Book review – The Girl and the Ghost

i am going to tell you about my favorite
book entitled
the girl and the ghost it is written by
hannah alcath
and published by harper collins
children’s book in 2020
this book has about 288 pages
hannah alcove is also the author of the
nobel the weight of our sky i enjoyed
reading the book
to my knowledge she will publish another
book entitled
the queen and the towers
this book is about the ghost and hermap
and his master that was about to die
the ghost is a police is a palestine
a ghost that is bound by blood
the witch grew a lost breath when the
sun was just rising
over the cusp of the world since his
master died
he had to find another master but his
new master had to be the same blood as
the old
it was tricky because the witch hadn’t
made much for a family
but he knew the witch had a daughter he
had seen pictures of
her that the witch hid he found her
on the edge in a wooden house on the
edge of a green green paddy fields

was a woman now she had
a child named suraya so surya
suraya became his new master
suraya was too little that time so he
did not show
himself yet to her when surah was five
years old
he finally showed himself to her as a
not as his true form he told himself
that he was a
that he was a present from his
grandmother so ryan never knew
she had a grandmother so after
pink after he explained soraya
asked him what his name was
the police said he never had it named so
suraya gave him
a name pink since it was her favorite
when soray was 13 her mother sent her to
to a school in the city she made friends
she made friends with a new student
named way
when i was friends with jing wei
jing the soraya forgot about
pink pink got jealous
and hurt jing with his man
with his power since he’s a dark spirit
one day soraya told pink to leave her
he disobeyed her and pink told her that
she will not eat she will not get rid of
easily from that day on
suraja smelled something horrible let
the garbage shrug
on a hot day nobody smelled it but
her by only her
she knew it was a revenge from pink
so she endured it for over a week
then she told her mother about pink
and her mother called apawang the pound
can get rid of pink
but but they didn’t know
his dark side yet the pawang
is a collector a collector is
someone who collects ghosts like pink
there is only one way to save pink which
is to go back to where he came from
or meet up pink came from a recently
diseased child and the child had to
be put on and on and
and healed and when the aunts
made the child cry out you have to
you have to cut the you have to cut the
tongue of the child
from its mouth and read an incantation
and worry and bury it on three roads
for three nights so
soraya had to find where her grandmother
she went to her mother’s room hopefully
to find something
luckily she find her grandmother’s
old address she
and pink on the next day she and pink
got on a bus and go and went to kuala
where her grandmother lived
they had to find the graves there
on the way to find the greater the power
came with his schools
they had they had to fight ghosts who
would they had to fight ghosts like
lungs with
oil and more after they fight it with
the ghost
they find their children’s grave with
the help of bajru
and salman which is the ghost from the
she bent down and read the name
and it was imran the son of rahman
and no rainy she told pink that his name
was iran and then she realized
that those are her parents name imran
was her brother
i like reading this book because it is
and the english is superb
at first as i read the title the book’s
it seems scary but as i read it doesn’t
seem too scary
this book is fun adventurous
a little scary and a bit sad too
i hope you like it thank you bye

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