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Just three days ago, you were given these targets in the video that if you want to go for a shot, then you can get a profit of thirteen points i.e. twenty-six percent i.e. thirty-six percent. We also took profits and along with that we Also, next we want to see how the movement will be inside the market, at the same time, many people have that now the rally is going to start from here, now we will make them long from here. I would like to explain some things about a bull run indicator, there is an indicator

that you people try to give a lot of security on whether to take a long or not, then I would like to explain some things to you people about it. Definitely watch the video to them because in this video you will see bitcoin’s current situation CPI data going to move within the next few days? What are the indicators of bull run or what exactly should you do the next movie? Welcome back to me channel guy i hope you are doing well First of all, let’s look at this chart, we talked about this chat three days

ago, if you try to look at this chart carefully, ordering to this raising channel thirteen to six percent profit. We had to take the temperature to

six percent exitly, the market dropped here, if someone wants to call, then I will definitely explain everything about it, definitely watch the video in full, press the accompanying button, man, you guys’ slides. I get a lot of motivation here, you are seeing that I have taken some measurement of six percent, this is my bike for the time being, I would like to take a little less leverage this time because

there is a slight risk here, now I have everything. I will explain to you that these four people have seen that we have seen this pound here, our target should have come down here to zero point six one at level whiteline, but we should have moved back to the yield from the exact sea thirteen to six. Let’s try to see the text once, what does this chat try to say to you people or you people will be seeing two lines, one line your daily moving is both movie average, but one movie average is fifty, one

movie average. Twenty is, moving average fifty and twenty crossover tells great things if you try to watch carefully here you are seeing that when the daily movie average fifty tries to come down here, the green line tries to go up. That means market will try to move upwards right now, I understand all the things here, I will try to walk a little towards the old charge from here too if you notice Let’s talk com this particular point when this green line is trying to come down, this green line here when this cross has happened, come

down the market here, here you are seeing that the means come down. When the red line is above, that means preference red to the market You can also remember that you will get preference, that is, the market above the red line, leave it, leave it, when the green line will get preference, that is, green candles will get preference, you are seeing here that This greenery has started inside the market, the movement has also been taken upwards in the market, in the same way it has happened inside the exit form everywhere and here you see two

thousand here, the movement with this core core, you can see here. It may have come within the end of two thousand nineteen, this end, this situation lasted here till March 200, if you look at this thing, then there was a crossover here too. By this time the market fell, it went back slowly and up, how will you get this confirmation? I try to explain to you people how to take calls, try to see carefully that the whole game turns upside down as soon as we get canal closing on one line, in the same way if

you see red color here. When you have seen candle closing above the line, here you have seen the closing, what did you notice that we got a first confirmation here that now a crossover is going to start inside the market after closing. If you give it yourself, then after these two confirmations, you see that cricket is on a good position, in the same way, if we talk about now, then here we are seeing that this candle is all cross it. I am not able to see here, try to understand, you can also see this indicator

inside your phone or in your laptop, here if I talk about twenty-five thousand, then even above twenty-five thousand here. It was not able to give closing above this red line, due to not giving closing, the market came down or down, now again the market starts here that the supported market went up here, now if it is rejected from here, this is a weekly chart now. If it is rejected from here and comes down, then obviously we will not go towards a crossover and it will continue to run downwards, because the red line is above, then

the preference red candles will get it, in the same way now what we have to see its candle. Closing Weekly Closing Now Office Red Line That Means’ here we are about a point, then it is very important to see weekly closing above twenty-three thousand two, hundred dollar twenty three thousand to hundred dollars, which we did not get to see today but in the coming days. Do we have to keep noticing this thing inside? Can the market survive on twenty three thousand dollars or not, if we can, then we will be long? We will talk about

positions about the positions for the time being, for the time expected, maybe a down train can start from here again, now why can it be here, this pattern of Bikos Eye Believe can also be confirmed now because the market is down here. Aaya that vent zack little this point and you can see that it is trying to move back slowly inside this zone, nor is it of six percent that I have taken, this is my current stop loss if we talk about five Today we will try to keep the average average of X a little

less, we always go on tennis, today because a little movement can be made inside the market, due to the acquisition of CPI data, if we talk about four hundred inside the market. I have never noticed that if we go ahead with this, then we have kept space above about one thousand dollars and space above one thousand dollars. If I talk about five x here, we will take a risk of thirty percent here, obviously if you do future trades inside the market, then twenty five to thirty percent if you like to take risks, then you will

go and do future training. If you can’t do that much, don’t go away at all. There’s a simple thing inside future training. What will I do right now? Making the second entry from the current price, I will make it around this zone here, if you talk about which zone is this zone? So I Wood recommend that you can make your second entry on about twenty three thousand dollars, in the first entry Wood Be Twenty to Thousand Three Hundred Dollars will take leverage of five x and will continue this state, now let’s talk about CPI data

because I have already told you guys that we do not expect more than the movement of four hundred to five hundred dollars in THE CPI data, Major League people will talk here when the FOMC statement comes, as soon as the federal fund rate is talked about. We will talk about interest rate hikes, then we can think further about the actual movement of the market for the time being, which I think can become a movement of four hundred five hundred dollars. The second entry will be executive, after that maybe we will see the market back down,

what do you guys think, definitely tell me by commenting whether this video was informative or not, if I explained to you people, then you people liked it or not, that too. Tell me by commenting, just for today, how many videos will be available so soon till then? Jai Jai Hind Jai?

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