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Chronicles today I am doing a review of Girls  
of Storm and Shadow the second book in the Girls 
of Paper and Fire trilogy I do have a full review  
of the first book on my channel so I will be sure 
to link that in the cards and in the description  
below if you’re unfamiliar in book one we follow 
Lei who is a member of the lowest caste in her  
society because she’s fully human whereas the 
higher tiers are either a human and demon hybrid  
or are fully demon even though Lei is fully 
human she does have golden eyes which catches  
the attention of someone and they take her to the 
palace to be one of the concubines for the demon  
king obviously Lei’s not happy about this this was 
never supposed to happen to her literally someone  
picked her out just because of her eyes and that’s 
how she ends up in this predicament so obviously  
in this book we are picking up with the aftermath 
of the first book Wren and Lei are on a journey  
to form alliances and to continue sparking the 
rebellion I can’t say too much more at this point  
without spoilers but we are introduced to some 

and really lovable characters I did enjoy this  
but not as much as the first one I rated it three 
stars and this one even though it didn’t bother me  
in the first book the romance was a tad annoying 
and it lowered my rating just a little for anyone  
who is interested in reading this book there is a 
content warning for scenes of violence self-harm  
and references to sexual abuse and trauma recovery 
even in book one none of the abuse is actually  
on page but the aftermath of it can definitely be 
felt when the girls are having conversations with  
each other and that continues in this book so just 
be aware of that if you go into it so if you have  
not yet read Girls of Storm and Shadow but would 
like to this is your official spoiler warning
okay so for once we are not going to start 
with the characters we are going to start  
with the questions that I had after I 
read Girls of Paper and Fire and so far  
none of them have been answered so first I wanted 
to know we would ever see the demon queen because  
we did find out that she exists but essentially 
her job is just to produce an heir which had not  
happened yet nothing there next I wanted to know 
if Lei would reunite with her family also did not  
happen yet although they are safe at the Hannos 
palace I also wanted to know if Lei’s mother was  
actually dead I kind of feel like maybe the king 
told her that she was just to [ __ ] with her and  
maybe she actually isn’t I’m not really sure but 
it was just a question still no answers though  
and lastly I wanted to know why Lei’s eyes 
are gold so I’ll talk a little more about that  
later but I am under the impression that 
there there’s a reason behind it I don’t  
know maybe she has some hidden magical powers 
or something I’m hoping that we find out in the  
third book which we’ll also talk about a little 
later for the characters let’s start with Lei  
I like her I do I really do however she is the 
reason that my rating for this was not as high  
she was just constantly doing dumb [ __ ] 
and I get it she’s still a kid whatever being  
young is still not synonymous with being 
stupid I feel like I have to constantly  
repeat that because that seems to always be the 
excuse but anyway she just spent so much time  
talking about how pretty Wren was and “she’s 
so beautiful it hurts” and “I love her so  
much” and blah blah I get it babe I get it 
but you’re on the [ __ ] run right now okay  
focus Wren I still love her she’s still a badass 
boss [ __ ] but I’m not loving her character arc  
I know that she has basically been trained from 
the very beginning to do what is needed for the  
mission but I also feel like with her uh birth 
blessing word being ‘sacrifice’ I don’t know  
if she’s gonna make it I don’t think she’s gonna 
make it and I want her to care more about herself  
I want her to understand that her life 
is valuable without sacrifice and I don’t  
think she sees that right now and after 
Hiro’s death I definitely think that ren  
will probably at least attempt to do the same 
thing that he did and give herself to this cause  
and I don’t love that so uh I’m just I’m 
worried she’s not gonna make it Nitta  
and Bo I love them so much I – I love 
them and uh Bo didn’t have to die okay  
you didn’t have to do it Natasha you didn’t 
but here we are I think with Nitta’s grief  
and possibly being paralyzed now we’re not exactly 
sure of the extent of her injuries at this point  
um I wonder how she’s gonna handle it I wonder 
what role she’s gonna play I really like her as a  
character though and I hope – I hope she doesn’t 
I’m dying too I thought she was going to die  
right before Mirren carried them off so I’m not 
sure where her storyline is going but we shall see  
Mirren I don’t blame him for any of the [ __ 
] that he did or said I don’t blame him for  
slapping the [ __ ] out of Wren I don’t blame 
him for punching Shifu Caen because he’s right
about a lot of [ __ ] I don’t think that Bo had 
to die he was right about Wren killing Lady Eolah  
and again I understand that Wren is trying to 
stick to the mission but I mean it is kind of  
harsh and then she’s keeping secrets from Lei the 
lack of communication y’all know – y’all know I  
hate lack of communication you know that if you 
don’t tell your partner everything they’re gonna  
find out eventually and it’s gonna cause some 
trouble and what do you do you decide to not tell  
them and then they find out later and then there’s 
an argument now look at the two of you we could’ve  
have done without all that in my opinion but 
Mirren has been right about everything so far so  
he didn’t have to turn on him though and I knew 
something was up like something just wasn’t right  
and then the fact that he’s the reason that they 
got attacked okay well we’ll see how that goes  
when everybody else finds out what he did I feel 
a little indifferent about Shifu Caen and Ketai  
Hanno I think Mirren and Lei’s worries about Ketai 
are definitely warranted I think he is seeking  
power here and willing to sacrifice Wren for it 
which is concerning in and of itself I also don’t  
love that he’d been cheating on Wren’s mom this 
whole time but I mean I’m glad that Ketai and  
Caen are together now I guess um they also 
should have been honest with Wren about that  
probably would have saved a lot of uh awkward 
moments there but okay Lova I did not like her  
I didn’t like the way that she kept throwing her 
and Wren’s past in Lei’s face her kissing Wren  
in front of everyone was obvi – like a very 
clear move of disrespect and what pissed me  
off more about that was that Wren didn’t stop 
her Wren didn’t tell her to stop didn’t like  
interfere in any way which I 
also felt was disrespectful like  
it just felt really weird really unnecessary like 
nobody needs that and good for Lei on calling  
Lova out because she deserved it but also like 
she shouldn’t have had to like Wren should have  
stepped in Lova should have backed the [ __ ] off 
Naja I mean good for her she’s loyal I guess but  
okay I don’t know I just I 
don’t really care for her  
and then the demon king is still a misogynistic 
piece of [ __ ] still abusing girls to make  
himself feel powerful he has to die at the end of 
the series I don’t see this going any other way  
I – I hope he dies I was excited to see the 
different POVs that we were getting we got  
like a sprinkle of them every here 
and there which I was not expecting  
which is pretty cool so we got Naja which 
was interesting she’s a [ __ ] psycho Aoki  
this [ __ ] still thinks she’s 
in love with the king oh my god  
poor girl um Kenzo which is interesting he’s 
supposed to be broken out of prison soon Mistress  
Azami who is on the side of the rebellion so I’m 
interested to see where that goes I was glad to  
see that Lill was still alive it seemed like she 
might have been dead because of her connection  
to Lei even though she had nothing to do with 
everything that happened so that was interesting  
the twins are also still at paper house so 
hopefully I feel like Aoki’s gonna get in the way  
I don’t know how that’s gonna work out so yeah 
we’ll see even though I didn’t like this one  
as much as the first one I still enjoyed it and I 
will definitely be reading Girls of Fate and Fury  
speaking of which can we just talk about that 
cover for a second first thing I noticed that  
her eyes are no longer gold which makes 
me think that my original prediction might  
have been right and maybe she does have some 
magical ability that we don’t know about yet  
I don’t think that it’s supposed to be Wren so 
that would have been the other option but also  
the fact that she’s holding a dagger kind of 
confirms that it’s Lei she has sort of become  
more of a fighter in this book even though her 
dagger is enchanted so you know there’s that but  
I don’t know I feel like something’s gonna 
happen that will change the color of her  
eyes I think that maybe she does have some 
magical ability that we aren’t aware of  
at the moment we’ll see the king has to die 
that is if he doesn’t I’m going to be very upset  
very very upset but all my other questions still 
stand as well so I’ll be interested to see what  
happens in this book it comes out November 
2nd I believe and I will be pre-ordering it  
we’ll see how it goes I don’t know I’m excited 
for the end I think it’s going to be good I’m  
hoping maybe the last book will be my favorite 
there’s a lot at stake here so we’ll see let  
me know if you have read either Girls of Paper 
and Fire and or Girls of Storm and Shadow or if  
they’re on your tbr otherwise that’s all I have 
for you today and I’ll see you in the next video

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