Bowser's Fury Review | GameArch

bowser’s fury is the latest installment
of the mario series
that features aspects of mario odyssey
mario 3d world and mario sunshine
bowser’s been infected with the same ink
that was present in isle delfino and
mario sunshine
and it’s up to you and bowser jr to
cat shines to purify the waters around
you of their pollution
and ultimately save bowser from himself
the renderer in bowser’s fury is pretty
typical of mario games
a heavy emphasis on rim lighting what
appears to be
a physically based material system where
objects are typically
quite rough and stylistic geometry
bowser’s fury is a lot of fun
a large seamless level with tons of
places to explore
this was a short analysis as there
aren’t too many tools to
analyze console renderers on a per
graphics call basis
if you like this style of short analysis
review videos
feel free to let me know in the comments

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