scene was just like
so vicious mainly because
um and i think i think kagawa did a very
good job
writing this scene because the way the
scene is written i almost
thought that it was going to be yumiko
that got hit
and then you learn like nope even
better and i say better very loosely
even better reika gets hit but it
doesn’t take reika down like reika still
holds the wall like
she’s still doing what she needs to do
and it’s just like oh no
and then it was like you could see like
her um the blood
coming through her robe and i was like
oh my god is she gonna die i was like oh
my god she’s gonna die oh my god
oh my god and this is me like listening
to the book
i was like oh my god oh my god oh my god
she’s gonna die she’s gonna die
and then you know the ronin steps in to
and kind of helps divert some of the
or some of the problems away from reika
but by then it’s like too late like
reika is going to die at this point
and having to accept that the same way
at the same time that yumako had to
accept that was rough
because obviously yumiko’s never had
friends and like technically that was
the first girl
that she was like friends with so
it really took me back it was like holy
crap this is intense
so after eureka dies the next two deaths
first of all this is gonna sound so
weird but just hear me out this is
probably one of my favorite death scenes
in a fantasy in a while because it
literally played like an anime in my
um so the next two deaths was the ronin
and daisuke so
the wrong also the ronin got done dirty
because i have forgot him in the back
she didn’t even battle him that was
not fair i felt like they both deserved
to have been fighting like side by side
and then dying but daisuke decides that
fine like bae is dying um
you promise not to go without me
so fine like this is my battle like i’m
a dude this to the end
and it’s like the way that he was the
way that it was decided you just
knew that daisuke was gonna die and i
was like the fact that i know he’s gonna
die i should be worked up right now but
i’m not
because he’s gonna die how he wants to
i guess if that makes sense like he
wanted to die like a noble death
and i feel like he did also
can we talk about the move where he was
impaled and he just
pulled himself through the sword further
to uh slice the head off the old dude
and then at the very same time the ronin
managed to catch him before he fell
i don’t like love but that was like
playing at my little thug strings
seriously playing at my little thug
strings it was just like oh
no but they died together
and you’re like okay
i mean i’m not talking i’m not doing all
the spoilers because i still want you
guys to read it but it was just like
oh my god
and then we have tatsume who takes one
for the t
like they died but they died like geez
like all of them
were like well we about to we gonna die
but you still not getting this done you
still not gonna be able to do this
it’s basically like the premise of it
which i really enjoyed so now
we’re done you can come back now so now
without knowing who died let’s talk
about yumiko again because
i’m going to use this brush because i
haven’t used it and my mom bought it for
me for christmas and i’ll know when
but we’re gonna use some finishing
powder to
finish it all off um so it turns out
that yumiko’s mom
is the daimyo of the moon clam which
makes her a princess
which are like yay we finally know like
where yumiko came from
but then you wonder if she’s the moon
why oh shoot i didn’t blend that out
i don’t want that to be something that
shows up
if she’s the moon princess why was she
raised in a monks
um shrine you know it’s like she had a
home she wasn’t an orphan her mama is
very much still alive what happened
yo i thought the biggest reveal in stuff
would be the deaths the biggest reveal
was finding out who yumiko’s father was
and like how um
how i didn’t take the whole warning
about kitsune seriously
because you know they kept talking about
kitsune or mischievous
and their tricksters and all this stuff
and you’re like
okay well like the only ones we know are
and then the one the kitsune that helps
her in the soul of the sword
and then we learned that the kitsune
that helps her in soul of the sword was
actually her
daddy was actually the one who
orchestrated this entire thing
for over a thousand years he’s been
planning this
so did all of that
for his own glory for his own power
i do i will say that i would really like
novella because if you haven’t read the
end of the book
uh i will just say something happens at
the end of the book that brought me a
lot of joy it was like a cute joy but i
would like a novella
that expounds on that um that you know
friendship and love last through um
eternity and that you know you don’t
like your soul just
turns into like you just become someone
over time i don’t know how to explain
that it’s a part of the
learning process i haven’t quite grasped
but i love the feel of this brush like i
haven’t put any product on it i just
like the feel of it
um but yes so i’m going to do the rest
of my face we’re going to come back and
i’m just going to give you some
cute thoughts uh that i have for the
series plus i
realized i left the lipstick downstairs
so i got to go back downstairs anyway
so cute
we do this every time
this is
can’t believe it this is
this is
you better know
all right guys this is the final look i
actually really like how it turned out
i’m like
put on some lashes on a dark lip you can
make anything go
so obviously the gold
is for all of three of the books i have
red and purple as like the thing
that really brings the story together
and then
we shut it all down with this beautiful
teal as like the main pool of
the thing um i really enjoyed the series
i enjoyed this series so much that i’m
actually going to
i think the next series that i want to
dive into
um is the iron fae i think that’s the
one i want to go into or
talon the talon saga i don’t know yet if
you’ve read any other julie kagawa books
i would really love
your suggestions down below in the
comments um
yeah i again i really enjoyed this
i picked up shadow of the fox on a whim
i think two years ago
um when i told myself that i wanted to
read more
diversely and i’m so glad that i did
imperial japan is kind of like a perfect
story plot point
um so with that being said thank you
guys so much for watching my channel and
until the next time guys

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