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so i’ve been a big fan of this creator for a 
while it’s Finn the infincible and he has written  
a book top to bottom incredible title and i just 
love this creator he is a blogger and a youtuber  
i will leave links to all of the places down below 
so make sure you go and check them out because i  
absolutely just feel inspired by this person 
i have for a long time they inspire me to  
try different things to change my style a 
little bit to be a little bit more personable  
i suppose bring out my own personality you 
know and i try and do that all the time  
and that’s because of finn he is such an 
incredible person and this book is so personal  
and it’s so well written and i’m 
not going to give you any spoilers  
but let’s get to it shall we don’t forget to like 
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/> before we get to the review we will talk about the 
brew this is called bibliophilia and this is by  
teaspectral i talk about this company a lot here on 
the channel i will always cheer on my friends like  
i’m doing this review i’m also always going 
to be talking about my friend’s company  
teaspectral this tea smells divine oh it smells 
like ribena i apologize if you’re in a country  
that doesn’t have ribena this smells just 
like ribena and oh i cannot wait to have a  
sip let’s talk about it shall we so inviting 
classics of blackberry and sage illuminate  
with cozy hints of vanilla and marshmallow i’m 
sorry but that just sounds absolutely gorgeous  
and what i love about teaspectral is they will 
put down all of the ingredients so in this is  
black tea blackberry leaf sage damania leaf 
marshmallow root vanilla bean and because they  
put all of those things on the label it means 
us witches can then look at all the different  
correspondences to do with those things and 
make a little spell with our tea so i love that  
not a lot of companies do that but i love that and 
it’s beautiful tea i don’t know that you can see  
but it’s gorgeous i uh oh yes let’s have a sip 
i hope it’s not too hot i’ve only just made it
teaspectral never lets me down this was so nice 
i’ll have another sippy sip but it’s just so  
yummy and i have to say that this 
company is based in california but  
and you may feel a bit like oh my goodness 
shipping and handling is going to be insane  
worth it absolutely 150% worth it that’s all 
i’m going to say that is all i’m gonna say  
so let’s get to the review so top 
to bottom is written by my friend  
finn or finlay games as his full name is it’s a 
memoir and personal guide through phalloplasty  
i was really really excited to read this because 
i try and be an ally to anybody who’s marginalized  
so be a good ally you have to have knowledge 
and understanding as best as you can of that  
person’s experience and it’s really hard to 
find out information about the whole experience  
it’s really really difficult to find and i think 
this book initially was written for people who  
want to have a phalloplasty done but there’s 
not a lot of information step by step from the  
trans person’s point of view and so i’m sorry if 
you can hear the rain we’re in the middle of a  
thunderstorm i apologize if you can hear it i 
love the sound of the rain though but i think  
it’s really important to note that though this 
was written for people wanting to go through  
lower surgery it’s also great for us allies so 
we can understand better what people go through  
in order to transition to be the gender they were 
they were supposed to be you know to change their  
body so that they have no dysmorphia anymore and 
i loved this book because it was written with so  
much humor and so so much vulnerability finn was 
open about the whole process step by step not just  
about the step-by-step of the operations 
because you do have to have like three or four  
operations in order to transition and have this 
done to you but he also talks a lot about how he  
felt emotionally and what he was going through the 
struggles of realizing he was trans in his 40s the  
the struggle of transition and how that affected 
his relationships with friends with the person he  
was seeing at the time and how everything changed 
in those three years that he was having those very  
difficult very major surgeries they’re not small 
surgeries at all they are so well explained though  
i definitely felt like i could follow it i was a 
nurse before i got sick but it wasn’t too medical  
it was definitely explained in a way that the 
average joe can understand which is so important  
there’s so many people who will be needing this 
information in order to make a decision on their  
own journey and how they are going to affect be 
affected but it’s also just talking about the  
recovery process the surgeries the emotional 
toll of having those the fact that he was so  
open about how he would have flares of depression 
after each surgery and how one of his surgeries  
the doctor wasn’t very good at communication 
so shall we say we’ve all been there but um not  
all doctors are good at communicating with their 
staff and with their patients and he talks very  
much about how that affected his mental health 
and i think that’s important that we advocate  
for ourselves and for each other and explain yes 
sometimes people aren’t great at listening to us  
and aren’t great at talking and yet talking 
about that in this book i thought was really  
really important it makes you very vulnerable i 
can imagine oh listen to the thunder i can imagine  
this was a very very difficult process because 
you’re putting yourself completely in the hands  
of the surgeons and the nurses and i know we all 
do when we have surgeries but generally speaking  
the surgery isn’t so impactful on our mental 
health and on just feeling like a full complete  
person quite often finn talked about puzzle pieces 
falling into place as he had each step happen and  
that really made sense to me just imagining how i 
would feel it as a woman if i then looked down and  
saw a male body i would feel just really like off 
kilter all the time just not quite right in myself  
just trying to imagine how it would feel is not 
the same of course but as an ally you have to try  
and put yourself in that person’s shoes this 
book is so well written from his point of view  
that i felt like i could walk in his shoes for 
a moment while i was reading that book and just  
kind of understand the thinking and the feeling of 
being transgender i was surprised that the process  
was so emotional and when i look back i’m like why 
was i surprised of course it’s emotional but there  
were so many steps that he had to take to become 
how he felt was like his true form that of course  
it was an emotional journey but i think reading 
his thoughts and feelings on each step of the way  
really showed that this is more than just surgical 
more than just medical towards the end of the book  
finn talks about his sexual awakening and how 
finding partners that were understanding and who  
he trusted helped him to see that his body was not 
certain areas that you were allowed to touch or  
not touch and certain parts of him were no longer 
seen as surgical sites or medical areas they were  
just him and that was beautiful i thought that 
was amazing i i really got a lot out of this book
i also found the process of his sexual awakening 
was so beautiful from the respect of somebody  
who has an anxiety disorder and who often feels 
fear barriers of fear he showed that you know  
what if you step into and you lean into that 
fear and face it that’s where you can learn  
and grow the most and i thought that 
was such an important lesson to learn  
i think so much of the time we put up barriers 
to finn feeling that his body was not his own  
until he’d had the surgeries meant that he 
put barriers up over certain parts of his body  
but as somebody with with an anxiety disorder 
i often have barriers of fear up around certain  
parts of my personality certain things that 
i can’t do and it really showed me you know  
what sometimes i have to lean into that fear a 
little bit and try and step forward through it  
and that’s when i will learn and grow the most 
so it was really inspiring in that way as well  
i absolutely loved the story at the end of him 
meeting his lobster because she’s your lobster
oh she’s going somewhere
come on you guys it’s a known fact that lobsters 
fall in love and mate for life i love that because  
i followed finn for a few years now and he’s 
been with furfur as he calls him for a while now  
and i think they’re such a sweet cute couple 
but to hear the stories of their beginning of  
their relationship and how how he supported 
finn through his final operation and through  
discovering his new body and realizing that 
it was a healing journey and something that he  
needed to be patient about and that he had so much 
patience with finn while he went through all these  
emotional moments just beautiful they’re engaged 
now as well which is so nice oh i love those two  
so much they’re just they’re an adorable couple 
i’ll leave links to finn’s instagram you can go  
through and there’s lots of little cute soppy 
posts about his fella which i think is so sweet  
overall i just would recommend this book to anyone 
really um people who are transphobic people who  
want to be an ally or be a better ally and people 
who are scared of having transition operations  
and surgeries or are considering it this is a 
good book for anyone really because not only do  
you get the surgical information and healing and 
he’s also got tips and tricks for helping healing  
and what things helped him while he was healing 
which is amazing but also it’s just seeing through  
his eyes the world and how he views himself was 
such an incredible journey to take with him and  
i love this book i’m definitely going to read it 
again and i will be recommending it to anybody  
who asks me questions about anyone trans i’d be 
like there’s a book that’ll help because i just  
think it does help us understand and get a view of 
the world through somebody else’s eyes and that’s  
what’s so important books are such a great way of 
walking a mile in somebody’s shoes and just trying  
to understand from their point of view it lessens 
fear it lessens worries you know i think it just  
helps us all so go and get this book i will leave 
a link to it down below so that you can also get  
that book and i think next month we’re going to be 
reading intuitive witchcraft so i’ll leave a link  
to that as well down below in the description as 
well as all the places that you need to buy the  
tea to follow finn he’s amazing he does a lot of 
stuff on his blog and his youtube channel about  
self-care about mental health as well as trans 
issues and i i i just look up to him so much he’s  
everything that i want to be as a creator and i 
think he’s amazing so finn you will always have my  
support i love you dearly and this book’s amazing 
i bought it with my own money this is all my own  
opinion but i cannot fault this book at all it’s 
it’s amazingly written and so well done i loved it  
and i loved the tea too i really hope that you 
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