Buckwheat Pancakes / Geekhom Spatulas Unboxing and Review 🍰 Cakes with Lorelie

Hey everyone so today I’m doing a 
buttermilk buckwheat blueberry pancake.  
So stay tuned if you like pancakes. And 
I’m also doing an unboxing of these Geekhom  
spatulas so stay tuned for that. 
So let’s start with the unboxing.
Ao I’m big into spatulas because I love 
making pancakes. They’re heavy. Okay  
so there’s three sizes. I love the weight of 
these. They have that grip kind of a good grip  
feel to it. They’re bendable but they’re firm 
at the same time. So this is food grade silicone  
and underneath this is a reinforced steel. 
This is the steel and it goes right through  
and it’s covered by this food grade silicone. BPA 
free and FDA approved. Obviously it’s nonstick  
cookware friendly. It’s not going to scratch your 
cookware and it’s dishwasher safe which I love,  
You can also clean it by hand very easily and as 
you can see there’s like a tapered edge and very  
very thin. So let’s get started with the pancakes. 
We have buttermilk here and it’s two cups of  
buttermilk. I’m gonna to put the wet ingredients 
into this bowl here. Two cups of buttermilk. If  
you don’t have buttermilk in the house you can use 
sour cream that has been watered down with milk  

or yogurt. You can use yogurt also watered down 
to try to get the same consistency as buttermilk.  
Then there’s one egg in this particular recipe. 
Put the egg right in there. Just mix that around.
Now the original recipe does not call for 
vanilla but I’m going to add some vanilla,  
just a little squirt of vanilla. And I’ve 
got some spices that I’m going to add. But  
I’ll do that with the dry ingredients. 
So I’ve got cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger  
because I want to make these very festive like 
Christmassy since Christmas is around the corner.  
These would be great for guests, house guests you 
can really impress them with this. Three quarters  
cups of all-purpose flour ,three quarters cups 
of buckwheat flour, then I’m going to add one  
teaspoon of cinnamon and a quarter teaspoon 
each of ginger and nutmeg. And mix that up.  
Then we’re going to do one teaspoon of 
baking soda, half a teaspoon of salt,  
three tablespoons of sugar. Give that another stir
Now if you want to add fruit like blueberries 
you can add them in now or you can put them  
in at the end. I’m gonna go ahead and 
put them in now. And I just have like  
probably a half a cup of blueberries 
there. Now in goes the wet ingredients.
Just give that a stir and with 
pancakes you don’t want to overbeat.
I almost forgot the butter. So three tablespoons 
of butter and I’m going to fold it in. I do not  
want to over mix it. I can’t believe I almost 
forgot the butter. That’s the best part.
All right, so these are heat 
resistant up to 600 degrees  
and I’m going to just go ahead and put 
it in boiling water just to show you.
Also when you first get them you 
want to rinse them off anyway so  
what better way to do it. Totally fine. You 
know how sometimes if the handle gets left  
near the hot near the heat it’ll leave a mark and  
and it will actually melt. Well this is up to 600 
degrees so that’s not going to happen with these.
All right now we’re going to make our 
pancakes. So when you’re making pancakes  
you can use butter um butter actually 
makes them taste really amazing  
but I’m going to use oil. However I may 
just put a little bit of butter in the pan  
along with the oil. So I’m just gonna go ahead 
and put about a tablespoon two tablespoons.  
Now with a non-stick pan like this, and it’s 
brand new, you probably don’t need the oil.  
I like to brown up my pancakes a little bit and 
I usually take a Scott towel and just kind of  
wipe down the whole pan. And save that for later. 
You want to get your pan hot so put it on medium.  
Get that a little bit hot first. You can test it 
by putting a little bit of water and it should  
spark and make the water jump around a little bit. 
Now I am going to put a little bit of butter in.  
So I do about a quarter cup per pancake and 
also at this point you want to turn this down  
a little bit so the butter doesn’t burn. 
You don’t want your pancakes to burn. The  
butter gets a little brown that’s okay brown 
butter is good. If you’re like me and you like  
pancakes that aren’t too dry I usually 
flip them before they turn all bubbly.  
I’m just gonna go ahead and check. Oh yeah!! 
They’re starting to brown up on the bottom. yes !!
So when you flip a pancake you 
want to flip the pan with it.
Same thing if you’re making 
eggs, keep the pan moving.
Well I really really like this. I like the width  
at the end there. The good thing about pancake 
batter is you can put it in the container and you  
can save it for the next day so you don’t have to 
cook them all at once. You can also cook them all,  
freeze them, and then pop them in the 
toaster. You can make your pancakes big,  
you can make them small, you can do whatever 
you want. You could do one giant pancake.  
So you could kind of tell if they’re done if 
you push on them a little bit. They should  
be kind of firm. I think that one’s nice and done. 
I have to say these are really really nice. I like  
the way they feel in your hand. I like the way 
that they give a little bit but not too much.
Let’s enjoy these. So here’s my 
buttermilk buckwheat blueberry pancakes.  
I’m going to use just maple syrup.
I mean seriously delicious. I’m a real 
pancake snob. To make pancakes like this  
takes a little extra effort. It’s a rare find to 
get really good pancakes in a breakfast place.
I’ll come back. Underneath the video is a 
link and a coupon code to get your geekhom  
spatulas. They’re really amazing. I love 
them. Now we’re going to clean our spatulas.  
A little soap and water, or you can also put them 
in the dishwasher. And you can also hang them.
These get the thumbs up. I 
really really like these.  
These would make nice little stocking stuffers.  
10 percent off. Down below. CakesLorelie. 
And thank you for watching. Thanks Geekhom.

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