Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets named best snack in Texas by food review

Let me know now. Sometimes when I give you hints, I know you’re not going to get the answer. But this time I I hope you know where I’m going with this. What is your go to snack? OK, use the hashtag. I am up. One magazine just named its most popular snack in each state and the winner for Texas is. That’s my drum roll. Thank you. That was sounds a little better. Bucky’s Beaver Nuggets Y’all can get buckets to send us no video. Boy who fingers up. Who are those? Probably somebody around here. Hey, that’s according

to Food and Wine. This came out a few months ago, but the debate is reappearing on social media this week. The magazine called Beaver Nuggets deliciously evil. Agree with that, and over on our Facebook page, a lot of y’all agree. One person even saying she eats them like cereal in a bowl with milk. That’s smart. I’ve never tried that. That sounds actually really good. Others say they prefer the cinnamon or dark chocolate ones. I don’t prefer any of those. I like the original Beaver Nuggets. I’m laughing because there’s a bag in the pantry right now

of the Beaver nuts. When I tell you I just did a little road trip to Houston and I have to stop at Bucky’s, I took some home.

Now have my boyfriend’s mom. The the the milk though that that’s that’s the that’s the thought. Thank you girl. We gonna try that one. How’s the weather?

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