Candyman 2021 – Movie Review

candyman into the candy verse pretty much 
everything about candyman on a technical  
level is phenomenal every jordan peel production 
is for someone who hasn’t directed a whole lot  
theatrically i think nia decosta did a 
phenomenal job she does a great job of  
making the movie visually interesting even if 
the stuff on screen isn’t that intriguing like  
if there was a scene in this movie where candy 
man made toast on like a lazy sunday morning  
even that would be cool because of how interesting 
this movie shot the music is also really good  
composer robert lowe deserves a lot of credit 
for making a score reminiscent of the original  
while still feeling unique and different how was 
the story though it’s not what i expected that’s  
for sure and i’m not sure if it’s my fault or the 
marketing i don’t know if it’s because i saw no no  
no don’t say that in every single trailer but i 
was really expecting a lot more vanessa williams  
and tony todd there’s a lot of shots in the movie 
where you can’t really see candyman that well  
so maybe that’s tony todd but i don’t know if 
that really counts if you’re going into this movie  
going hell yeah tony todd’s back the og candy man 
i’m so

excited don’t say that because you’re gonna  
be disappointed but if they’re gonna sideline the 
og characters the new ones better be good right  
right right actually yeah i liked him for the most 
part as far as pure performance goes i think all  
the actors did phenomenal i think the big thing 
that’s going to determine if you like this movie  
is the pacing if you’ve seen the og candy man it 
is very similar it’s kind of a slow burn and if  
you haven’t and you’re expecting kills left 
and right and candyman’s going crazy that’s  
not how it is personally i had no problem with 
it and i enjoyed watching this mystery unfold  
we get scenes of tony finding inspiration 
that are entertaining in its own right and  
then whenever a white person steps in a mirror 
man i just turned straight into that guy from  
gravity falls i’m like get him get him the ending 
is the ending’s interesting it ends on a really  
cool note like the scene is awesome it fits into 
the whole film’s themes of legacy and who lives  
and who dies and who tells your story but i 
feel like there is just more i wanted to see  
the way the original ends it feels like a complete 
story but when this one ends i’m like no no no no  
keep going don’t stop like oh i was getting good 
overall i enjoyed it though i wish there was more  
tony todd but yahya and monica rambo did a really 
good job i’d pay like 10 to see this movie and i’m  
putting it in beats here right above free guy 
also i saw fear street part one ctr above kong  
i saw don’t breathe too and ct above 
old and i saw luca pretty good movie  
top of bt are cool wait wait wait did you hear 
that i am the writing on the wall at least  
eight here be my victim more like beats here get 
it get get it dude that was just dumb time to die

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