#Bracebot NOVA LEGACY Full game review in hindi .by Bravebot official and English cc available.

So in today’s video I will do a full review
of the Nova legacy game.
And you will tell that you should play this
game or not.
So let’s start the video.
So today I will tell what is special in this
I am doing a full review of this game.
Let me first say that this is multiplayer
mode, it is very useless.
It is like the pub’s TDM.
But there is a lot of hacker in this.
So it is good if you do not play And this
campign mode is very good.
Its graphics is very good.
I played 3-4 matches.
I had a lot of fun.
I will give a review of this in 3-4 videos.I
will upload the video on it further.
So give the review and you can get the reward
by looking at the ad for free.
The event also brings new events every day.
Hackers live in this as well.
So there is nothing special.
You can play it until pubg comes.
The size of this game is close to 40 MB.
So you can download it easily and buy the
skins by paying money

in the cell.
So that’s all in this game.
There is nothing special.
The most special part of this game is that
the graphics of this game are very good.You
get pub level graphics in 40 MB.
So hope you like the video.
If the video is good then subcribe the channel
and like the video then Bravebot sinning out.

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