Buckjoy Review: HIGH Paying But Is It Still Legit? – App Payment Proof

hey everyone Vince here today I’m doing a video on buckjoy now I’ve covered this application in the past but I’ve been asked by some viewers to check back on it as it’s an early access title to make sure this application is actually still paying its players I hope you guys enjoy please be sure to join my Discord as well links in the description below let’s kick this off so taking a look here at buckjoy you can see that not much has changed since we first covered it buckjoy runs on a coinbase system if you didn’t

know where 1 000 coins equals one dollar worth of United States currency you can see here I have about 20 cents for 200 coins I’ve received some questions on what I can recommend for you guys to do to actually generate more coins on buckjoy so right now we’re going to be taking a look at the office section of the application you see even though we have three different offer wall providers each offer wall is going to pay you different than the other and this is something that you guys need to understand you might find the

same offer on one off a wall and then you’ll find it on another one and they’ll pay completely different different rights and this is critical

to understand for saving your time while earning money on buckjoy and on money making applications in general let’s check out offertoro to begin with offertory to me here in Australia would be the first place that I would look because in my opinion it has the highest rates usually while browsing through these off-the-wall applications for instance if I’m to sign up to survey junkie and redeem five dollars worth of currency I

would then earn ten dollars worth of currency through buckjoy so technically just like that you’ve generated 15 in total an interesting one here is for magnet Miner all we need to do is reach 2 000 meters and then buckjoy will pay us almost twenty dollars in United States currency something to keep in mind here though When selecting these type of offers make sure you read the terms and conditions guys because there usually are quite a lot of them and I found that some people don’t realize that you can only complete these offers once per account

so if you completed an app on another application and you use the same offer wall it won’t count it okay you must be a new user and not use vpns or proxies he will try and get away with using vpns and proxies and 99 of the time at least from what I’ve seen they get caught you may find some multi-reward offers as well now even though the ants underground promises 45 almost worth of USD technically it’s a multi-tiered offer and that means that you need to go down the list and complete one by one each

of the offers that will have their own reward brackets so you’re not going to get that 40 something dollars instantly you have to actually complete every single offer in this list so then total the amount of 40-ish dollars hopefully that makes sense like if I was to only get my queen to level five they would reward me with almost 20 cents but then if I was to get a supreme worker I would then get two dollars you’ll notice the more difficult parts of this offer are the ones that pay the most money that’s something to

really pay attention to as well because you don’t want to waste your time on an application you’re probably not going to complete all the way through because I like slot games I would probably try this my jackpot Slots app out I’d have to get to level 160 days and then I’ll get literally twenty dollars just for playing it in fact I might actually give it a go and then make a follow-up video in the future to show you my progress if I was able to do it if not you won’t see a follow-up now let’s

go to ah studios in my opinion 8 Studios is one of these offer walls you’d probably want to go to if there’s a multiple occasion bonus on AKA bonus reward system sometimes either the app or AI Studios will run promotions times in the amount of coins you get by a certain amount so sometimes it could be a two times bonus or a three times bonus generally that’s the only time I’d probably head to ah Studios now iron source is a decent offer wall provider as well I would not look past this one everyone in fact

as I mentioned earlier you’re probably best snooping through all the offer walls picking out the applications that you’re actually going to play and enjoy so then it’s not a complete grind but in my opinion you should at least be getting a few dollars a minimum for completing offers anything below that I think it’s kind of a waste of time now last time I looked at buckjoy the surveys let me down quite a bit let’s investigate and see if they’ve increased the pay rates at all we still have the same three survey providers here it looks

like so these are the in-brain surveys and straight away I can see here that nothing has actually changed from when I last looked at the application still very low paying surveys if you guys can’t break that down essentially each of the surveys here is ranging between 17 cents or so to 30 cents United States currency and these are full length surveys by the way so not little two minute ones I have to say quite disappointed still with those pay rates for in brain how about polefish polefish is faring slightly better compared to in-brain surveys but

you can also see here the maximum amount of survey price that I’m getting is roughly about 40 cents so again these are full length surveys everyone they’re going to take time and we’re only going to get like 30 to 40 cents if we’re lucky by the way I remember with surveys it’s always disqualification so this isn’t even guaranteed which is a problem in my opinion how about CPX research I usually have High Hopes with CPX research so let’s see what they can give us today okay so CPX research as per usual has the highest surveys

here that I can see generally going to pay us around a dollar or so so this is better and in my opinion this is what almost every survey should be paying here in Australia at least when it comes to 15 minute and above survey so as you can see we have about 80 cents then to 70 cents then 60 cents and it keeps on going lower and lower and lower here now remember CPX research notoriously has some of the highest disqualification rates at least in my own experience but they do at least have a large

variety of surveys that we can attempt to complete again no guarantee here so all of these one dollar surveys could actually disqualify me that’s always something to keep in mind last up we have the passive iron area when you invite someone to buckjoy you can earn up to 10 of what they make with no limits you can find my link in the description below by the way I actually don’t have anything really negative to say about that referral system it’s actually quite standard on money making applications these days now you’ll notice at the top of

the screen you have the history and payout area the minimum cash out value on buckjoy is five dollars worth of United States currency here in my country of Australia I have the option of PayPal currency Amazon gift cards and Visa prepaid cards now you might be wondering how I’m going to show you a cash out when I only have 20 cents well everyone before making this video I did actually do some work on it tapping on the history tab you’re able to see my two withdrawals on buckjoy I cashed out a total amount of five

dollars and 10 cents on the 1st of March and yes everyone in my own experience buckjoy paid me again instantly without any problems whatsoever it did not request any kind of crazy tax forms or anything like that so it seems like bok choy has still kept their word in regards to removing any type of crazy verification processes and they are still paying at least in my own experience now where does that leave us with bok Joy can I recommend it still I guess at the end of the day if you’re going to use buckjoy specifically

for offers I think it’s a good idea but if you’re going to try and complete surveys I feel like you’re going to be grinding for a very long time and that time that you’ve used for surveys could have probably been put into something better like completing offers that will actually pay you large sums of USD currency at once at the end of the day surveys being as boring as they are you honestly don’t want to waste your time getting disqualified all day so that’s why I recommend at least for buckjoy you can play offers there

are just so many different options which I really do appreciate and with an instant payment system you really can’t go wrong it’s interesting because the app’s Early Access perhaps one day they’ll come out of Early Access who knows of course remember depending on your country age and gender buckjoy is going to change as well but either way I hope you enjoyed my little follow-up video on buckjoy thanks for watching everyone I will see you all tomorrow for another review

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