Cannes Film Festival 2022 Red Carpet Outfits Review – part 4 | What did Adriana Lima do to herself?!

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kayla gerber attended the camera carpet
with a costume from celine a red halter
dress that includes a spaghetti strap
around her neck this look is kind of
reminiscent of her mother the red
versace dresses that cindy crawford wore
in 1991 are so much like the one that
kaya showed up with this year
even the hairstyle is like the way it
spices it up the straps are crossed each
other at the back and

are sewn to the
waist it’s chic and minimal it’s not
puffy it’s not sheer it’s not emphasized
with maximal ball jewelry
it even in some cases gets the feeling
like it’s just a red piece of fabric but
overall when you look at it closely it
doesn’t hurt the eyes it really gives
the vibe
the south korean actress oyu attended
the red carpet in a grey dress from the
korean designer choi jihoon the tool is
nicely wrapped around her upper part so
it made the good looking off shoulder
bodies there is a bow detail on the left
side of the dress that made them look
bold if it wasn’t tool it would be hung
from the fabric and made a cheap
appearance but since it’s a tool it
looks ok this also made a good eye
catching harmony between the right hand
which is engaged with the off shoulder
concept and the left one which is
covered by the ball detail there is a
nice draping detail at the waist on the
back that took the dress to another
level the only thing that i believe is a
thing in this look is the white organza
i guess fabric under the tool i don’t
have any idea if it’s the designer’s
choice or iu herself but there will be a
lot of solutions to look different than
what we’re seeing now it kinda stole the
spotlight of the sheerness concept of
the look but somehow it’s not that bad
to say it’s a flop anyway i wish there
were rather more wrapping tools at the
bottom i don’t know to take this look to
the level 100. anything that this
dresses is somehow better than what she
wore in her other look the sheer dress
with lots of questionable detail
although the color of the fabric and the
patterns is nice it literally doesn’t go
on her made her look short the neckline
is so tight that gives the feeling that
she’s choking in it the cuff sleeves
with their puffy detail are really not
interesting the waistband is like being
there just to bring harmony to the whole
look but it seems sloppy the dress seems
loose to her and the silhouette is not
right for our used body type
it’s nice to see bella hadid is stuck to
the vintage dresses recently and it’s
really interesting that every time it
gives a heart attack and surprises us
this time she glowed in a chanel vintage
dress from the karl lagerfield fall
winter 1986 collection a black and white
silk velvet gown with an eye-catching
cranolin that perfectly showcases a
proper silhouette for bella the jigo
sleeves give the vibe and are a very
good match with the puffy skirt i like
the vertical horizontal contrast between
the skirt and the sleeves the chanel
camellia flower pink completed the look
come on it’s a vintage channel look it
is by far stronger than what we are
seeing from nowadays collections it may
not be the first favorite among the
vintage looks that bella wore recently
but it still is one of the glamorous
ones that she killed with
another look alessandra and rosie showed
up with is a dress from elysab spring
summer 2022 i like the way that the
original fabric is kind of colorless and
is covered with the beautiful pink
petals it’s eye-catching that the petals
are kinda compressed in the breasts
waist and the bottom part of the gown it
resulted in an asymmetric design yet it
has been extremely flawless the flower
petals don’t steal the spotlight of the
embellishments worked on the gown fabric
it’s gold it’s well matched with the
petals and the color combination is
perfect ali was one of those celebrities
who have been successful in every look
that she showed up on this year’s red
before i start talking about adriana
lima’s look i have to say who did this
to her seriously what is this dress she
did very well at the beginning of her
presence at the festival but little by
little on further occasions the clothes
she chose either were not proper
according to her body or they had some
design issues or they were not suitable
for such an occasion at all now we
reached the moment that we are seeing
such dress from who adriana lima
victoria’s secret one and only angel i’m
i’m sorry i really don’t want to nag
about this but i’m so sad to see such a
thing the only thing that i can say is
digestible in this look is the plunging
high neckline the fabric draping is
trying its best to make some dramatic
moments like her first ball man look but
it was not successful at all the
shoulder cape is hardly attached to the
beaded crystal straps the embellished
straps are doing their best to result in
a luxury gown but they were really not
successful in any case it’s not properly
matched to her body there are some
fitting problems i don’t understand the
triangle edges attached to the
embellished straps the one that covered
her belly is super extra i mean if the
dry fabric is meant to give the wipe so
what the beaded fabric is doing here
exactly the back strap is also too much
the color has a good combination with
the straps and crystals but it really is
not digestible the only feeling that i
get from this look is that it’s so over
designed there are too many extra
details that were not really needed it
just resulted in a sloppy gown oh my god
as we are fed up with the pink let’s
talk about another pin gun from the
italian model paulo taurani she appeared
with the taffeta ball gown from your
chakra a look that you have to add to
the list of the gowns that look perfect
while staying on the stairs the electric
collar makes it glow on the red carpet
the off shoulder and the upper part have
some good detail of fabric planes there
is some good crossing and twisting
detail on one part of the bodies the
waistband is properly matched with the
upper part there is a digestible high
slit from the front and a floor sweeping
concept from the back the expansion of
the fabric from the vase made a dazzling
silhouette and i’m glad it’s not left on
purposely there is good detail of the
fabric playing at the bottom which made
harmony with the bodies it kinda also
reminds me of the rose flower overall
the gang goes on paula i know she’s a
tall model somehow i believe if anyone
else would wear this dress it would
actually go on them as well it’s not
because of the person it’s because of
the proper design cuts and stitches
ellen soleiman the arabian influencer
attended the red carpet with a cream
puffy gown from the designer michael
cinco spring summer 2022 a light colored
dress with some floral detail embellish
on it made the look eye-catching i’m
personally fond of the fabrics florals
butterflies and any other additional
stuff attached to a fabric that results
in a 3d look the ruffle fabrics layered
on each one that appeared as both
shoulders are nice but maybe not for
this look i guess the gown itself is
giving the wipe everything about it is
enough and digestible the detail on the
shoulders with all these items worked on
it kinda made it too much this kind of
shoulder design is also extremely
beautiful with a short cocktail dress
however that wouldn’t be something
acceptable for such a red carpet like
can but it’s nice
the next one who surprised us with an
old retro look is shakira she’s lit with
a strapless black gown with a plunging
neckline and a side high slit completed
her look with the black sheer gloves and
pulled them over her elbows
although shakira is not a tall singer
this dress is really well made that
looks perfect on her body it doesn’t
seem like she’s lost in it or seeming
short the dress nicely sweeps the floor
this look proves some important facts
you don’t have to wear some maximal bald
stuff to kill it it doesn’t matter what
is the height there are always good
matches for you if you’re careful
balance is good balance doesn’t steal
attention black is always the right
the french model iris mitnery attended
the red carpet on the first days of the
festival with a gown from mugler
a long black dress with a front high
sleeve i don’t know if you think it’s
like a black dress with an under breast
neckline that is completed with an
additional bodice or is just me
the custom stitches are properly done in
the proper places the dress fits her
well the sheer gloves are also beautiful
but i guess they’re not needed the dress
is enough i’m glad she wore high-heeled
sandals with this look it perfectly
exaggerates the concept of a high slit
gown and the straps are well wrapped
around the leg she didn’t neglect the
accessories part and was one of those
who prefer to use maximal jewelry the
luxury necklace and the ring are from
bushron and perfectly go on her i also
like her makeup a lot her eyeliner is
really giving away
georgina rodriguez showed up on the
final lace of the can red carpet with a
silver halter neck gown including a
thigh high slits actually high sleeves
are georgina’s style signature since she
works out and has a strong eye catching
body she mostly wears dresses with high
sleeves to show some legs she also
completed her look with emerald earrings
which i think is nice the dress is
shimmering and it’s like you cannot
prevent yourself not to looking at it it
has a good fitting and overall is not a
new look from her we’ve seen a lot of
these gun styles moments from her before
i wish the slit was a little higher i
believe the leg has the potential to pop
up more you know i’m glad to see her
attending the red carpet after the
recent loss and delivering a baby this
body and look are really admirable
deepika padukone showed up on the cam
red carpet with her last look from this
year as a jury with a voice sorry from
the indian designer abu johnny sandeep
calls up the corset matching the sari
kinda reminds me of her first look at
this year’s red carpet they are well
matched together the pearls embellished
on it gives me the void of a leaf it can
easily be seen under the saree i like
how the maximal pearl necklace made a
good harmony with the whole look you
don’t feel like it’s an accessory it
seems like it’s a part of the dress the
pairs have been mashed together with
different sizes and resulted in a good
shape of an accessory the earrings also
are proper and are from the indian
jewelry house birdie chant the ruffles
made the hole look so dramatic when you
look at it from behind it looks like the
wings of a flying bird the ruffles are
layered at the bottom of the saree which
also gives the vibe of a wedding dress
the details have been observed in every
part of the look like her previous looks
also here she has a hairdo that i’m so
satisfied with it because it prevents
stealing the spotlight and you
spontaneously pay attention to the
detail of the dress
the whole look is glamorous and
expensive she was so successful at her
closing appearance
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