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started playing at four years old, too. Oh different for next golf star. The appreciation for what basketball Hall can provide off the court is why bucks star Pat Connaughton spends his downtime finding ways to help young athletes achieve their dreams on the court. All he needed to do was provide the foundation. Lilies out takes us beyond the game. Welcome to the Milwaukee College Prep 38th Street campus and the ribbon cutting ceremony for their brand new basketball court. It’s like change the entire like, space. provided by bucks star Pat Connaughton and the Pat Connaughton Foundation. What

I believe a basketball court represents is a place where a This is now the sixth Connaughton Court. The foundation has completed in the last eight years. It’s the fifth one in the Milwaukee area. Obviously they can compete and play basketball, but they can learn those trends labeled life skills. Um, and they can utilize the court for a bunch of different purposes. And I think that’s the mission of the foundation is to help teach those translatable life skills to be here this morning and, you know, see the excitement that these kids have. It’s pretty cool. The

next generation of basketball players are certainly appreciative of this gift. It feels good because, uh, Pat Collins is a great NBA player and he came and helped us

get a new court. It makes me happy when we can play basketball, shoot, we can shoot the ball and dunk them. Sometimes A year ago, the 38th Street Campus court was in need of a makeover. There was like a little nail sticking up And I was super sad about that. But I’m like, this is like also dangerous. Fortunately the school was chosen to become a recipient of the

next Coninton schools that need it most, but also are utilizing the court for more than just basketball and they have the ability to really have an impact on the trajectory of a young kids life obligations met. The court was renovated in just a couple months and completed in time for the first month of the school year. The kids have been able to utilize it ever since. They all love coming into the gym, but I think having a gym that is not only safe, but is also like a new gym for them to experience like I

think that’s just it fires a kid up, driven by a desire to help. Coninton courts are giving kids from any community a chance to grow their game and foster new relationships. We can utilize our platform in the NBA as players to show that, you know, dreams that seem far fetched are possible. Hopefully it inspires that next generation to continue to reach for the stars and land on the moon. And that’s a goal well received in Milwaukee. Lily Zhao Fox exports well done Pat.

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