Cannes Film Festival 2022 Red Carpet Outfits Review – part 2| This year is the maneuver of Jewellery

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festival 2022 red carpet outfits the
ceremony is still going on many stars
surprised us with their flawless looks
and some of them showed up with a
simpler appearance if you haven’t
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festival 2022 which is about the first
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three thousand attended the red carpet
with a blue purple ombre pleated dress
with some notable changes in bodies from
the alberta ferretti fall winter 2022
collection it’s got a long plunging

that is soon by blue ribbons
which are tied at the back and also the
blue ribbons of the outer section of the
bodies have crossed each other at the
back and are sewn to the waist as a
result this has made a nice cut out
shape from the side view of the upper
body the finishing is fine the gown
nicely suits her the color which has an
eradication feel and the way you also
catch the white shades like a light
sombers is really satisfying she nicely
turned the gown to show off the pleated
concept the open neckline prepared a
good chance to present the beautiful
necklace from boshroom the hairdo is
proper according to the whole look
overall everything is enough and
julia roberts wore a black jumpsuit from
louis vuitton is referring to a
masculine and feminine vibe at the same
time it includes a tail which is classic
and looks the classroom stitches are
perfectly done the style is paired with
sandals which are nice this year’s most
eye-catching icon of the looks is the
jewelry at first i was not sure about it
but when the days passed and the stars
showed up more i got totally sure of the
fact that sexy rich necklaces and
earrings are rocking the red carpet and
dazzling even more than the clothes she
wore one of those sexiest necklaces of
canned 2022 a great vivid yellow diamond
with more than 100 carrots from chopin i
like how the color is open and lets the
diamond flourish at its finest it
unconsciously reminds me of the famous
tiffany diamond it’s so sweet to say
that julia roberts is still one of the
most iconic faces and surprises us any
time attending the red carpet
leonie hannah showed up with an
off-shoulder gown from valerie in sahiti
this look is literally the symbol of
pearls here pearls there pearls
everywhere the original dress is a beige
mermaid silhouette young with rich
emelished pearl leone wore it in white
with some little changes in the off
shoulder part the details include
embroidered pearl strings and kind of
over decorated the upper body there are
lots of pearls of different sizes used
in this look as i explained before in
the billboard award review upload
valerian sahihiti is a designer with his
own signatures he is so much into
maximal designs and rich embellishments
which made his collections notable i
like how it has kind of skin reveal and
the pearl covered it on the other hand
the gown is also containing a cinch pack
that is white straps are simply tight
they go nicely below the ground the
silhouette is a good one for leoni’s
body type i personally like the original
design color more however white is
acceptable as well oh my god the sheer
gloves are perfect but not for this look
although it’s so beautiful it’s pearly
embroidered and is well matched with the
gown but honestly made the hole look too
much i preferred if she had a hairdo
like her previous style for completing
her look she uses sparkly necklace from
pomelotto also the earrings are so
beautiful but i guess are too much the
oystered a little rest you know with
this whole pearl style look i’d rather
go with just simple pearl stud earrings
it better goes with the look and it’s
not over much
this time ashwariyari showed up with a
pink sculptural gown by gaurav gupta
couture as the designer explained it is
inspired by the birth of venus the
goddess of beauty and love rising from
the scalp shell she transitions from the
infinite pure as a pearl now let’s have
a moment to figure out what exactly is
this concept the birth of venus is a
famous painting by the italian artist
sandro botticelli from the 1400s this
painting depicts the birth of venus who
has one of the most beautiful faces in
the history of art she emerges from the
bottom of the sea and arises at the
shore the first thing that is remarkable
is that venus is born as a fully grown
woman and her gesture is such that
nothing is geometrically symmetrically
or logically possible also venus
standing on the edge of the shell causes
her to fall so it can’t be possible to
abide like that these all lead us to the
conclusion that this painting is an art
with an imaginative concept the painter
was interested in the style of women’s
long hair so that venus’s face is
perfectly drawn and even the shadows on
the face are carefully portrayed potioli
can also be said to have emphasized the
humbleness of venus as we see in the
painting she’s trying to cover her body
with modesty long story short venus was
a beautiful goddess and an inspiration
for people to love so let’s get back to
the result of this inspiration
500 hours took to prepare this gown the
stones and crystals used in it have made
it look so elegant the design is totally
getting the void of a shell the fabric
which has been shaped to look like a
shell behind her back took it to another
level the design totally brought the
best out of the concept it shows
something it’s chic it’s so different
from all other looks on the red carpet
it’s that much that i would say maybe
i’d rather see such a loot on another
red carpet like the mescala
after all this was not a simple look to
forget at all
alessandra ambrosio wore a white young
couture from stefan roland the gown
completely gives the vibe of a wedding
dress the look is eye-catching the
bodice is made of transparent sheer and
is just covered with three crystal
embellished appliques over her body
another look that i personally believe
could be a good choice for a red carpet
such as the metagala although the whole
design of the bodies and bottom is not
too much it somehow together made the
whole look too much however it’s nice to
see a force have been made to maintain
balance i like the white color of it
which reflects good energy the concept
of the stones is interesting i like that
although the transparent sheer can’t be
easily seen from this sense and it needs
attention to figure it out the designer
still paid attention to the detail of it
and made good cuts from the back the
white opera gloves literally completed
the look and kinda made a balance
according to the naked bodies also the
puffy skirt visually made a good
contrast to the bodies she also
completed her look with the bosuron tea
drop necklace and earrings which are
literally show stuffing and they also
showed up with a mirrored metallic
again from alberto ferretti a gown
highly similar to the bonifa longuria
war is strapless and fully embellished
the reflection of the light is really
eye-catching it has a low fish cut from
the bottom and has fringy details i like
how she chose to wear something totally
different from the previous look the
embellishment on the bus is fishnet
based and there are notable sequin works
under it as you reach the bottom you see
lots of gem crystals glowing and at the
end part of the gown there are fringes
it’s daring to do such a design and with
all this complexity i see it’s still
glamorous and chic really shout out to
alberto ferretti
another way wore a white sequin column
dress from giorgio armani a crop top and
a high-waisted skirt the back sleeve
made it easier to walk it also includes
a big bow that can be worn like sleeves
and has a good eye-catching train when
you look at it from the front view it
doesn’t seem like it has a bow in the
back so i consider this as a powerful
revealing this look is a strong
glamorous one although the bow and gowns
fabrics are different from each other it
still gives the proper vibe and they’re
well matched together if there were also
a good hairstyle then it could make
everything flawless let’s not forget to
talk about the luxurious second to none
accessories that she wore the
mediterranean river necklace with a
sapphire ring that well matched together
and perfectly completed her style
overall elm’s look was one of the
sickest of this year’s ceremony
grace elizabeth attended to the red
carpet with a gold satin gown the fabric
is nicely pulled to one side of the neck
then is wrapped around it and finally is
draped from behind blowing on the ground
this made the hole look dramatic i’m a
little uncomfortable with the waistline
i guess there were some other solutions
than what it is now i know i know there
were needed cuts on some shearings to
make such results on the bodies but at
least it could be hidden because now
that it’s totally shown it either feels
like a separate top and skirt which i
unconsciously search for different
possible color palettes or an elastic
waist which is not
not chic
however i like the twisted fabric around
the neck and the whole back look is far
different from what is from the front i
mean i’m 50 50 to this look back is oh
my god while the front is unknown grace
had a statement with another look from
the ashes studios spring summer 2022
couture a black dress containing a crop
top and high eraser skirt the high slit
skirt gives the feeling of thank you for
being there while the train completed
the style the puffy sleeves are a good
point to this look it stands like it’s
just stuck to the crop top i don’t know
why it kinda reminds me of a black
pillow but still i like it and i feel
good about it the necklace is also
delicate and i’m glad that she put her
such a look with a short hairstyle it
made it so unique
leniachi the vietnamese actress showed
up with an ombre puffy gown from the
brand dulung it’s so refreshing to see a
lavender color among these looks the
gown is not limited to color only the
combination of the lavender purple and
white flowers attached to the puffy gown
created a nice 3d look it just seemed
like the flower filaments are too much
the flowers themselves are enough
filaments could be less in order to not
take too much attention the off-shoulder
bodies include white embroidered flowers
which is kind of fine till now but i
believe these flower petals hanging from
there is too much as well i know it took
675 hours to complete such a gown but it
seems the designer preferred to showcase
a maximal look instead and that’s why
you see a lot of big bold colorful
flowers filaments and petals more than
the crystal stones working on the fabric
i’m not saying the flowers shouldn’t
have been there i’m saying it needed
deep cup had a corner this time wore red
as is just a few days past since she was
announced as louis vuitton house
ambassador i personally was counting
down to see her in a dress of it she
wore a red spaghetti strap’s dress with
re-plunging neckline there is a peplum
attached to the front part of the dress
at the waist which is draped from both
sides of the waist and has a good fringe
at the end of it it also is similar to
the scarf and as the scarves are
normally worn around the neck on the
shoulder or on the head it’s a good
point of contrast to see such a new
concept in this look draping from the
waist it’s new and interesting the gown
is backseat as we are often used to
seeing invisible super gowns it is
satisfying that this one broke the rule
and kind of made a good image by
presenting a silver zipper the red color
is a clever choice also the red lipstick
just spice it up more on the other hand
contrary to her previous bold eyeliner
this time she chose a mild eyeshadow and
emphasized the makeup more on the
lipstick deepika is also one of the
stars who didn’t neglect the accessories
part with this look she wore a diamond
necklace from cartier it’s shimmering
it’s chic it’s show-stopping and
literally completed her look i’m glad
the hairstyle is somehow pulled back so
it didn’t totally engage with the look
from the front therefore we can enjoy
washing the dress on the diamond from
the front and see a flawless look from
the back at the same time
well i guess that’s it stay notified cam
festival has not finished yet so i will
upload further look reviews i’d be so
glad to know what is your opinion about
these looks please let me know in the
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