Can You Withstand Amnesia: Rebirth? – Free Epic Games Launcher Review

amnesia rebirth is a psychological
horror game that follows the story of
tessie a woman who survived a plane
crash while on a trip with her husband
waking up after the other passengers
left you reassemble the memories of your
husband as you traverse this
increasingly eerie cave system
scrambling for matches you try to
overcome the darkness in the cave by
lighting lanterns torches and anything
you can find to stop fear from
overtaking you if you play this game in
its original mode you will encounter
fear and darkness and have to move
quietly slowly and avoid dangers in the
caves however if you want to focus
entirely on the gut churning story there
is an adventure mode where you will
always be safe there are notes and clues
hidden all around to inform you of what
has happened to your crew some of which
read themselves aloud a letter came from
hank mitchell
he offers her work
in lieu of loading screens you are met
with pencil sketches that tell you the
stories of your life back home in france
pay attention to the icon in the lower
right corner after playing the game

a while this meaning becomes apparent
while searching for your husband you
discover another world that you can
access through the magical amulet on
your wrist traveling in these caves made
my palms sweaty and the notes left me
hoping for a peaceful reunion with my
family this game reminds me a lot of in
sound mind a game where the main
character interacts with his own
supernatural memories and also of the
game’s senua’s sacrifice which was
created around the idea of living with
psychosis amnesia rebirth is free on the
epic games launcher from now until april
28th at 10 o’clock central time
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