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What’s going on guys? We are here for a food review! We got 2 different burritos from 2 different places. And we’re gonna drench it with some Roxanne’s carrot habanero hot sauce after to give it a real review! So this is what we got going on. We got this one alright this is what it looks like. This ones from Santa Fe’s in Franklin. And this one is from Chipotle in Franklin. I don’t know, I dunno that’s what we got going on. So let’s cut these open lets review these. And will get to it. Uhhh let’s see.

Which one are we gonna try first? There both the same. So we got, Where gonna go with Santa Fe’s. Ok! Alright, we got chicken, white rice, pinto beans, chicken, corn, some cheese and hot sauce! So let’s give this a review! Where gonna go 1 out of 10! It looks alright but you know, looks can be deceiving, but we shall find out. Here we go. Ya so I’d say looks can be deceiving! I give that like a 4.3! Alright. Let’s go to chipotle. Got a little spice tho. That’s what there’s looks like! Alright, let’s see the

difference here. Alright, we got Santa Fe ‘s, we got Chipotle. Santa Fe Chiptole. Shut the F*$k up! Try this one. I dunno what’s your favorite burrito spots

from where you guys are? That’s what I wanna know! And I wanna know what type of hot sauce you like? I dunno, they’re both like, I might give this a 4.8!? Not much flavor going on. Ummm alright lets try it with the carrot habanero, alright. And will see if it makes it a little better? This is, you know, my hot sauce! Let me know if you need it! Try

it with this and we will go from there. There’s just no flavor! Like, the rice doesn’t even have nothin in it. Let me see what we can do on this Chipotle one now. Alright, a little better but like, they’re both not that good. I guess really it shows me uhh Franklin’s missing a burrito spot! Huh, Ummm. I need to know what everyone’s favorite burrito place is! Favorite taco place! Favorite quesadilla! Your favorite hot sauce! Need it in the comments let me know and will uhh and will go from there with the next review! Now everybody


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