hi guys i am back with another unboxing 
video this video is very exciting because  
it’s finally here guys this box came yesterday 
from weverse shop via dhl and from the title you  
already know that we are doing unboxing and review 
of the latest bts album fresh from korea the  
bts be album essential edition i’m not sure why 
i got a plain box instead of the usual box with  
weverse shop print but anyway let’s do 
the unboxing and together let’s uncover  
the difference between the deluxe edition and 
the essential edition bts be album let’s go
oops let me quickly hide first the pre-order 
gifts we will reveal them later oh did i  
mention i bought three albums yes i actually 
did buy three albums with high hopes to get  
my bias’ random photo cards so wish me luck 
guys wow i can’t believe i have this now guys  
this album is very special for so many reasons 
one of them is to celebrate being number one on  
billboard hot 100 for so many times guys and 
of course the 2021 grammy awards nomination  
if you guys are starting to collect bts album 
photo cards this is a very good opportunity for  
you because usually an album only

comes with 
just one random photo card but in this album  
we are expecting photo card number one which 
has seven cards one of each member’s and photo  
card number two which is a random photo card and 
if you pre-order which i did you will also get a  
special gift which is a random selfie photo card 
and a card holder that’s a lot of photo cards guys
i’m gonna peel off this stickers and 
attach to the album the way to do it is  
to remove the plastic completely from the 
album and then peel it off this is easier  
than trying to remove the sticker with the 
plastic still tightly covering the album  
there you go  
i have here the deluxe edition for comparison as 
expected the essential edition is a bit thinner  
than the deluxe edition alright so what do we 
have here the photo book a poster and the cd
this is the essential edition poster  
and this one is the deluxe edition
the essential album cd is in plain white
and this is the deluxe edition cd
now on to the photo book
oh let me hide first the photo cards  
we will get onto that later i have 
here the deluxe edition for comparison
let’s compare a few pages
this photo book has more vibrant colors than the 
deluxe edition which is mainly black and white
now i’m going to do a quick flip through of  
this essential edition photo book for 
those of you who are interested to see
okay so i guess this one is the random photo 
card and the rest are each member’s photo card
let’s put aside the random photo card for now
okay so the essential edition photo cards 
are a bit zoomed in than the deluxe edition
let’s take a closer look at each member’s photo 
cards namjoon jin yoongi hobi jimin taetae  
and jk for the next two albums i’m not gonna 
remove the plastic completely because i’m thinking  
of doing another round of giveaway yeah i said it 
another round of giveaway guys i’m just waiting  
for another box from weverse shop with another 
essential edition album and a deluxe edition album  
with pre-order gifts so stay tuned for that guys 
so yeah let’s quickly check the random photo cards
all right so
oh my god i got taetae guys look at 
this so cute got taetae all right and  
the next one oh my god guys i got jin oh 
my god i can’t believe i got jin guys i  
don’t usually pull jin you know so yeah 
i’m so happy i got jin today oh my god
and the last one okay i got another taetae guys  
oh i got two taetae’s alright let’s 
move on to these pre-order gifts  
i got hobi guys i got j-hope look at him oh my 
god please let this be jin please let this be jin  
ah oh my god i got jin guys oh my god i’m 
so lucky today i got jin and the last one
i got another jin i got two jin’s guys oh my god 
oh my god i can’t believe this so i got two jin’s  
and one j-hope and two taetae’s and 
one jin for the random photo cards  
all right and that is it guys thank you so much 
for watching please like this video if you enjoyed  
and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t 
yet and i hope to see you on my next one bye

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