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– House of Wax. – House wax. The Fog, it’s one of those. Oh, that’s my line, ha! – We’re not gonna be graded in any way, are we? – Hey, I’m Hayden Panettiere. – And I’m Dermot Mulroney. And today we’re playing, Who said that? With Elle. – We will be given a line from the Scream movies, and we have to guess which cast member said it. (upbeat music) – He’s big and he plays football and he’ll kick the (beep) outta you. – So who said that? A. Courtney Cox. B. Drew Barrymore or C. Jenna Ortega.

I’m gonna go with Drew Barrymore. – Yeah, well I knew it wasn’t Courtney because I don’t remember football player out of her, and definitely wasn’t Jenna. So, process of elimination. – He’s big and he play’s football! – Oh, I totally remember going to the theater and seeing the movie, it was a very unique film. It’s hard to think of it in that context now. – I had to grow up a little bit before I could see. – Yeah – The Scream movies. – Right? – Yes – So yes, someone of a different generation, let’s say

– Might not have even been old enough to – My parents wanted me to be able to sleep at night. –

Yeah. See with you, the world just heard about what happened. But with us, they’re going to see it. It’s going to be a worldwide sensation. A. Hayden, B. Sonia Ben Ammar, or C. Emma Roberts – I think C. – C Emma Roberts. – C Emma Roberts. – But with us, they’re gonna see it – Texas Chainsaw, Dawn of the Dead I look at my, – Okay – I’m just doing it by Shape. – Halloween,

Texas – Amityville Horror – Amityville Horror – Us, The Last House on the Left. – Friday the 13th – Friday the 13th – Nightmare on Elm Street, My Bloody Valentine – When a Stranger Calls, Prom Night, Black Christmas, House of Wax, The Fog. It’s one of those, oh! That’s my line, ha! – Texas Chain Saw, Dawn of the Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, Amityville Horror. – I had memorized and memorized and memorized and made sure that I gotten them all, and that I reeled them off so fast and Wes came in and went, wow, I

had no idea you were gonna get it, we were gonna get it that fast. And I was like, yes! – Can I just interject that that’s so hard. There’s line learning and there’s like learning a speech, or there’s learning a phone call, they all have like different categories, but a list is one of the hardest things to remember when you’re acting. – Yes. – You have to shoot ’em in the head or they always come back. B. Mason Gooding – Mason, yeah. – Scream six, or maybe five. – Wait, wait, David, I was gonna say

David. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – See, I’m glad it’s not a quiz. – You have to shoot ’em in the head, or they always come back. – There’s certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. For instance, number one, you can never have sex. A. Jamie Kennedy, B. Kyle Gallagher, C. Jack Champion. – I think it’s A from Scream One. – A. Jamie Kennedy – Number one, you can never have sex. – I told you I don’t know any of these movies. I don’t, ask me about something I do

know. Mikey Madison, B. Melissa Barrera C. Jenna Ortega. – B – B. Melissa Barrera – Jenna! – I told you, I don’t know these movies! – You know, in a demographic study. I’ve proved to be most popular amongst males 11 to what’s that number? – 24 – Guess I just missed you. Well, of course, you don’t look a day over 12. Except in that upper torso area. – A. Courtney Cox B. Samara Weaving C. Emma Roberts. Sounds like a Courtney thing. It is Courtney. It’s Courtney, yep. – You know the demographic study I proved to

be most popular amongst males, 11 to 24. – Well, this is how I mourn and distract myself from the looming specter of death. – A. Skeet Ulrich B. Jack Quaid, C. Mason Gooding That that sounds like, – Well think about the story, right? It couldn’t really be Skeet, right? – No – Because he’s Billy Loomis, but it could be. You say B and I’ll say C, and then one of us will be right. – C – B – And distract myself from the looming specter of death. – It’s been really hard to keep the storyline

under wraps. – For sure, it’s so exciting to talk about it and they won’t let us. So, that’s actually been hard, in the shooting of it though. – In the shooting, probably the weather. – The weather was kind of, – Yeah, that’s true. – on several days was, was acting up, it would be like, sun, sunshine, and then be pouring down rain and then it’s sun. – It’s true. So we can give you this little behind the scenes tidbit. That particular scene, in the park where we’re surveilling where we’re trying to attract ghost face, they

had to shoot that particular scene. I think you’re in the van also on the surveil, but because of the weather and other logistics, maybe even. Yeah, probably at that park four different times. Which is movie magic that they can cut it together as if it all happened on the same page. – The weather for sure. – It happens on a lot of movies, but that’s how it that went on that one. What do you mean? Where is he? He just went upstairs looking for you. Who said that? A. Liana Liberato B. Jasmine Brown, or C.

Did you ever say this? – Me. – You like the answers where you’re the right answer right? I get it, it’s good feeling. – What do you mean? Where is he? He just went upstairs looking for you. – She slammed the door in my face Sid, she said I was Rina’s child and Rina was dead and it struck me. What a good idea. A. Scott Foley B. Jamie Kennedy, C. David Arquette. – This is a little more obscure – Scott. – I’m gonna say Scott, for, – Scott. – Couple of reasons, because of Sid and

Rina, Rina. But we know David wasn’t, you know, he was the cop, so, that’s down to Jenna, I didn’t think it was Jamie from the first movie. – She slammed the door in my face Sid, she said I was Rina’s child and Rina was dead. – Without a doubt, Scream 6, the Ghostface reveal is one of the best. – One of the best. – But that’s, that’s part of the trick. It’s one of the things that each of the Scream movie seeks which is to have an amazing Ghostface reveal. You know, that’s part of the

assignment. A lot of care, a lot of the writing a lot of the way the directors shot it, the way it’s edited. Even the music and everything in post-production, are specifically designed to trick you. – They misled us as actors too. – Yeah. – I mean, they misled us. – So they do it, they do it once again in this one, in such an ingenious way that it’s, – Yes – Seems almost foolproof. – A part of something? You killed my best friend. – Devin Nakota is the first choice. B. Samara weaving. C. Courtney Cox.

It’s A, it’s from Scream 6. – Okay. – I was gonna go with Courtney. – It’s C, it’s Courtney Cox. – You killed my best friend. – Not from the movie that I’m most familiar with. – You killed my best friend. – There’s a psycho out there, and you make yourself harder to find. Delete social media, tape over your phone camera, disable GPS. – A – Jack Champion – Or B – B Dylan Minnette – Or C – Josh Segarra – I feel like if Josh Segarra is any on, on any list, and there’s the

chance to choose him, I’m gonna choose Josh. It was wrong, but you understand what I mean. – Dylan Minnette. But with Josh. – No, I feel you but I don’t remember him saying that. – Yeah Dylan said that. – Delete social media, tape over your phone camera, disable GPS. – You came back just in time. It looks like she’s about to get it. You want some popcorn? A. Jasmine Brown, Marley Shelton, C Jada Pinkett Smith. – I’ve been so wrong. – C, I love Jada. – Yes. – Yes. You came back just in time. It

looks like she’s about to get it. – I did really good. – I think we crushed it. – You got a lot more, but I put a lot of heart into it. – No, you did. You really came, came through. – I’m, new to this, so proud to be added to a franchise you know? – Hayden’s like OG Screamologist. Me, I’m just student. – Before you go, make sure to check out Scream six, out now.

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