Book Review: A Dance With Dragons | A Song of Ice and Fire Book 5 | No Spoilers | #MustReadBooks

hey guys i’m serbia and you’re watching
really honest reviews
today i am going to review the fifth and
the currently the last book in the
series of
a song of ice and fire a dance with
last because martin has not written any
further after this book
since 2011. so let’s begin but you know
the drill
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so i dance with dragon has two parts the
first part is
is to be uh read along with the fourth
book a feast for cruise
because of the same time period and
second part is a sort of after the feast
book where a lot of things are going to
the book has a good pace thankfully less
details and more meat
a number of characters haven’t got their
closure so i am very sure
this is not the end for them plus some
unbelievable hidden characters have come
to the limelight which was
ugly missing from tv series and i don’t
understand why
the only hint i could give you is that
there are more than

one targaryen hoping
to get the iron
throat martin has ended this book on a
solid cliffhanger and for people who
have finished this book in 2011
are now waiting for the finale for
almost like 10 years
there is no news when the last two books
will be out but we can only hope it can
before the apocalypse so this was all
for this book review i’ll see you in the
next video till then take care and happy

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